This weeks Booking Through Thursday question is all about book gluttony asking… “Are your eyes bigger than your book belly? Do you have a habit of buying up books far quicker than you could possibly read them? Have you had to curb your book buying habits until you can catch up with yourself? Or are you a controlled buyer, only purchasing books when you have run out of things to read?”

The very simple answer to that is “yes” in fact “yes very much so” would probably be the most accurate response. I now have a TBR pile of over 800 books in fact it has gotten so big and so bad that since I moved last October I now have TBR boxes which you can see here (along with how I end up sorting them every few months – in fact a TBR sort is due very soon) at the time ten huge boxes seemed excessive, though they do look delightful, now however there don’t seem to be enough and so new books are ending up in all sorts of places. Such as all the books bought in the last month which as you can see below end up “hiding” from the Non-Reader down the side of the sofa.
I think the Non Reader is wise to it but simply ignores it as a “Savidge-ism” as my family are all quite bookish and all seem to have hordes of books. What does make me feel guilty about my gluttony is that I now get sent books from publishers but that still hasn’t stopped me. In fact guilty is the wrong word… I don’t think you should ever be guilty for buying books. I do sometimes feel bad for all the books I buy desperate to read and then get more it sort of seems like neglect. I will get round to them all one day though my Gran always reminds me that “you will never read all the books you want to in your lifetime” which depresses me slightly. I imagine my favourite author bringing out a 700 pager whilst I am on my deathbed. Moving on from that horrifying thought…

Last year it did get slightly out of control(we don’t talk about it) and so now I have a monthly ‘book budget’ and I have to say its working much better than the ‘book buying ban’ I was put under, which led to devious book binging. I do wish I could be one of those people who simply buys a book only when I have finished my current one, but there doesn’t seem to be so much fun in that. What about all of you?


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14 responses to “Gluttony

  1. Sandy Nawrot

    Uh yeah, I’m there with you. Books are like an addiction (crack cocaine, gambling, smoking…not that I do any of those!) that I just can’t shake. If I walk into a library or book shop, I WILL walk out with something. The library, not so dangerous. But I have to avoid the stores. And now, I’m pretty close to needing rehab because now I have Kindle, and I can buy books while sitting comfortably in my reading chair!!! Save me!

  2. Victoria

    487 in the TBR pile and counting. 🙂 I think I need to invest in some boxes too… not that I have anywhere to put the boxes. I have to admit that it makes me quite depressed to look at all the unread lovelies. I’m reading so little and so slowly because of other commitments that it seems wrong to add to their ranks and yet I can’t help it. I know that it would take me years and years to read up everything I have, but sometimes I think that I should and start afresh…

  3. jlshall

    Finally someone with a TBR pile that’s bigger than my own! But I also love to “hide” my new purchases behind the sofa. What else is all that empty space good for?

  4. farmlanebooks

    I really like your boxes – I really should get some of those!

    If I didn’t buy any more books it would still take me several years to read the ones I have here. Your Gran’s comment really makes me wonder if I should prioritse the books I should be reading more – am I wasting time reading some bad books?

  5. gautami tripathy

    Being single with no kids helps! I don’t need a book budget!

    And may you pile of 800 grow more and more. I got 180 and it is making me insane!

    Book gluttons, are we?

  6. Molly

    I love how organized you are! Right now I am fortunate to have enough bookshelves to house my personal library – but I expect to outgrow those shortly and will need to find another system.

    I titled my post today: Is there a 12 step program for bibliophiles? While I admit that I might have a problem, I have no desire to be cured 🙂

  7. Holly

    If it wasn’t for my library, we’d be broke. And, I love having a TBR pile. It’s nice to have a book waiting when I finish the current one.

  8. mattviews

    Proud to be a glutton, but I try not to buy. I grab the ones that I’m most desperate to read and leave the rest on a list.

    I usually don’t think about how much space I have left when I’m at the bookstore! 🙂

  9. Candy Schultz

    You’re right. There’s no fun in purchasing only when you are finished. I like having all my thousands of books around me.

    I don’t count how many are on my TBR pile. What’s the point. I’d have to recount every other day.

    I hope your hay fever is better.

  10. Jessica

    Oh NO! I wish I had never read the bit about one’s favorite author publishing a large book while one is on one’s deathbed.

    Now I am going to have nightmares.

    Stephen King says he got a letter from a fan who was dying, and said she really wanted to know how The Gunslinger was going to end before she died. He couldn’t answer her because he didn’t know. I hope there is an afterlife and that she was able to read it over someone’s shoulder… If there is a heaven, and there are books there, we should all be fine.

  11. claire

    The thought of not being able to read all the books I want in my lifetime depresses me, too. I think about it a lot.

    I’m amazed by your 800 unread books. Mine’s only fifty-ish, but that’s because I force myself to practice self-control. With three kids, I need to. Otherwise, they won’t eat. Lol. I was more indulgent when I was single. Then again, it actually is pretty much the same except that I used to buy new books as well as used. Now I only buy used or bargain, and, better yet, free! (This is the best perk of book blogging to me.)

    I agree, it’s certainly no fun to purchase only after having finished one. I have a friend like that and I really admire her for being that disciplined. As for us book bloggers here, we are crazy, abnormal freaks, who think the pleasure, too, is in the hoarding. Lol.

    P.S. Your boxes and my magazine holders have the same design. You gotta love Ikea. 😀

  12. Kim

    To know that you have a TBR pile of over 800 does make me feel much better about mine (I’m at just over 200 and thought that was a lot!!)
    I live with a non-reader who cannot understand my desire to buy, read and keep books after I have read them. He is always suggesting I go to the library “like normal people do” rather than to the bookshop and simply cannot imagine the sense of satisfaction I get from seeing a book on it’s shelf, after I have read it.
    Your blog has made me realise I am not alone in my love for books and the need to be surrounded by them, even if I haven’t got around to reading every one yet. Thanks all!

  13. Jo

    800 books! Well now I don’t feel so bad about mine (not that I did anyway!) And I deinitely agree with it being no fun to only buy books as you finish them.

    Oh, and I noticed Holes on top of your book pile.You really should read that one soon. it’s fantastic. Although with 800 to choose from, you’ve no doubt got lots of fantastic ones to choose from!

  14. Savidge Reads

    Sandy – I wouldnt know about any of those things either but you are right its a hard addiction to crack.

    Victoria – dont start a fresh! I did once get so cross at having so many I gave boxes to charity as punishment for buying so many in the first place. I will never get some of the special copies I gave away back!

    JLShall – Exactly… and when guests visit its a talking point!

    Jackie – The boxes are Ikea and they come in some brilliant patterns. I have an 80 page rule, if I dont like it by then its a goner.

    Gautami – it has already grown again since yesterday, not good!

    Molly – We have bookshelves but I have a rule that I only put books I have read and loved on them… I am a bit fussy.

    Holly – I love the library, I just hate giving them back!

    Matt – I wish I even had that small amount of restraint – actually I am getting better!

    Candy – I am much better thanks am on super douper hayfever drugs!

    Jessica – I didnt mean to give you nightmares I am sorry! It makes you want to not waste reding time though!

    Claire – Lovong our matching Ikea items. I am better than I was last year I must have spent thousands on books now its more like tens every month which is sooooo much better.

    Kim – The ‘satisfaction of putting a book on a shelf after reading it’ is exactly what I love. I also love people coming and noseying at my shelves as I do at other peoples.

    Jo – never ever ever feel bad about books. I dont and I wont.

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