Latest Library Loot

Now that I am back up and running I decided it was time to take a trip to library (and finally taking back a few overdue books and pay a few fines – I don’t condone it). I must admit that I hadn’t had the intention of getting any more as I have to say that my local libraries aren’t normally renowned for having the latest books or anything special that really grabs me, something big has changed of late as I came away with all these gems…

Latest Library Loot

Latest Library Loot

Simon The Coldheart by Georgette Heyer – They had a whole shelf devoted to Georgette Heyer and she seems to have become ‘in vogue’ of late since the world of book blogging took off and Stephen Fry mentioned that she was one of his favourite authors. She has blinking loads of books, like really, loads and loads. I didn’t know where to start and so took one that has my first name… though have heard it’s actually one of her not so great books. I loved the line in the blurb “the icy rage of “Simon the Coldheart” must melt – or quench Lady Margaret, spitfire of Belremy” this could be fun between Man Bookers.

The View from Castle Rock by Alice Munro – I hadn’t heard of Alice Munro until she won this years Man Booker International Prize and so was thrilled to see not one, not two but three of Alice Munro’s short story collections at the library. I thought that I would just take the one for now and see how I get on, I don’t have a particular reason for this particular one it was just the first I picked up – remember my intention wasn’t to get anymore at all. This should be interesting as I am not the biggest reader of short stories and I am trying to change that plus it’s a whole new author for me.

Now the next three I was so shocked to see I did a double take. When did libraries start stocking Persephone Classics? I am really chuffed to have managed to get three as I will be reading these in conjuncture with Claire of Paperback Reader and Verity of The B Files ‘Persephone Week’ later in the month. I have been meaning to read Persephone Classics for some time so this is the perfect opportunity. I only wish they’d had Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day but I mustn’t grumble and will keep my eyes peeled for it over the next few weeks. The ones I did get were…

Little Boy Lost by Marghanita Laski – No idea the story of this one at all and yet I have actually been wanting to read it for ages. I was on the tube early this year or late last year and a girl was so intently reading it I wanted a copy and to befriend her. It might have been deemed a little odd though randomly starting a conversation with her about books and her boyfriend might not have been impressed.

Good Evening, Mrs Craven by Mollie Panter-Downes – Dovegreyreader has mentioned her recently and until then I had never heard of her. This is a collection of her short stories during the war and meets both the criteria of making me read short stories and classic authors this year so that’s two boxes ticked. I also think the cover is fabulous. Some Persephone books are just grey which I think is good in terms of identifying them but at the same time a little drab!

The Far Cry by Emma Smith – Elizabeth Bowen described this in ‘Tatler’ in 1949 as ‘savage comedy with a vicious streak’ what more could you want from a book? It’s all about a girl called Teresa who is taken away to India by her father to escape her mother clutches. I think this sounds very much my cup of tea a mix of interesting and a little mysterious yet witty.

Then a modern book was my final grab from the shelves and though I on the whole much prefer to own the books I read (it’s a strange issue I have) some books I always wonder whether are worth buying or not especially if you know nothing of the author and the reviews are a little mixed as with… 

Broken by Daniel Clay – This sounds like a big social/family drama of a book that I don’t think you could surmise easily… so that could make the review when I have finished it an interesting one. It borders on a ‘coming of age story’ which is a tag and genre that I can have issues with and is why so far I have never gotten round to buying it, and its not one I have seen in charity shops. 

So that was my haul. Have any of you had any big successes at the library of late? Do you love your library; I am certainly beginning to get on with mine much, much better after this? Have you read any of these books or ones by the same authors? Do let me know…


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23 responses to “Latest Library Loot

  1. Oh I just purchased a copy of Munro’s View from Castle Rock. I wasn’t going to but I kept reading and reading until I couldn’t put it down, I loved her style of writing so much (have never read her before) that I brought it to the counter (it was at the groceries, not a bookstore, lol).

    I so want to read Little Boy Lost, too! Are you saving both Persephones for the Persephone Reading Week??

  2. PS. I meant the three, not both.

  3. Yes I am keeping them all on hold for that week and that week alone even though they are very tempting, I might have to go and hide them somewhere.

    The fact you felt that way about Munro is a great sign so thank you for letting me know. They had a few at the library so may have to pop back as you can take out eight and I only brought home six.

