Reads for Rail Journeys

I am off for a bit of a break this weekend and Monday so there maybe some Savidge Reads Silence for a few days but hopefully not too long. I am off ‘oop’ north to the homeland to see some family and escape London life for a little while. Due to the delights of London Transport this trip is going to take around 3-4 hours each way and though its a slight drag the good news is that it means that I will be able to get some serious reading time in. The likelihood of delightful sunny views being low from the weather reports.

So I shall be finishing of the gripping thrilling and quite superb Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith then came my dilemma… what else should I take? The way things are going I will be up until the last possible moment trying to finsih Child 44 before bed time so what two others should I put in my bag. The criteria was something long, something I will hopefully get completely engrossed in and then a spare in case the first option doesn’t do the trick. Does anyone else have that rule on long journeys or trips away? I whittled it down to these five…

1. The Secret Speech – Tom Rob Smith (would this be overkill, though I am interviewing him next week?)
2. The Well of Loneliness – Radclyffe Hall (I really want to read this but not sure if am quite in the mood might grip me though)
3. Daphne – Justine Picardie (no idea why I havent read this yet after having it so long)
4. The Blind Assassin – Margaret Atwood (possibly one of the best reads I have never read yet)
5. The Luminous Life of Lily Aphrodite – Beatrice Colin (get ahead with the R&J reading – plus sounds brilliant)

Which ones would you have chosen or would recommend? So which two did I take? Can you guess? Well all will be revealed when I get back, but do let me know your thoughts… oh and what weekend read do you have planned? Have a lovely weekend!


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4 responses to “Reads for Rail Journeys

  1. farmlanebooks

    I would have taken the last two. A long train ride is just what you need to be able to get through the Blind Assassin chunkster.

    It's always good to be ahead on the R&J read too!

    I'd love to know what you ended up taking!

    I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Sandy Nawrot

    I can’t believe you’re interviewing Tom Rob Smith! How the hell did you pull that one off? I’m impressed. No doubt in my mind, I would bring the Atwood. She is one of those authors that I would have discussed at the last BTT…always been meaning to pick her up, but haven’t so far.

  3. fleurfisher

    I used to travel regularly btween London and Cornwall and one of my worst fears was being stuck on a train for five hours with nothing to read. I would probably take all five just in case, but if you want it narrowed down to two then I would go for The Blind Assasin and Daphne.

  4. farmlanebooks

    I love your blog! See here:

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