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I’m Off To America…

So by the time you read this I will either be on one of the three planes or three airports on my way to Asheville where I am going to Booktopia with Ann and Michael of Books on the Nightstand and some great authors and fabulous readers; on one of the two planes or airports it takes to get to Washington before staying with Thomas of My Porch and my Readers co-host for a while; or on the bus to or in New York. All in all as you can see I have an amazing few weeks ahead as I head out to the US.

While I have this time away I have also decided to have a bit of a blogging break and a breather. I have been mulling this for a while, along with what I want Savidge Reads to be going forward, and think a little time away from reviewing and waffling might be good for me and it. I was trying to schedule posts and reviews (sorry if you are Trespassing with Tremain with me, The Road Home will be live as soon as I get back, well give a day or two for jetlag) for while I was away and I think I am just too tired and a bit brain frazzled. Nothing was coming out as I wanted. But let us not get bogged down in that…

So instead I am going to read lots (well Gone with the Wind – one of Grans favourite books as a child – and The Goldfinch – which I keep calling The Goldfish- are two of the books in my hand luggage) as well as doing lots and lots and lots of bookish things out in the real world. Just on the other side of the Atlantic – eek, I am excited!!!!

If you decide you miss me don’t forget both You Wrote The BookThe Readers and Hear Read This which you can catch up on and are going live while I am away. You can still Ask Me Anything and make suggestions for Savidge Reads 4.0 when I come back. You can also go through the archives. Oh and I will probably be tweeting and instagramming @SavidgeReads (find me, follow me, stalk me) as I go about my travels and bookish excursions.*

Have an ace few weeks!

*There is every chance I might get the blogging itch as I did in Sweden and suddenly start posting, though one of my hosts (Thomas) has threatened to tie me to the bed Misery-style and force me to read all the books he loves and watch A Room With a View on repeat if I even think about it!!!


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Autobiographies & Memoirs…

Earlier today I was on the hunt for some black jeans at my local very large supermarket, that will remain unnamed. I have mentioned before that I often find supermarket shopping quite stressful and so I headed off to the book section which always calms me, though it makes my wallet tremble in slight fear. As usual the temptation was too great and I ended up leaving the aisle with none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton’s new memoir Hard Choices. I used the very flimsy excuses of ‘ooh I am going to Washington in a few weeks, it is like research’ and ‘she was brilliant on Woman’s Hour’. I know, I know I am weak – for having to buy a book not for listening to Woman’s Hour it is wonderful listening.

Hilary Clinton

Anyway, I digress. After I had bought it I was explaining to The Beard that I had bought it because it would give me a really unusual, yet direct, insight into the state of the world at the moment and its conflicts, plus American politics and give me some insight into someone who will, hopefully, become the next President of America. He responded with ‘you don’t need to justify buying a famous person’s memoir to me…’

And I think in some way he was right, I was really over justifying it because reading autobiographies and memoirs is one of those things that gets judged really harshly. If I am being 100% honest sometimes with certain autobiographies I have read them and yet not blogged about them or even popped them on my GoodReads book lists for fear of the judgement. I am not talking Jennifer Saunders or Dawn French, I think I have featured both of those. I am talking more along the lines of Stephanie Beacham or Kathleen Turner. No, even I wouldn’t read one of Cheryl Cole (or whatever she is calling herself now) or Jordan’s autobiographies. Ooh, see I did it myself then judging those autobiographies.

Yet some memoirs, like Barack Obama who has sold millions of copies of his, can be really insightful into the world. Then again I read Rupert Everett’s for all the gossip, the second one is written brilliantly though. Oh and I have read all the Spice Girls ones so far, I am still waiting for two of them and because of being part of the Spice generation I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from getting them for the nostalgia and the truth behind fall outs and all the rest of it. I am getting thrills at the thought. I also have Anjelica Huston’s first memoir ready and waiting on the TBR shelves and will now read it and write about it unashamedly, I love Jelly HuHu so.

So why do we judge autobiographies and memoirs so much, especially as we all love authors memoirs don’t we? (Come on we all do, I bet you have looked in horror as someone is reading some memoir supposedly written by the latest favourite pop star, reality TV star, DJ or comedian haven’t you?) Which ones have you read, be it secretly or not? Who do you wish would do a tell all memoir? Name an author and a celebrity or two I dare you!


