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So I have had rather a belated spring clean at Savidge Reads and changed a few bits and bobs. One of the things I have changed is finally putting up links to other book blogs that I like, which you should see on the top right. This was actually down to two other bloggers; one was Novel Insights who has now moved, the other was after receiving a lovely award from Matt at A Guy’s Moleskine Notebook who wrote some very nice stuff. I will be keeping this updated as I discover new lovely book blogs. 

I have finally updated the About Savidge Reads section as some people mentioned thanks to your feedback the other week. I like to add blogs every now and then about me as well as all the books that I read and bookish things that I think about. So that is all up. I will be adding a ‘Savidge Reads Grills’ links once I have some more author interviews up in the next few weeks. 

I have also added the final twenty books into the Savidge Reads – Great Reads page so now you have forty of them, I think this will be changing quite a lot as the year progresses and new books and some classics get read from my never ending TBR pile. Speaking of which a few more second hand books have somehow appeared in Savidge Reads Towers, rather than write all the blurbs I will pop a list of them below and if you have read any of them do let me know. At work a huge pile of books for all the staff for free turned up and I managed to collect…

  • The Elegance of the Hedgehog – Muriel Barbery
  • Mystery Man – Bateman
  • Guernica – Dave Boling
  • A Start in Life – Anita Brookner
  • Girl With A Pearl Earring – Tracy Chevalier
  • The Aristos – John Fowles
  • The Electric Michelangelo – Sarah Hall
  • Down River – John Hart
  • I’m The King of the Castle – Susan Hill
  • The Piano Teacher – Janice Y.K. Lee
  • Something Might Happen – Julie Myerson
  • From A View to a Death – Anthony Powell
  • Precious Bane – Mary Webb

Now when I have this many new books I shouldn’t be asking you about more books… but I am going to. I am looking for books that are based in Tel Aviv as I am off there with ‘The Converted One’ for a week of beaches, reading and sunshine in September and I would love to read something that was written by someone from there or something set there, so you have your mission.

This trip sadly means that I will be missing out on Septembers Book Group which of course will have its page updated after tomorrow when we all meet to discuss ‘The Bell Jar’ by Sylvia Plath. I will still read the next months chosen book by Armen and email one of the fellow book groupers with my thoughts and pop them up here the day after.

Phew that’s been quite an event, I don’t think there is anything else. Do let me know what you think; I do love your feedback. What have you all been up to lately? Don’t forget your thoughts on my new additions to the TBR and any Tel Aviv books that you can think of. Right I am off to catch up with the final few chapters of A.S. Byatt’s ‘The Children’s Book’ which I am still loving, more on that later in the week.


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15 responses to “Housekeeping & Other Bits & Bobs

  1. Thank you for the link to my blog :).

    I loved The Elegance of the Hedgehog earlier this year and read Girl with a Pearl Earring a few years ago, finding it beautiful- it’s a very quick read and captures the art and the light very well.

    I am drawing a blank on Tel Aviv fiction… sorry :s.

    • No worries on the link its long overdue. I am so pleased you liked that, I have been wanting it for ages and did another one of my over excited yelps when saw it in a charity shop for 50p brand spanking new.

  2. I like the new 20 additions to your great reads- so many of my favourites are in the list too.

    There are a few I haven’t read yet – Secret History being nearest to the top of the pile. I look forward to seeing how it evolves over time.

    I’m afraid i don’t know any books set in Tel Aviv either – sorry!

  3. Wow – lucky you! I didn’t like The elegance of the hedgehog, but I did enjoy Girl with a pearl earing (still haven’t seen the film). I don’t think I’ve read that Brookner, but I do like her books very much.

    Re Tel Aviv – how about this?

  4. Simon, Edeet Ravel wrote a Tel Aviv Trilogy. The first book is Ten Thousand Lovers, which I read this year, my thoughts are here. The second book is Look for Me, and the last A Wall of Light.

  5. I appreciate the link as well! I’ve also noticed you have been doing a great job answering the comments, and I for one like that! Nice touch! I can’t help you out on Tel Aviv…sorry…

  6. armen

    For The Tel-aviv reading, you may try Amos Oz and David Grossman. Both are quiet Fascinating.
    They both have a very unique style.
    you can try the same sea by oz or A Tale of love and darkness.

  7. Not sure if you’ve already read it or not, but am half-way through Linda Grant’s When I Lived In Modern Times. It’s historical fiction, and goes way back in time, to a time when Israel didn’t exist, and Tel Aviv was part of Palestine. It talks of the diaspora, and the Zionist movement, seen through the eyes of a young Jewish girl born in London, but gone to find a home in the then Palestine.

    Only one I can think of, off the top of my head.

  8. Hello, Savidgereads! I’ve read The Elegance of the Hedgehog. It’s a very engaging novel. You just can’t help but fall in love with the two female characters.

  9. Appreciate the link to my blog. I’ve noticed there’s quite a few book blogs out there that don’t have blog links and I always think, WTF? But each to their own.

    As for Tel Aviv books, I can highly recommend The Attack, although it may make you think twice about going to Israel as it is about a suicide bombing. My review is here:

    Oh, and good luck with book group tonight. Sorry I can’t be there. Still holed up in bed. Think it’s a severe throat infection rather than swine flu…

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