Booking Through Thursday: Storage

“How do you arrange your books on your shelves? Is it by author, by genre, or you just put it where it falls on?”

That was the question on Booking Through Thursday today. I have to admit I have tried a few things with my bookshelves but in the end I am sadly one of those people who simply find it easiest to have them all in alphabetical order, I do this with CD’s as well, not my DVD’s though oddly. I don’t do as one of my friends do which is have their books in alphabetical order of author and then alphabetical order of the book title I am not that precise with my book sorting. I do keep my fiction and none fiction separate. I have put a picture of my selves below as they are now (on the left) and also when I tried the whole colour co-ordination thing. I know a fair few people who do this and love it as it looks so pleasing to the eye. How can you find an old book you want unless you know the colour of the spine? It just didn’t work for me, and I spent ages working out how the order of the colours should go!

One thing that I don’t do and can’t do is put books on my shelves that I haven’t actually read, they either go on my TBR pile which are in an alcove in my room, or into my TBR boxes which I sort through every month as you can see here. Right off to finish The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff which I should have finished yesterday but is so good I am taking my time with!


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13 responses to “Booking Through Thursday: Storage

  1. jlshall

    Ideally, I try to alphabetize by author’s name and then by title, but sometimes I’m just not that well organized. I like the idea of keeping your TBR books separate – I’m trying that this year, too.

  2. Book Lover Lisa

    I have a shelf on one of my bookshelves, plus another empty one above it for my TBR pile.

  3. gautami tripathy

    I don’t really keep my books in any order. Yet they are found in some sort of order. They know their own minds!

    This is how I store my books

  4. Smilingsal

    The only way organizing by color would work would be for a decorator, not a reader. I agree that separating books read from TBR is the best idea. My response is here:

  5. harriet

    I am a colour co-ordinator. When I posted a picture of this on my blog a while back, it made some people quite cross, but I love it. It looks gorgeous and I seem to be able to remember what colour most things are. If I can’t, I have fun looking for it anyway.

  6. Simon Savidge

    Firstly all you BTT bloggers I have commented back on yours so thanks for the blog comments here.

    Harriet your book shelves are stunning I remember seeing them on your blog and being most envious. I hadnt thought of the fun of finding them in truth, I think its cos I need to get some copies quickly for work!

  7. Bluestocking

    Hey do you alphabetize by name of the book? Oh didn’t you have yours color coded by spine? I thought I saw a picture up of that.


  8. Simon Savidge

    Hey Bluestocking I did indeed have colour co-ordinated shelves for a while it just didnt work for me though they look great, I dont alphabetise by name of book but if their is a series they go in that order.

  9. Chris

    They look so nice and neat, not like mine.

  10. claire

    Your post sounds exactly like me!! 😀

  11. Mary

    I organize by author and/or genre. Specific shelves hold TBR books.

  12. mattviews

    I shelf my books by author’s last name in alphabetical order. For fiction and literature, I single out the ones to be re-read and put them on a different case.

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