“Book Notes Note Books”

A short second blog of the day today…You may remember a while ago that I spotted some gorgeous “Book Note Note Books” and it made me wonder, along with my love of stationary, if owning a special book to write about books would be something that would work for me. I said I would try it whilst I was in Switzerland… and didn’t. I then said I would try it again and few weeks ago… and didn’t and then I started Team Ulysses and as you can see from my review of the first chapter alone below its something that needs your attention.

Book Notes Note Book

Book Notes Note Book

So out came a notebook, though sadly not one of the fabulous Penguin ones as I didn’t want to spend money that could be spent on books on a notepad I never touched, or like a diary only wrote in a few days every year before giving up. Well I have been writing the odd note here and there as I go for a week or so and as you can see (from the picture on the right) its actually working. I am sure it wont make any sense to any one else, but to me having this whilst reading Ulysses on and off and other books as I go this has been a true help. (It’s also great if you need to remind yourself of something for the supermarket shop – as its one I take with me everywhere.)

I now only wish that I had done this ever since I became a book-a-holic once more in my mid-twenties (after a few years of sneering at books) as it would be like a diary of memories and reading. What’s going on in your life, I think, always has a great effect on how you feel about what you read and even if you read anything at all or not. I know certain books I was reading at certain times in my life clearly, like ‘The Crimson Petal and The White’ by Michel Faber when I got married, and trying really hard to read Tolstoy’s ‘Anna Karenina’ in sunny Barcelona on my honeymoon. What about all the other books, and the books before blogging? There are loads I could have popped up reviews of on here by now, I guess the good ones I have kept I will just have to read all over again one day… Shame!

What about all of you? Do you keep Book Notes apart from if you blog? Do you have books and books about the books you have read in the past? Do any books remind you of a special time in your life? As ever I would love to hear your thoughts, if you would like to see a blog created thanks in part to my new Book Notes Note Book, just scroll down a little!


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3 responses to ““Book Notes Note Books”

  1. Only since I’ve started blogging have I sort of kept a notebook…makes no sense does it? I have no record, except for my failing memory, of the books I read before 9 months ago. And even now, I don’t always take notes. I wish I could be more consistent and disciplined!

  2. lena

    I keep a notebook while I’m reading. I make notes about the narrative and things I either like or don’t like. If the book reminds me of something, I try to write that down too.

    It’s actually really helpful when I’m writing my final reviews (especially if I’ve read other books in the meantime).

    If you carry it around with you whenever you take your book with you, it makes it a lot easier not to forget to write in it 🙂

  3. I used to use post-its inside books to write comments. Sometimes, when I pick up an old read book, it’s always interesting to read some of the post-its, and see the doodles on it.

    As most of my reading is done on the tube at the moment, I tend to keep track of the page numbers of quotes/sections that stand out, on my phone – not as great as post-its, but… can’t really write when you have a million people shoving their elbows up your nose!

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