The Great Book Ban

Since getting married things have changed slightly, when I used to accidentally come back from town with 3 or 7 second hand books under my arm, or have taken some to the charity shop and come back with quite possibly more than I left with, it was fine, now there are sighs, slight eye rolling and the occasional dare I say it ‘tut’.

It happened today and has ended in quite severe circumstances. After doing some serious shopping I wanted to get some nice new shelve to make my books look wonderous as they have been in boxes I ‘borrowed’ from the office for months. The shelves were too heavy and going to be another £40 to deliver so we thought we would hold fire until we moved. So instead I bought some fantastic new slightly art deco boxes to put my books in instead. It looks like this…

I think it looks really good, (the cat didnt come free with them) and yes I do actually have 12 boxes worth of books plus the piles elsewhere. I decided as I was moving them from box to box I would get rid of some of the books I knew I was never going to read to either readitswapit or give to charity. Several hours later, just before the shops shut, I left the house with several bags of books. I came back with one. Now to me this is a fair exchange, yes? Apparently not, I am now under a book ban! Yes a ban on buying books, as apparently I will never read all the 500+ I have in the boxes, I am most unimpressed.

I wonder if I can actually manage it? I’ll keep you posted.

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