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Well That Was An Adventure…

I am back from Sweden which frankly I didn’t want to leave, it seemed the feeling was mutual as on Sunday night my plane was cancelled (after being delayed three times, over four and a half hours, by the most nonchalant member of staff ever) and so I ended up being stuck in Sweden. Thankfully the Menzies Aviation team at Sweden Check In were amazing and sorted me out with a hotel while the lovely, lovely Emelie from West Sweden Tourist Board was on the end of the phone calming my rather fraught nerves. Now does the hotel not look just like something out of a crime novel, or indeed The Shining?


It was lovely and the staff were brilliant at helping out a very vexed looking British beardy bloke. Anyway, apart from the final night of storms (lightening struck the plane hence why it didn’t fly, sensible) the weather was incredible. I swam in the sea, visited lots of Camilla Lackberg’s fictional murder sites, ate Ingrid Bergman’s favourite cake from her favourite bakery and did lots and lots of hiking. Here is a picture of me at the top of Valo Island’s rocky mountain terrain in my element, and in the sunshine…


If you think I am not sharing Sweden enough get ready asI will giving you a whole week of Swedish delight from Monday next week; the books, the place, the stunning scenery, etc. I just need to catch up with myself a little first. A big huge thank you to everyone who made it so amazing Emelie and Asa in particular. Now before we get back to normal bookish business how on earth are all of you? What’s news and what have you been reading?


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A Giant Spectacular Finale (and Hitting The Headlines)

And so the festival is officially over and what a finale we had, and I don’t mean the one last week where I ended up getting so drunk I staying in a hotel in my own city. The finale of the IFB2014 was the return of The Giants. If you think I am overtired and hallucinating, or still drunk, I swear to you I am telling the truth!

You may not remember but back way back when I first met the Beard and was doing the whole dating thing and thinking about moving to Liverpool we accidentally ended up crossing the path, or ripples, of the Giants that came and conquered the city before sailing away. Well it was a huge success for the city at the time and so Culture Liverpool, who since that fateful boat trip I only went and worked for and now work for the sister company of, brought them back again. Little (no pun intended) did the project team realise how close we would get, even though we knew they were passing and had our sandwiches at the ready, or that one of us might end up in the headlines of the Liverpool Echo (guess who?)…


So as you can see above we were all ready and waiting with eager anticipation for the Granny Giant to arrive. Soon enough the crowds started to build and build and sure enough she arrived…


If I am being 100% honest, I had forgotten how brilliant the giants were the first time they came (then too I was a bit nonchalant about it all) yet once I could see her, see the way the crowd was loving following her the buzz of excitement started to build and build as she came nearer. As it turned ut we had some of the best seats in the city…


Here I should stipulate that I don’t really understand what the story for the giants was, and I read the flyer, but they had come from beyond the Milky Way and were here to commemorate the anniversary of WWI. It does sound bonkers I understand, but it worked brilliantly. As she stood below us she started to read letters from those who had been in the war or those who had written to them. It was very moving.


Now as I was saying as it went on the excitement and emotion just sent us all a bit giddy and we couldn’t help but try and get a picture with the giants, and indeed some of us resorted to selfies…


What I didn’t expect was for my selfie to end up in the Liverpool Echo as one of the images from the first day of the Giants visit, but it did as you can see here. My fifteen minutes of fame right there. However at the time we didn’t know this and what was interesting was as she slowly headed past us and off to find her granddaughter and her dog you really felt sad to see her leave…


The other thing it made me feel was immensely proud. Not just of the festival I have worked on this city and the people I have worked with, which goes without saying as it and they have been amazing. I also felt extremely proud of this city, Liverpool, and the people who go the extra mile to make it a vibrant place bringing new people in but also putting on a bloody good show for the people who live here. I feel honoured that I am an honorary Liverpudlian, of sorts.


To get more of the effect of the giants, their story and see how amazing the logistics of them (and all the man power with her crane and all the people who move her limbs swinging up in the air – which you soon stop seeing bizarrely) then do watch the video below. It is quite inspiring. I can’t wait for them to come back. What a brilliant way to end the festival too.

Anyway I thought I would share that with you all as some of you mentioned, when I asked you to ask me anything and make suggestions which I will answer all the questions from when I am back from my trip away, that you would like to see more posts about random things I get up to off blog. I think encountering giants and making the headlines will do won’t it?


