Savidge Reads Guidelines

  • I started writing Savidge Reads for me as a journal of all things bookish and not for anyone else such as publishers, authors, blogger fame or for hits (though it is lovely that you all pop by – you know what I mean) and that is what I always need to remember.
  • Reading MUST come before blogging as though I LOVE blogging reading is my passion.
  • Reading more might mean blogging less and that’s fine.
  • I want to read by ‘whim’ I don’t want to be reading to deadline (apart from with The Green Carnation of course which is something special, oh and book group but that’s enough deadline reading) and so for now *it could change* its no more read-a-long’s, challenges or deadlines on when I have a book read by.
  • Reading by ‘whim’ means there will be some older books and more random books popping up on the blog and if that means less people pop by then so be it.
  • I will still be reading new stuff but no pressure please… my all new Review Policy is up and I will be sticking to it!!!
  • I am happy for publishers to send me all the books they could wish as long as they bare in mind the above, however even if it’s a book I really, really want to read and I start seeing it here there and everywhere I will be less likely to read it anytime soon, I like discussing a book but sometimes it can become overkill if you see the same book everywhere.
  • I can’t visit all the blogs in the world I would love to and that’s fine too as long as I pop by when I can.
  • My ‘book thoughts’ or reviews or whatever you want to call them will still be rated out of ten, but its based on enjoyment of reading and that means that an Agatha Raisin could get the same mark as a Dickens (if I ever get round to reading him) but its my blog and therefore my rules. Ha!
  • I will start saying where the books that I am reading have come from be they publishers, they were bought before my self imposed book ban for 2010, were gifts etc, etc. I should have done this for a while; it’s a little remiss of me.

One response to “Savidge Reads Guidelines

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    Thanks for your time,


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