Challenge Ulysses

I was going to do a review of Sarah waters ‘The Little Stranger’ today but you are going to have to wait until tomorrow I am afraid as I need to edit and change it and am a bit on the ‘pushed for time’ side at the mo. However I think after today’s blog you’re getting three reviews in a row you lucky things! So do pop back for them. That’s not what today is all about though… 

One of my favourite book bloggers Dovegreyreader mentioned that Tuesday this week (the 16th of June) was Bloomsday, now I thought she meant this was some special day for the publishers Bloomsbury but I was very much in the wrong there. In fact it’s a day celebratory day in Dublin honouring James Joyce (who I shamefully have never read anything by) and Ulysses which some have claimed to be the ‘hardest book in the literary world’.

Now as the day progressed some of the commenting passers by, including myself, said they would love to read it too. I felt I could do it but reading is a lonely thing and even more so with such a huge and its said ‘difficult’ read and if we are all reading it we could have a good ‘natter’ about it. Well today ‘Team Ulysses’ has officially started and so I thought of all of you and the fact that I know some of you love a read-a-long and that some of you may want to join in too.

Dovegreyreader has set up a special page for it ‘Dove Grey Readers’ and we will be meeting on every 16th of every month there to have a good natter at how we are doing with our challenge, she is also giving away copies so do pop by!

I am really excited, and slightly daunted, about it. The aim is to have managed to complete it by the 16th of June 2010 (doesn’t 2010 sound very futuristic… that teams with yesterdays blog) so a nice slow and chatter filled quest will be starting for me this weekend. Now it’s quite a big book (and a complex one) and it’s been worked out that to do this 732 pager its “61 pages a month, 2 pages a day even”.

I will be aiming at the 61 a month as I am going to read it between books; I am hopeless at reading more than one book during a day (if I finish one in the morning I cant read anything till the next day) so 2 pages a day wont work for me. Thank goodness I have bought myself a lovely new Reading Notebook I think I might need it! 

Who is up for joining in? Who has already tried and failed? Who has managed to do it? I would love, as always, to hear your thoughts on this


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13 responses to “Challenge Ulysses

  1. I’ve signed up to do this too! 2 pages a day can’t be that hard can it?

  2. You’re all too brave for me. But it will be fun to see what everyone thinks of the book.

  3. lizzysiddal

    I’m with CB.

  4. I’ve thought about joining but decided not to, as I promised myself not to take on challenges next year. I really miss reading on a whim, and I mean completely. So I’ll pass but will be following you mad people..

  5. Oh thats a shame! Mind you after the Orange shortlist I have to admit the joy of being able to simply read what you want when you want is just a delight!

  6. Thanks for your kind comments about my review of Brooklyn – I’ve signed up for Ulysses too, so we shall ‘meet’ again.
    Lisa, ANZ LitLovers

  7. I’ve read it! This is a mark of great pride for me. Well, we had to read it at university, and I did the whole flippin’ lot in about four days, and thought it was pretty rubbish. But don’t let that put you off! I finished it at about 2am on the day that I needed to give a presentation on it…. without having done any secondary reading…

    • Blimey 4 days… and here we are planning on doing it in a year! Didnt you find it ridiculously complex?

      • It did nearly kill me… bit I figured it could be summarised as James Joyce saying three things:
        1. I’ve had a lot of sex
        2. I know very long words
        3. I’m Irish, doncha know

        (Aren’t I catty today?)

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