Off The Man Booker Mark…

Well it seems that my Man Booker shortlist  guess earlier today was somewhat off the mark! mind you 3 out of 6 isn’t dreadful, it’s 50% which is much better than last year when I actually only guessed the Longlist and got that pretty wrong really so there is definately some improvement. This years short list is…

Anyone got any thoughts? I am mulling mine over.


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6 responses to “Off The Man Booker Mark…

  1. I am a Booker idiot, so I am not qualified to have an opinion on this topic! All I know is that I’ve heard of these books thanks to you and Jackie. The ONLY book I’ve read is The Little Stranger, and contrary to popular opinion, I LOVED it. It may not be the best of Waters, but I enjoyed the ride!

  2. I was sad to see the shortlist dominated by the big names. I really hoped that some of the lesser known authors had made it – their books were just as good (better) than those selected. I am mourning the absense of Wilderness in particular.

    I just hope that The Glass Room wins now.

  3. I too am sad that Brooklyn didn’t make it to the shortlist. The book completely blew me away. I enjoyed it’s quietness throughout most of the book, but I was a little bewildered about Toibin’s intent. But by the final section I was totally enraptured and gripped to find out what she would choose to do.

    I’ve just started Mantel’s and really taken by it. She’s brilliant and I’ve loved her other work.

    The Quickening Maze was well done and he has a beautiful way with language, but it felt too compact for the amount of characters he uses.

    • Eric I am in complete and utter aggreement I thought that Brooklyn was just wonderful, and will be having something of a Toibin-a-thon either just before Christmas or just after. I do love the fact that I found anew author I am fairly sure I am going to love all the works of from the Man Booker.

      Wolf Hall is my favouirte for the prize now, just brilliant. I am thinking of doing Beyond Black in my Sensation Season. Hmmm, does it count?

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