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In Case You Were Wondering What My Day Job Entails…

I am one of the small project team who make big things like this happen…

It is all over now though. I am feeling a mixture of very proud, emotional, nostalgic and knackered. Thank goodness August has two big holidays lined up for me!



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Questions & Suggestions

Today is the last day of the International Festival for Business 2014 which is the project that has been taking up all of my time in the last few months with lots of events and all those shenanigans. It has been a blast and tonight we will be celebrating and getting merry in grand style – to the point where I am staying in a hotel in my own city as I think I may end up rather a mess! Anyway, as the festival ends the questions begin on how everything has gone and the suggestions of what might happen next time (it is coming back in 2016, though none of us know as yet if we are) start. This made me wonder if I should do something similar with the blog…

Recently Annabel of Annabel’s House of Books, inspired by Simon of Stuck In A Book doing it first, decided she would be brave and ask her followers/readers/passers-by to ask her anything they wanted. It didn’t have to be about books it could be about absolutely anything. I couldn’t find Simon’s original post but his answers are here and Annabel’s are here and here and they make for really interesting reading. So I thought I would hop on this idea, only giving it a slight twist…

Question mark of books

So, you can ask me anything you like (be it about books, kittens, chemical biology, ha, whatever you like) and, as long as it is within reason, I will take all the questions away have a think over them and answer them in a post in the next few weeks. I would also really, really, really like you to make some suggestions. Firstly, I would like you to suggest new things, or old things I could bring back, which you would like to see on the blog. Secondly, I would love some suggestions of any topics you would like me to waffle on about on the blog or features you might like to see.

I may choose to ignore them, I may use them all, as is my want but what I will say is that anyone who asks and question and/or makes a suggestion will be put into a hat and The Beard will draw two (or three if there are lots) of you out of the hat and a bookish parcel will wing its way out to you for your efforts. How does that sound, get asking and suggesting away…



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Word Crimes…

Very quick post as it has been the last full week of the festival I am working on so I have been a bit slack, again. Sorry. Anyway. I wanted to share a video with you which I think anyone who loves books and words will just love…

Isn’t that just brilliant? My lovely colleague Kelly told me about it, she would be furious if  had claimed I found it all myself – which was tempting. I thought you would all like it. Erm, that’s it for today, I will be back with a very book filled post tomorrow… In the mean time what is your biggest word crime? Mine is the numbers instead of letters disgrace!


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Banished To Room 101…

This post, stealing from the episode of The Readers it is inspired/regurgitated from, was going to have the tagline/subtitle ‘Where Bad Bookish Bits Are Banished…’ which seemed a bit dramatic but does actually describe the very essence of what today’s post (which I have been meaning to write for about five weeks) is all about. The bookish bits and bobs which really get on our nerves and we would love to see banished into Room 101, which of course comes from that great novel 1984 by Mr George Orwell. A place where your worst, in this case bookish, fears are hidden away.

So I thought what I would do is share my top five most disliked bookish bits and bobs, the ones that if I could I would have banished from books and my booky lifestyle, then maybe you can all share some of yours too. It’s like playing god really which is something I wouldn’t mind once in a while. Anyway, without further ado and waffle here are the things I would send to the depths in reverse order…

5. Indented or Italic Speech – One of the things that makes me inwardly groan when I read a book is when it comes to a character speaking and instead of simply putting the speech in speech marks, which would seem the normal and proper thing to do, someone up above in the publishing house (or even the author) has decided that this is an outdated form and they can do better… with indents or italics. With indents I just get pissed off because it looks really cheap and almost as if no one could be bothered to do a ‘ and thought a – was much more hipster and modern. Don’t even get me started on italics, they offend my eyes even more – quite literally as they make me feel I have gone out of focus.

4. No Chapters/Excessive Paragraphs – Now like the above this isn’t a complete killer, it just frustrates me. Well in the case of no chapters it frustrates me. You see I am one of those annoying people who like to know when the next chapter ends to see how many pages I have left that I can squeeze in a random ten minutes, quick bus journey, trip to the loo (oh come on we all do it) etc. I worry and get a bit stabby otherwise. Worst case scenario I will find a page that ends in a full stop, where I can fully stop. Excessive paragraphs oddly offend me more, and don’t even suggest books with no paragraphs because it makes me feel quite faint. Unless it is stylistic (I did read a book that was one single sentence – the whole thing – and rather enjoyed it) then it just comes across as an author loving the sound of their own voice/prose a little too much.