    • Right, I reread your post and saw I missed that part about you reading them for Persephone Week, lol. I was squeezing for time then, and I just skimmed. It’s so funny about the Heyer book you picked up, because it has your name! Looking forward to what you think of Heyer, I haven’t had the guts to try her yet!

  4. Ha! The library was the first place my kids and I went when we got back from my parents’. I had quite a few things to return, and we were out of kid audios and in desperate need! We ended up with three audios…not the ones we had hoped to get, but still something entertaining for the littles. I was pretty excited to see that when I arrived home, the library had already delivered “The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher”, one of Jackie’s five stars.

    And yes, I have a major love affair going on with my library. It is huge, they have just about anything I need, AND they deliver to my house!

    • They deliver to your house? We are lucky if they reserve one in and let you know its arrived and behind the desk haha am most jealous.

      Mr Whicher is great it was one of my favourite reads of last year!

  5. Hi Simon – my library in Oxfordshire often has Persephone books so I’m glad you were able to find some. I’m glad you’re going to join in the Persephone reading week which I’m also hosting!

    • Oh having lots of them in a library is very, very lucky! I am so looking forward to the Persephone week and will be keeping my eyes peeled for Miss Pettigrew as its the one I most want to read!

      • I meant to say how much I loved A far cry.

        I believe Miss Pettigrew is the Persephone title most often found in charity shops, so maybe you will be lucky!

  6. Yes, please give Verity her co-hosting credit! We are going to be hostesses with the mostesses (hmmm, where does that saying come from?!)

    I am so glad that you found Persephones! Also amused by you going to hide them… I am doing likewise with the ones beneath the bed.
    I haven’t read any of those ones yet but I have a copy of each! In fact Good Evening, Mrs Craven is a recent acquisition and we will also be offering it in a prize draw (along with some others).

    I came across Alice Munro in my first year of University and I wasn’t overly impressed and she may be the cause of the hate part of my love-hate relationship with short stories. Recently, because of the prize, I’ve been considering giving her another go. The love part is all down to Angela Carter, Katherine Mansfield, and Neil Gaiman.

    • All changed so you are both now co-hosting, sorry about that I hadnt spotted the Verity link and feel very naughty now, but all correct now.

      Am looking forward to the Persephone week, am just unsure I can hold back until then.

  7. Andreea

    Hey there, thank you for stopping by my blog. You have a nice blog. I’ll add you to my blogroll.

  8. lizzysiddal

    When’s Persephone week?

  9. oh

    Hello to you, too! thanks for stopping by my blog. And now I find yours, which made me laugh in delight to read this current entry about the library and the overdue thing which I JUST did myself! (honestly, I could be paying their electricity bills…it’s cheaper to go to used bookstore for me).
    Anyway, the book I have that’s overdue is one of Alice Munro’s and I was delighted to see that you have just discovered her.
    I think I want to write short stories (working presently as a journalist) so I thought I’d study the “masters” first, like her, to see how it’s done.
    So far, not a lot of “studying” going on.
    Do I love my library? um, pretty much. Though it arely has what I want. The good news is that’s because it’s so well used that someone has the book out. Glad that people are reading.

    Will be back – wonderful to discover your book world!

    • Oh thanks Oh!

      Glad that you laughed in delight thats a fabulous verdict lol! I am a bit bad with overdue books and do not condone it but have had swine flu so I blamed that, they werent sympathetic to my plight!

  10. I love Georgette Heyer since I rea dmy first one when I was 13. over 20 year slater and I am still reading her. Simon the C is ok but not one of her very best so if you don’t like it don’t be put off!

    • I only just discovered she wrote some books that were of the crime genre and I think that I am going to have to get some of those. If you have any recommendations on what Heyer I should be trying do let me know please!

  11. I hope you like that Munro collection 🙂 It’s a bit different to her others, in that most of the stories come from her family history, so it spans a huge timeframe. I think my favourite collection so far is Runaway or The Love of a Good Woman. The hardest thing is trying to only to read one story at a time, to savour them!

  12. christie61

    Hey, I’m curious to see how you’re getting on with Munro. It’s funny to read of someone who doesn’t know her…she’s literary royalty over here in Canada. My favourite collection is Lives of Girls and Women…but no matter what she writes, she’s the queen of short stories.

    • I have to admit with Book Group this week (am now reading The Bell Jar finally) and the second half of The Childrens Book I think Munro may have to wait a little while. Will probably read it by September… well will have to as have to give it back.

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