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A quick second post today (which is strangely becoming a habit) but if you love Kate Atkinson as much as I do then you might want to have a gander at this here. As Kate is the latest author to get to do a writers table which is what inspired me to do my ‘The Readers Table’ page. Oh and that reminds me, just to stop a slight rumour/misconception/mix up… I don’t work for Waterstone’s they just inspired me with the tables of delights in there stores. I would quite secretly love to work for Waterstones however having two jobs is keeping me some what busy enough hahaha!

So what have I learnt from Kate’s table? I have now made the definate decision that I will love Angela Carter and need to read her in the extremely near future, many people have told me that I should give her a go and I have been a little nonchalant about her which appears to be incredibly silly of me. I also need to read ‘Onyx and Crake’ by Margaret Atwood which is something I have had on my radar since a parcel arrived last week. I also am having a message drummed into my head more and more that I seriously need to read so, so, so, so, so many more classics. So just from the click of a button my TBR has now got to be rearranged and additions to it sort after. Mind you I think that happens everytime I see a bookshop, go on book blog or read a weekend paper.

Do books that your favourite authors have recommended instantly become books that you want to read?


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  1. I am so ashamed to admit that I have not yet read a Kate Atkinson novel, although I have 3 on my TBR list ready to go. By reading her selections on Waterstone’s website, however, I KNOW that I will love her writing based on her own reading habits.

    • She is very very good Molly, which of her books do you have on your TBR? I would try both some of her ‘literary crime’ series and some of her slightly surreal fiction. Oddly I have yet to gel with Behind The Scenes at the Museum.

  2. I do pay close attention to author recommendations. But what I really like is reading books mentioned by characters in books I am reading. I found City of Quartz by Mike Davis that way. It’s a geography of Los Angelos that is fascinating. Not something you’ll ever hear many life long residents of Northern California saying very often.

    • I forgot to write in my review of William Trevor’s ‘Love & Summer’ today that one of the characters is an avid reader and so now The Beautiful and the Damned and The Razor’s Edge are both going to need to go on my TBR!

  3. I loved Case Histories, and I’ve meant to read more of her, but you know how it goes. Good intentions and all that. Every now and again, EW will publish an author’s recommendations, and often I have responded to their tip. After all, it was the author of The Historian (Elizabeth Kostova) that recommended The Moonstone!

  4. I discovered Atkinson last year and just love her work. I am a big sucker for reading books that my favourite authors love!

  5. I loved Case Histories and One Good Turn, which are some of the best detective novels I’ve read recently. Yes, I do sometimes check books that authors recommend. Most of the time, I enjoy these recommended books as well.

  6. I love Atkinson’s work so thanks for the link Simon, I will check it out.

    I’d second the suggestion you read Angela Carter- she’s an incredibly vivid and thought provoking writer.

    • I am definately going to give Carter a go and read them in release order so I need to get a copy of The Charming Shadow asap. Well I think thats what the first one is called!

  7. I frequently add my favourite authors recommnedations to my TBR pile, but in the past have been disappointed by a few. I think I’ve come to accept that just because they write amazing books doesn’t mean we have the same taste in reading. It is always interesting to read a list of someones favourite books though – sometimes you can discover a new gem on the list.

    • I guess you are going to get the odd bad apple with any selection of books, or one you just don’t like. So far I have always found how pleasantly suprised I have been by author recommendations and Kate’s list could now cost me a bundle I may have to get them all!

  8. Harriet

    I love love love Kate Atkinson — her three recent crime novels are certainly among the best I’ve ever read and for a constant consumer of crime fic that is saying something. And what a great selection of books. I warm to her even more.

    • Hi Harrit, the three crime novels are indeed brilliant I still think my very favourite piece of her work has got to be Human Croquet, its very very surreal but very very brilliant and is in my top 40 of all time… for now.

  9. Thanks for sharing this link – she’s got so many great books on there! Love that she’s included Tim Winton.

    And Atkinson herself would totally be on my reader’s table 🙂

  10. I do v much enjoy picking up books recommended by favourite authors, and have found Deanna Raybourn ( a particularly good source for this – I’ve loved everything she’s suggested on her blog that I’ve picked up so far. Unfortunately so many of my favourite authors are long dead so I can’t get direct recommendations (!) but then, like cbjames, I always love reading books mentioned in other books, especially if they’re being read by one of my favourite characters!

    I just recently discovered your blog, btw, and have been enjoying it very much!

    • Oh thank you Sophie thats really really kind of you!

      I do feel bad though as I have never heard of Deanna Raybourn and I am now going to have to run off and do some reasearch lol!

  11. Have been checking out your site for some time and am really enjoying what I have been reading. I checked out the books you have posted on your “Readers Table” and have to tell you that we seem to have similar tastes in the types of books we like to read. So far the only Kate Atkinson book I have read is “Case Histories” (which I enjoyed) so I will need to check out some of her other books. Will have to give “On Chesil Beach” a try though I did find “Saturday” to be a bit of a tough read for me. Perhaps because it was the first book I read by McEwan so I was not used to his writing style. There are several on your list that I will definitely check out.

    Really great blog. Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you very much Baba thats really kind of you and welcome and like Sophie thanks for commenting.

      I would give Kate more of a go she gets darker and yet funnier with each of the crime books which is what makes her writing so different and so wonderful. Her non crimey books are fabulous too!

  12. p.s. In a wonderful instance of serendipity, I have just checked in with the author blog I mentioned in my earlier post, and have found that Deanna Raybourn’s post today is actually all about recommending books to read!

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