Tube Tales… And A Little Quiz

Slight different blog today, but a change is as good as a rest. I only really noticed the other day (when one was actually right in front of my face) how many adverts there are for books on the London Underground. I don’t tend to do buses so don’t know if they have the same amount but I have been keeping an eye on the ones just in my nearest station and was shocked by how many there are that I completely miss. Or do we take them all in subliminally?

I thought I would share some with you and then have a little Saturday quiz (though it may end up a weekend quiz as it’s my housewarming tonight and the likelihood of reading and blogging seem minimal with all the tidying, drinking and recovering we have planned) so here they are, starting with a bit of triple advertising from Jane Green…

Destination Jane

Then we have three more single adverts…

Outlaw Friends Like These Eve's Got One...

Possibly the advert I think is the best…

Too Close To Home

And finally another advert which claims not only that ‘Richard & Judy loved it’ but that it is ‘this season’s Atonement’ thats quite something to say really isn’t it?

This season's Atonement

So where do you ask is the quiz in this… well I took these all about four weeks ago. So how many of these have I actually succumbed to the advertising pressure of buying. I will say some of these adverts did nothing for me and some intrigued me, but did I actually buy anything?

The other part is that ages ago I promised to keep a list of all the books I have seen people reading on the tube and for four weeks I have been. This is actually where I think tube advertising is free as I am much more likely to buy a book someone is engrossed in on the tube than any I see adverts for. So the second part of the quiz is… how many of the advertised books above were in the list of 30 books I saw people reading? A bit of fun for the weekend and a nice parcel of treats if you win. You have until tomorrow!

Finally no prizes for this but some questiosn just because I love all your thoughts on bookish things. Have you read any of the advertised books? Which makes you buy books; someone engrossed in one or an advert of one on the tube/station/bus/billboard? Look forward to your thoughts!


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7 responses to “Tube Tales… And A Little Quiz

  1. Hmmm, I’d answer “0” for both!

    A friend recently said that no good books are advertised in tube stations and I was inclined to agree until I saw a huge ad for ‘The Little Stranger’ (although to be fair I didn’t like the book…)

    I saw an advertisement for the new Elisabeth Hyde book whilst walking between lines recently and it’s not one that I would buy but I’ll definitely borrow it from the library.

    There’s nothing like free advertisement and I am always intrigued by what people are reading on the tube although recently they all seem to be Twilight books (which admittedly I have read some time ago).

  2. Zero for the first part, and two for the second! Funny, I JUST read a review on The Beach House five minutes ago. Sounded like something I might need to soothe my soul after a romp with murder and mayhem. Adverts don’t work with me when it comes to books, ever. But I think it is pretty cool that there are so many for books. I don’t think we have anything close to that over here in the US!

  3. I haven’t read any of these books yet, but I do love Danny Wallace, so may read his at some point.

    No Time For Goodbye was quite good, but I can’t imagine that you rushed out to buy a copy of the sequel, but can imagine you borrowed a copy from Polly – wasn’t she reading it?

    I think you’ve bought the last one though – I can’t read the title, but I bet the Atonement thing sold it to you!

  4. justicejenniferreads

    Advertisements don’t really work for me. Unless they are advertisements set up in a book store – then I tend to fall way too quickly. I would say that seeing someone engrossed in a book or hearing an awesome review is the most likely trigger for me when it comes to purchasing or reading a book.

  5. I’m dying to know which book is this season’s Atonement but can’t make out the title. Put me out of my misery – please!

  6. novelinsights

    I’m reading Too Close to Home. If you hadn’t bequeathed it to me I might have bought it because I loved No Time for Goodbye so much, but then again I might just have see it in a bookshop. I do mentally take note of books advertised on the tube I think but I don’t think have ever bought one. I just remember seeing The Forgotten Garden advertised and grumbling a bit under my breath each time because I thought The House at Riverton was a bit of a lame Atonement.

  7. I am usually in far too much of a hurry on the tube to pay attention to posters but sometimes a book poster does arrest my attention and make me look it up on amazon to see what it’s all about. However if Richard and Judy are on the poster it’s usually more of a turn off for me!

    I do pay attention to what people are reading around me though, and it’s always fun to see what’s in ‘fashion’ at the moment – around the time of a Harry Potter film there are always swathes of people re-reading the relevant one in the series…I’ve also seen a lot of Twilight readers lately. One that keeps cropping up is ‘The Elegance of the Hedgehog’…the woman opposite me was reading that this morning.

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