Book Group… A Gentle Reminder

I am quite impressed as I am doing this from my Blackberry – though this could mean there are spelling mistakes – and therefore am actually still in bed with my book by my side (not that I can still as yet get my ‘Currently Reading’ column working, despite much help – and meaning I cant share it with you) however it is quite time consuming so this isnt how I will be uploading reviews… you are getting two blogs today you lucky things!

The first, this one, is just a gentle Sunday Morning reminder that the first book group  starts on Thursday the 2nd of July (see the Book Group Page for more info).  The theme is favourites as a nice ice-breaker, so all you need to bring is yourself and a copy of your favourite book. I am meeting up with the lovely Kimbofo this week to finalise the venue which for details of you can email me at now if you are coming you need to let me know so that you can get there… which helps. You also need to let me know as I will (fingers crossed) be prdering everyone a copy of the next book choice, which is mine, from the lovely people at Faber and they will be given out at the first meeting so I need numbers for that.

What is the first book???? I can’t tell you you will have to wait and see! But I will announce it on here the day after book group so that should you want to join in virtually then you have plenty of time to try and read it! Right my thumbs hurt from the fury of Blackberry blogging, back to thmbing the pages of my current book!

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  1. I’ll be there – just let me know where/when!

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