In preparation for tomorrow’s Book Group, for which the theme is ‘Your Favourite Book’, I have had to really think about what exactly my favourite book is and why as surprisingly it wasn’t as instant as you would think. It has actually proved to be a real mission.

Firstly as discussed a few weeks ago after a Booking Through Thursday task, where we had fifteen minutes to think of the fifteen books that will always stick with you, I discovered that the fifteen books that have stuck with me aren’t necessarily my favourites. They may have been thought provoking, emotion inducing and possibly haunting but are they books that I would return to again and again… no, not all of them anyway. It’s a very few and far between group of books that make it onto my bookshelves for all my guests to see, let alone actually read more than once.

This has therefore made my mission that much more impossible. So I started writing lists, never-ending endless lists (picture to come later as I forgot to upload it) and what I noticed was that the lists differed on different days and was very dependent on my differing moods. However as I went on with the compilations I noticed that four or five books kept appearing with two particular books being the constant every time. What are they, which one did I pick? Well I can’t divulge that until after 6.30pm tomorrow now can I? It would spoil the surprise wouldn’t it?

Then I found myself thinking that why not share my favourite books full stop, well ok maybe not all of them but say ‘The Favourite Forty’. I then had the dilemma of how to display this on the site, I thought just doing a list would just vanish in the blog. I was still mulling this over when I popped into Waterstone’s (I am still having a debate over whether I should buy ‘Armadale’ by Wilkie Collins) when I saw their Writers Table. Each few months an author chooses their favourite books to recommend to readers, so I thought ‘why not make a readers table on the blog on a new page’. So as of 6.30pm tomorrow – in honour of Book Group – you should see that there is a lovely new page on Savidge Reads, I hope you all like it! It will also probably change periodically as I read new books that I am sure may sneak on there.

Now if you want to join in with the book group tomorrow but cant get there due to there being an ocean in the way or work commitments or some such then you can still join in by emailing me your favourite and why to savidgereads@googlemail.com and I will read them out tomorrow.

Or you can simply comment and do the same and I will take those with me. It would be lovely to hear from you all though possibly dangerous for my TBR pile!


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7 responses to “Favourites…

  1. I’m afraid I can’t bring along a copy of my favourite book tomorrow as I don’t own a copy. I hoped to get a copy from the library today, but they are all on loan. Perhaps I can borrow a copy from our venue!

    I look forward to finding out which book you’ve chosen and to finally meeting you tomorrow!

  2. I am looking forward to it too though sadly it looks like a publisher has let me down in terms of books arriving! But am waiting hoping! I saw your fav in Sainsburys for 4.99 other day and almost bought it!

  3. I’m pleased you know which book is my favourite! That means I must have been doing a good job of spreading the word!

    I haven’t got a Sainsburys here, but if I see one tomorrow I’ll pop ina nd see if they have a copy.

    I thought about bringing my second favourite book instead, but then I realised I’d lent it to a friend (that is what happened to my favourite one too!) Nevermind!

  4. My favorite books are ones that have really amused me, and made me think about who I am as a person. Some of the titles are just heart-rending. Giovanni’s Room and Maurice defined my coming out and searching for love. Beloved opens my eyes to what literature can do in terms of layers and meaning. If you ask me at this moment, it would be The Great Gatsby. 🙂

    • Its interesting that books we read at pivitol points in our lives stick with us and how reading abook at a good or bad point in your life can make you think well or babdly of a book! Great top three though shame on me I have read none of those, though I do have copies in the house!

  5. I love the idea of a savidgereads reader’s table. Might nick the idea from you and create a Lizzy equivalent, if that’s OK with you.

    • Oh Lizzie that would be fine by me, mine oddly didnt go up when it should so it will be appearing over the weekend! I look forward to seeing your version of it too!

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