3. #AmWriting – Speaking of authors this hashtag on Twitter infuriates me, almost to the point of blocking. Now I know that really this isn’t in books, but it is by the people who write them and honestly I just cannot stand it. We know you are writers, we often love that you are, but how about saying ‘I am doing some really interesting research for my new book’ which is quite conversational? Imagine if everyone online hashtagged their jobs #AmFixingBrains #AmUnblockingToilets #AmRobbingYourHouse You aren’t writing, you are tweeting, you are clearly bored or feeling like you need some attention. Just write the book.

Now the top two offenders…


No not Dan Brown…

2. Stickers on Books – Who thought this was a good idea? Ever? You go to a bookshop buy a lovely new book, go home, peel the sticker off and either a) it leaves a sticky residue for any old fluff to get stuck on or the other book you bought when they both go on your TBR together b) tears a bit of the cover of so you are hastening to stick it on the bloody book again c) takes of the lacquer leaving a dull sticker shaped mark. In charity shops with old books it’s even worse, they are apocalypse lasting stickers. They tear, they tug, they leave a mess. Ugh. Oh and some charity shops pop them on the first page – ARE YOU MAD? #AmStoppingStickersOnBooksNow

dogeared pages

1. Cracking Spines/Dog Earing Pages/Writing in Books – I call this book butchery. I can understand if you are at school writing in a book might be plausible, but don’t you have an exercise book? This should go into adulthood. I love keeping notes on books, in fact to write a decent review I need to keep notes. I have book notebooks for this. Dog earing pages just makes me ponder why? After all bookmarks, beautiful items they can be, were invented for a reason. No bookmark? Try a ticket, a piece of tissue, your tie… ANYTHING other than dog earing. Library books seem to get this the worst which offends me more… it’s a public book! Cracking spines? Well why don’t you just stamp on my heart, the book is screaming, how would you like it if someone cracked your spine. These three all link into why I never lend people books, the fact this may happen makes me have night sweats. Yes, I am one of those people whose shelves you look at and ponder if I have actually read them… I have and I am proud they are pretty much perfect.

So those are my top five, for all of my Room 101 rants (and there were a few more) aswell as the lovely Thomas Otto of My Porch’s you can listen to this episode of The Readers. What I would love to know are which bookish things drive you insane, bookish crimes if you will, and why? What would you send to Room 101?


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Rollercoaster Reads…

Rollercoasters have been on my brain rather a lot in the last week. Firstly (and I don’t mean to go on about it) because work has been a real rollercoaster of highs, lows and extremes. Has anyone else noticed that when you are doing 12+ hour days for a few weeks, dreaming about work restlessly all night and then having the small pressure of making a listed building the perfect venue for some high profile businesses, clients and guests that you go a little bit hysterical? And breathe. I am loving it but this weekend I decided I needed to get away from it all and go a little bit bonkers throwing caution to the wind (literally) and so I headed on the train to Blackpool and its Pleasure Beach which is brimming with rollercoasters and their thrills and spills. Amazingly whilst whizzing round them at three times g-force, or something, I thought about books.


This is funnily enough called ‘The Big One’. We of course screamed throughout.

No really, let me explain… There is something delicious, and also rather perverse I suppose, in rollercoasters that is kind of like reading.  You are completely out of control, probably out of your comfort zone, yet you are also in safe hands. Let me tell you some of these rollercoasters are so slick and comfortable it is nicer than riding first class on a train, apart from the speed and possible steep drops or upside down spins and loops hopefully.  Before you start a book you have that slight trepidation of if you will enjoy it and it be worth the time, though with a rollercoaster the ride only lasts 90 seconds max (though queues may last an hour) rather than several days/weeks. Also like books, as you start it you have no idea what you are going to get – unless you look at the POV videos on YouTube and cheat, a bit like turning to the last page maybe – until you get to the end and catch your breath whereupon you feel thrilled/sick/disappointed as illustrated below by myself and my sister who is here on work experience and who I took for a post-GCSE exams treat.

Did we love it, were we thrilled?

Did we love it, were we thrilled?

