The Faber Firsts

I am feeling very lucky this morning as yesterday when I came home there was a rather large parcel awaiting me in the hallway, now I dont know about you but I get really excited when any new parcels pop through the door so I couldnt hold on and simply tore it open in the kitchen. I was greeted by a delightful set/series of books from the lovely people at Faber & Faber… 
The Faber Firsts (And A Pineapple - I Opened Them Hurridly In My Kitchen - Apologies)

The Faber Firsts (And A Pineapple - I Opened Them Hurridly In My Kitchen - Apologies)

Now from my rubbish picture (please ignore the pineapple – it was a hurried opening in my kitchen like I said) you cant really see what arrived. It was the ‘Faber Firsts’ which is a selection of ten books republished specially by Faber to mark their 80th Anniversary (oddly I met a book cover designer from Faber at a party a while back, he did the Molly Fox cover) and they have published ten of the first books by some of Fabers most popular writers in the last 80 years. These are…

  • The Bell Jar – Sylvia Plath (which I think has the most stunning cover)
  • Lord of the Flies – William Golding
  • Cover Her Face – P.D James
  • The Barracks – John McGarhern
  • The White Castle – Orhan Pamuk
  • A Pale View of Hills – Kazuo Ishiguro
  • The Buddha of Suburbia – Hanif Kureshi
  • Bliss – Peter Carey
  • The New York Trilogy – Paul Auster
  • Such a Long Journey – Rohinton Mistry

I have to admit I havent read a single one of these which is most shocking, so really I dont quite know where to start! Any suggestions? Now before you get suggesting bear in mind something rather fabulous that Faber & Faber have offered to do!

As you know I am setting up the Book Group with the lovely Kim from Reading Matters/Kimbofo which I am hoping some of you will be attending and as I am choosing the first book (see the Book Group part of the site for more) if it happens to be a Faber book then Faber will send a copy of the book for every single member of the group to read – for free!!!! Now there will be a condition that you need to attend the book group to get it but more on that on the Book Group page nearer the time.

Now where where we? Oh yes… which books would you recommend, where should I start?


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15 responses to “The Faber Firsts

  1. Lucy

    VERY jealous of your Faber firsts, they are beautiful. I bought ‘A Pale View of Hils’. The only ones I have read are The Bell Jar (pretty good) and Lord of the Flies (cant remember much, read it at school). Lots of people have said good things about the Rohinton Mistry book to me.

    Nice new blog, but if you are the first to comment it is a little tricky to guess which bit to click on!


    • savidgereads

      Thansk for the feedback Lucy regarding the comments sadly its not something that I can change I dont think but will have a look into it!!

      The Bell jar just captivates me from the cover to be honest, shameful but honest!

  2. OOOHHH how exciting! I actually have most of those books here in the TBR pile, although I have never heard of John McGarhern, so my vote would go to John McGarhern or Paul Auster, as Louise from Lou’s pages keeps plugging Auster’s books and I haven’t tried them yet.

    • savidgereads

      I havent tried that many of these authors at all. Another shameful admission!

      In fact I have only read Ishiguro and that wasnt even The Remains of the Day. In fact I cant remeber which one it was… it was about a painter in Japan!

  3. For a book group, I would go with The Bell Jar. Of the three on the list that I’ve read, it would spark the most conversation and probably be the best read.

    I’ve read Lord of the Flies and the Paul Auster book. There are both excellent choices for a book club as well.

    So, how is you got all these books for free???

    • savidgereads

      Lord of the Flies worries me, I didnt do it at school but lots of people have and any book I read at school I hated for years (and even now still) so I am worried it would put people off.

      How do I get the books… I could tell you but I would have to hunt you down! ha, joking. The publishers are very kind is all I can say.

  4. You lucky so-and-so!

    I’ve read the same two as CBJ. Hated the Auster – can’t stand books that play with me. Loved Golding.

    If I were starting on that pile though, I’d go straight to the P D James. For a book group choice, I’d pick the Mistry.

    • savidgereads

      What do you mean by a book that plays with you… without giving the story away! I am intrigued!!

      The Mistry looks like it could be great for a book group, but then they all do.

  5. You are always making me jealous!! How do you always get classic titles for free?? 😀 I’ve only read Lord of the Flies and A Pale View of Hills, both thought-provoking. However, I would go with The Bell Jar for a book group read. Definitely would pick that if I were part of your group. Happy reading!

    • savidgereads

      I dont mean to make you jealous Claire honest, I just like sharing! A fair few of you have read A Pale View of the Hills, I hasdnt heard of this until now!

  6. adevotedreader

    I’m green with envy!

    I’d start with The Bell Jar, Lord of the Flies or Bliss- all excellent reads.

  7. Kim

    Great set of books, Simon, they will keep you busy.
    I have only read Lord of the Flies and PD James and think both would make excellent book club reads.
    Your new home is lovely, very brave of you to change, I’m sure it wasn’t easy.

    • savidgereads

      I am excited about P.D James actually I think that and The Bell Jar are the two that I instantly though ‘ooooh I want to read those!’

  8. Oo, lucky you! The only one I’ve read is The Bell Jar, and I was actually hugely underwhelmed by it – perhaps because I was expecting something brilliant. It just seemed mediocre to me.

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