Quick Catch Up…

I have just managed to find an internet cafe in Tel Aviv so sent a few emails to tell everyone am ok and thought I would do a quick blog post on here to let you all know I am well and absolutely loving Israel even if it is slightly too hot for a northern british boy like myself. The people are lovely and the scenery is stunning, its a real mix of modern and old. If you love the 1930’s you must visit as walking through ‘the heart of Tel Aviv’ is like being in a film it unreal. Complete Art Deco heaven. Anyway I have had lots of questions from friends with book themes such as ‘have you read a lot’, ‘what are the book shops like if there are any’ and ‘have you managed to by more books than you can bring back’? All will be revealed when I get back.

One email I saw was the next book group choice email, sounds like an interesting book group was had discussing Armen’s choice ‘Voice Over’ by Celine Curiol. I was sadly not there as am here but my thoughts should be on the blog any minute now so you keep your eyes peeled. Claire was next to choose and she has chosen ‘I Served The King of England’  by Bohumil Hrabal which I have never heard of but sounds very interesting. “Sparkling with comic genius and narrative exuberance, “I Served the King of England” is a story of how the unbelievable came true. Its remarkable hero, Ditie, is a hotel waiter who rises to become a millionaire and then loses it all again against the backdrop of events in Prague from the German invasion to the victory of Communism. Ditie’s fantastic journey intertwines the political and the personal in a narrative that both enlightens and entertains.” Sounds like an unusual read which I am very much looking forward to. If you want to join the face to face group do email me at savidgereads@googlemail.com

Right best be off back to the beach! Hope you are all well? Have I missed anything majorly bookish so far? Having no internet (it costs a fortune here) has been very strange as am missing catching up on your blogs and comments (which will do when back Sunday) and yet its nice because you forget how distracting, in the nicest ways, it can be and also feel out of the loop!


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6 responses to “Quick Catch Up…

  1. Yay for internet access and art deco heaven!

    Another book in translation may make a convenient follow-on from Voice Over, although it wasn’t intentional as I had I Served the King of England in mind since the first meeting. Off to read your thoughts on this month’s pick!

  2. It is a little bizarre to be without a computer, isn’t it? I’m not sure if I like it or not! Wasn’t “I Served the King of England” a movie earlier this year? I think so. Might be fun if the book club read the book then saw the movie!

    • I think I liked not having the internet and could have lasted one more week but no longer. Like the read the book see the movie idea, only I don’t know if any of us could house everyone in our houses for a group watching of it.

  3. Mae

    ‘King of England’ sounds like a fantastic read but I found I really needed to focus because the writing is so dense and intricate. I read through half of it a few years ago before getting distracted and finding it difficult to get back into but I’m hoping to start over soon. There was also a small independent movie adaptation released a few years ago. Not sure if it’s any good though.

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