The Great Book Sort

Ok so as mentioned yesterday was the day of the great book sort, now when I said that I had boxes and boxes of books to sort out some people might have disbelieved. Well it started with these and these…

… And carried on with more in these and these…

… Which ended up looking something like this at 1 o’clock this morning…

So I have quite a lot of sorting left to go frankly. I have made an excel spreadsheet now so I know where every book is! Yes I am that much of a book geek, its wrong isnt it! I have 647 books I am keeping which the Non Reader says is excessive! Pah! Now a question for you all, what do you do with books you dont want? Charity, eBay, Amazon, what? I did do readitswapit but the book pile merely stays at the same level and never goes down! Recommendations please!


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10 responses to “The Great Book Sort

  1. Lizzy Siddal

    So you’re keeping 647 books. But there’s so many details that you didn’t reveal. What’s the proportion of read:unread? How many did you discard?

    I too have a non-reader in the house. He’s long surrendered to my OCD …

  2. Novel Insights

    Oh lord, it really is book craziness there! Have you come to a solution yet?

  3. Simon Savidge

    Oh Lizzie I didnt think to do that ratio thank you for the idea! It is actually 140 read and 507 not read and delightfully I have had another 31 arrive with more due today, its getting out of control.

    As to what to do with the others Novel Insights… I am still at a loss!

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  5. lena

    I propose a giveaway 😉

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  9. Ha! I have over 1700 books and I keep them all! How’s that for obsessive? I even keep books I hate, which thankfully aren’t many. Of those, over 600 are still unread. It’s all part of my library y’know. But friends use bookmooch which I believe is like swapping? I like Iena’s idea of a giveaway though 🙂 ‘Course, you have to pay for postage, but you probably would for any method of getting rid of them?

    Why do you want to get rid of them? What’s wrong with keeping them? (says the book hoarder…)

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