Basically you go on an escapist journey, hopefully with many ups, downs and thrills and spills on whatever scale. Some people like the full loop the loops, some people like the pink elephants/teacups. The similarity is that you go through something you don’t know if you will enjoy or not but hopefully the outcome is one of a breathless wonderment after whizzing through taking unexpected twists and turns yet with the knowledge (with the perfect books and the perfect authors) that you are in a safe pair of hands even if you are out of control for the duration. Do you know what I mean? Or has the blood whoosed around my head so much I am loop the loop?

So I wondered if you would recommend me your ‘rollercoaster reads’ the one that have really pushed you out of your comfort zone and yet been deftly delivered so the thrills, spill, twists, turns, highs and lows ended up being an utter rush?


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If You Could Be A Character In A Book, Who Would You Be?

I don’t know if you have been following it on Twitter (some of you might not have Twitter, I would urge you to join as it is far more booky than you might imagine) however #bookadayuk has been a daily joy for me. All through the month of June the folks at Borough Press, a new imprint of Harper Collins, have been asking us to tweet pictures of books that match a certain theme. There have been books we have never finished, the best book we have ever found second hand, the books we think everyone else should have read but haven’t, etc, etc. Today they have asked a question that has had me well and truly stumped… Which character in a book would you want to be?

Worryingly after a day of so or thinking about it I couldn’t come up with a single one. You see whilst there may have been many, many, many books which I wish I had been in (as an additional character or a bystander) there are absolutely no characters that I would want to swap places with because if they were my favourites I would rather hang out with them than trade places.

For example in the case of two of my very favourite characters Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, I wouldn’t want to be either of them but I would give anything and everything to be caught up in an adventure with them physically as I have mentally again and again over the years. The idea of being Holmes (an opium addict who plays my least favourite instrument ever) doesn’t do it to me at all, and neither would being his sidekick, I’ve never wanted to be a doctor and certainly not one in the Victorian period. However, hop into a handsome cab and head through the streets of Victorian London with a game afoot and I would be there with them both in a moment.

It has always been so for me, this isn’t my adult brain trying to be ‘realistic’. As a child I always wanted to be the best friend of Mildred Hubble aka The Worst Witch and share a dorm with her and Tabby. I wanted the Famous Five to be the Stupendous Six. I wanted to live in Whitby and be part of uncovering a gang of witches up to no good. I wanted to befriend Matilda in the library or be Miss Honey’s nephew who would visit. I never wanted to be a character, just join in as I was doing vicariously turning the pages and getting lost in the world.

Today though I am feeling like it is just me as I have seen people over and over mentioning characters they would like to be, so I thought I would share this thought with all of you and see if it is just me that is the freak or if any of you would rather be an addition character in a book rather than trading places with one (if you would like to swap places with a character the don’t be shy and share with us who it is) and being a part of the world the book creates?


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Sometimes You Don’t Want to Read or Blog…

…You just want to take the neighbours dog for a long leisurely walk around the park after a week of being stuck in a balmy hot and bonkers busy office and just take some time out. And that is alright isn’t it?

Walking the Dog

Don’t worry I am not ill. As I was actually walking with Ann and Michael from Books on the Nightstand discussing books in my ears, I also then came home and recorded an episode of The Readers and am now blogging about it – but you know what I mean. Sometimes you need to tear yourself away from what you are reading (even if your book group is only two days a way and you have only read a chapter of the novel) and just sit on a bench out in the real world people watching (while your canine companion is squirrel watching) and just take in life and the fresh air…

Where is your favourite place to take a break from books and the hustle and bustle of the real world?


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Encouraging Young Writers…

If you are someone who loves books and you think about ‘the youth’ out there we almost instantly think about the young readers and how we can make sure that young people are keen to read as much as they can, we recently even did an episode of The Readers podcast all about it. One thing we don’t seem to think of however is about the young writers out there who hopefully will be writing the classics of the future.

Maybe we don’t like to think about it too much as there is that awful thought that by the time they become literary greats or classics we most likely won’t be reading any more as we will, frankly, be dead. (This post gets much more positive I promise.) But without writers of the future then readers of the future might be a little bit stumped, okay they will have the ‘canon’ of authors yet where will be the contemporary writers and then the future, future, future young readers classics come from? It hurts your head doesn’t it?

