The Reason I Was Silent Yesterday…

…Was because the people at Nintendo had sent me a little treat to test out. I know what you are thinking “what on earth is Simon doing waffling on about Nintendo’s on a book blog?” Well it turns out that the people at Nintendo have cottoned onto the whole e-reader idea and decided to compile the “100 Classic Book Collection” for the DS.

Now I have to say I have been incredibly anti anything that resembles an e-reader but behind my book loving façade I am slightly addicted to my DS (I think Nintendo would have sent a trial one if I hadn’t – I would have had to give it back though) especially Brain Training. So I thought I might as well give it a go and have spent a good 24 hours with it and my verdict is… that it isn’t bad. It’s really easy to use and the collection of books is actually very good. This actually would be perfect for my “must read more classics” pact that I made with myself earlier in the year. You have ‘Little Women’, ‘Robinson Crusoe”, “The Picture of Dorian Grey”, some of Dickens work and all of the finished Austen’s.

The only downside for me is that its not actually 100 books, which is a pretty massive downside overall, I cant feel the paper in my hands or the smell of a fresh new book – or even a musty loved one. I might look a bit odd trying to sniff my DS on the tube or on a bus. Which also brings me to the whole idea that if your reading on a £100+ device might someone not try and steal it? I cant imagine someone stealing a £7.99 paperback from your lap! It seems a bit odd tapping a screen, and isn’t such a nice sound as, leafing through the pages plus the screen is quite small so not good if you have sight issues. Also no one can see what your reading and the reversal of that would mean I would never see what anyone else is reading which can often lead me to some wonderful books I would miss out on. It has warmed me to the whole e-reading experience and at least now I can say that I have given it a go. I just prefer the page much more. We can live in hope that this might be a good way of ‘the youth of today’ possibly getting into reading though I suppose as they all seem to be constantly on their DS’s and the like.

What are your thoughts on the whole e-reading debate? I have to admit I have been truly scathing of it!


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8 responses to “The Reason I Was Silent Yesterday…

  1. harriet

    I have an ipod touch and have downloaded an e-reader application which came with two free books, Tarzan of the Apes and The Last of the Mohicans. I also have the complete works of Shakespeare on there and could if I wanted to have Jane Austen. But I’ve had this application for over a month and have not read a thing on it. Why? Cos it isn’t a book. But I can just about imagine reading on it if I was really caught short somewhere without anything at all to read.

  2. Savidge Reads

    Harriet I have to say I didnt know iPod Touch’s did that which is odd only because in my head iPod’s are for music and movies I guess. I just like a book plain and simple!

  3. Sandy Nawrot

    I had no idea that the DS had such an application! That is kinda cool! I wonder if my daughter would read a book on hers? Anyway, I just got a Kindle, and rather than go on and on here, come on over…I just did an update on it after having used it for the last couple weeks. A musty paperback its not, but it has its advantages also. You would be amazed at how many people will come up to me and ask me what I am reading and how I like it!

  4. claire

    I’d like to try an e-reader only for the fact that I’ll be able to bring a host of titles anywhere but my husband keeps telling me I won’t like it (he knows I sniff paper like you). The DS, though, hm.. that might be a good thing for the kids..

  5. Book Psmith

    Definitely not for me. I can only look at a computor monitor for so long before my eyes go buggy, so I think I would have the same experience e-reading. But the main reason is I love books. When I read, it is the whole package I enjoy…the smell, the turning the page, being able to see my progress by the placement of my bookmark. All of it. My husband tried to convince to get one. He is the one who got me to finally give up cassettes, typewriters, and VHS tapes but on the book issue, I will not budge.

  6. Candy Schultz

    Has to be a paper and ink object for me. I have to be able to hold it in my hands and turn the pages, etc. I have no interest whatever in the electronic reading stuff. That said I think we are in the minority.

  7. Kim

    I agree with Book Psmith and Candy, it has to be a book I hold in my hands so I can turn the pages. There is no substitute for that smug feeling I get when I see the bookmark and think of how many pages I’ve managed to move it through in the last sitting.
    I wonder what will happen in the future though and if this new technology will more or less completely see off paper books, just like email is doing to the written letter? Oh no! Write a letter today!

  8. Rebecca :)

    I am not oppose to e-books, but I much prefer the old-fashioned, feel it in my hands book. I hope that e-books do create more of a love for things literary in youth. I think gadgets like the Kindle will help. The youth of today are gadget happy- and they have to be. Who is anyone without a cell phone and an I-Pod? I am seeing younger and younger kids with these things. Hopefully if they can put a book on one, they can read Harry Potter for a hot second instead of texting about Brangelina for the hundredth time.

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