The 1000 Novels To Read Before You Die

I dont know if anyone else has noticed what is starting this Saturday? The Guardian are doing a seven part series on their top 1000 books you should read before you die, as the title obviously suggests. I wonder what will be in there? Any thoughts from all of you?

I am definately thinking some Dickens, Anna Karenina, McEwan. I am also hoping to be surprised at the list. Time will tell I guess. I will probably have read 2 of the 1000! Does anyone else go through and think ‘oh yes, I have read that’ and ‘oh I must read that’ along side ‘what on earth is that doing on this list’ and ‘never heard of it’. Those will be my reactions on Saturday morning I can assure you.

I found the facts that there are 65 million books published in the world and that it would take 3.75 million years to read them all a bit depressing, so many I am missing out on!

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