You may be wondering what has got me pondering on the subject of future writers, well it’s this…

Candyfloss Clouds 1

Candyfloss Clouds is a book written by young writers and, equally brilliant, it is also a book aimed at young readers. How did I hear about it? Well it happens that this is something that the Beard’s sister in law has been working on it with the young enterprise team at her school and so naturally, being rather a booky bloke, they let me get a copy of it. Before you think shameless plug alert, the books are not on sale online or all over England, just a few select shops in the Chester/Wirral/Liverpool area, I just wanted to mention it because I think young writers writing for young readers seems so right…

Candyfloss Clouds 2

…And of course it made me think. What I didn’t realise is that these young enterprise groups in schools do this quite regularly as I discovered when I spoke to my mother, also a teacher as many of you will know, and she reminded me she had done similar things with kids in her schools too. Yet why do we not hear more about them? I mean with the latest furore about Gove’s changes to the national curriculum for English Literature (and only studying books by English authors) we need more stories like this getting out into the wider world don’t we? What is also brilliant and I can plug is that this group of young enterprise champions have now made it to the final down in London, so should any authors or publishers like to say hello then let me know!

Candyfloss Clouds 3

You see it is projects like this that show that writing, reading and books are by no means dead in the water and we should be celebrating this much more openly I think. Kids like to create and they like to escape and if all schools have ventures where their students are writing books for other students then that’s going to encourage kids to read their mates work and then reach for more books. Seems ideal really doesn’t it?

Do let me know if your kids/relatives/friends children have done similar ventures and how it was received, and most importantly tell me about the books they wrote, the titles, and what the storylines were. If Candyfloss Clouds is anything to go buy I am sure they were highly imaginative, creative and quite likely brilliantly bonkers…


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Summer Reading? Try Books On The Nightstand Bingo!

So Ann and Michael of my favourite book podcast that I am not a host of ha! have come up with a great idea if you are struggling with your summer (or indeed possibly winter if you are down under) reading which I think is brilliant, all sorts of fun and we should all join in with… Because it is based around books you already own, can borrow and may already have in the back of the reading part of your brain to get to ‘at some point’. I am a bit funny about reading challenges – I know, I know I have set myself one recently with shorter fiction but bear with me – however ones that you can work your own TBR or library loan/loanable are always worth a twirl. So what is it… It is only Books on the Nightstand Bingo!

Now in the words of Ann and Michael (who will now know I have had a bit of a BOTNS catch up listen as this is a few weeks old) the way it works is… “Just visit the link below and you’ll see a BOTNS bingo card. HIT REFRESH TO GET A NEW, RANDOM CARD. You will also see a link to print the card. Use this BOTNS Bingo Card in any way you like to enhance your summer reading. You can choose to go after a particular Bingo row and pick the books that fit; you can read as normal and check off books as you read; or write each of your words on a slip of paper and draw randomly, reading until you get Bingo!” How brilliant is that? To give it a whirl follow this link here and join in by pressing refresh to mix them up. I have already and here is mine…


I have spent many an hour, while some of the conferences I am event managing have been ‘in session’, mulling over them all and what my options are and it is great fun just playing at working out which books you have which can tick off which square… I am going for FULL HOUSE!!!! In fact I am planning on presenting my card to Ann and Micheal all complete when I see them in Asheville in August – swot much? The one I am really struggling with is middle-grade book… Hmmmm!

So who else fancies giving it a whirl? If you do let me know or share your bingo card someway some how and what you might read to get a line or full house?


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So What Are You All Reading?

Because frankly I am haven’t been reading anything. A week of six days, averaging 16 hours long, of the opening week of the festival and, bar the odd chapter of The Year of Reading Dangerously: How Fifty Great Books Saved My Life by Andy Miller (which is really making me think about what I read and how I read, so I have been thinking more about books than reading them), I have not really read a thing. I have mainly be running around sorting out event space and the occasional crisis/diva which has been knackering yet perversely fun. I did manage to get to see some sunshine though today as I had a mini treat by being allowed on the roof of the building.


However, this is all going to change as I have a day off tomorrow… woohoo (I may pass out with joy next weekend when I get two days off) and I am planning on just spending the day reading in the garden whilst The Beard builds a shed – I live with someone who doesn’t love books but who loves DIY and is a trained chef, so swings and roundabouts. I cannot wait.

So while I decide what I am going to get back in the swing of reading… What are you all reading at the moment and what else have you read that has been brilliant, as it might give me some inspiration and direction. Let me know!


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