Sensation Season Sunday Update

Now just a quick post from me but I thought that the day after Halloween would be the perfect one (as its also a Sunday) to update you all with just what the devil is happening with the Sensation Season and fingers crossed you should be able to go and find the new schedule just here.

Now as you will be able to see I have moved things around abit what I have made sure I don’t do with opnes which people seem keen to read-a-long with the most is move them forward and in fact I have in the main moved The Woman in White, The Moonstone and East Lynne back so that it gives people more of a chance to read them. I will admit that sadly I have gotten rid of a couple of the books and joining Poor Miss Finch are Hide and Seek and Man and Wife by Wilkie Collins but this is in part because I actually don’t want to have read all of his work before 2010, I wouldnt have anything to look forward to. I have only just noticed I will have read everything by Mary Elizabeth Braddon that you can currently get but thats just how the cookie crumbles. The other part of getting rid of a few was that a few weekends are manic and though I love reading might offend people such as my Gran if I have my face in a book the whole time!

Now then I also wanted to take this opportunity to finally announce the winner of The Man in the Picture giveaway that I promised you all weeks and weeks ago. I put all the names in an empty pumpkin last night and got oneof the twins I am looking after to pull a name out. The lucky winner as chosen by one year old Iris (I hope Maisie doesn’t sulk at not picking a winner when she grows up, note that she wasnt interested and was much more enthralled by the toys her big cousin brought from London) is Lizzy Siddal so please email me your address and it will be popped in the post pronto.

Now back to original as opposed to modern Sensation novels, the next one will be next Sunday and its the one with my favourite title… The Dead Secret! Hopefully some of you will be joining in? How are you all getting on with Sensation novels if you are joining in or just reading them at your own pace? Which one I havent read yet are you most looking forward to? Let me know.

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4 responses to “Sensation Season Sunday Update

  1. Would you look at that – I start a book buying embargo – one I mean to keep until 2010 and I bag another book. Brillant!

  2. Ooh, well done Lizzy! A little envious as I quite enjoyed Hill’s Mist in the mirror at the weekend.

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