Savidge Reads Man Booker Shortlist

Ok, now indulge me for a minute or three and let me imagine that I am one of the judges on the Man Booker Panel (which I won’t lie is one of my life’s missions) and I was in the position to choose what made it onto the shortlist, which of course is the big literary news of the day, just what would I choose? Well having actually read them all now (more reviews coming in between Sensational September when it starts tomorrow) I feel that I can finally give my verdict.

I won’t score them or anything like that, as its not something I do with my book thought posts, and I am not going to even try and guess what the judges are going to name as their shortlist. Instead I am simply going to leave you with the pictures of the covers of the six that are my personal favourites be it for the prose, the plot or just the way I reacted to the writing/characters/situations. Those six are…



Now I wonder how close I will come to the actual six, probably not very close at all but hey ho, time will tell. It was hard with Summertime and Love & Summer as I could have placed The Glass Room or How To Paint A Dead Man (reviews of both coming soon) in the top six, the later of the three particularily but I had to be tough and looking at prose and thought provoking reads the six above ticked all the boxes. There is nothing wrong with the seven I havent picked and I know some people may be shocked about’The Wilderness’ being missing, while I did like it, having now read it twice I still didnt really quite connect with it though and I have mulled that book over lots and lots now. I would be perfectly happy to see it in the short list though. Which ones wouldnt I want to see? I couldn’t possibly comment… on here, but maybe in an email ha!

Who do I think will win… it flips between four hourly and for all I know they may not even be short listed so I will comment on that nearer October and the winner being announced. Have you read any of the longlist? Who would you like to see short listed or even win?


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12 responses to “Savidge Reads Man Booker Shortlist

  1. You and Jackie just amaze me. I think the both of you need to be on the panel! I’m lucky if I read one or two of the long list each year. Ha!

  2. Interesting choice! I think the only one from your short list which I would be shocked to see on the real one would be Me Cheeta. The list has been so strong this year that any of the books could make it. I would love to see Wilderness and The Glass Room on the list – we haven’t got long to wait now!

  3. Shortlist predictions at last possible moment:

    The shortlist I would love would have The Wilderness, Heliopolis, How to Paint a Dead Man, Summertime, The Quickening Maze and Brooklyn.

    The shortlist I instead expect to see has Summertime, How to Paint a Dead Man, The Children’s Book, Wolf Hall, The Glass Room, Brooklyn

    • 2/6 of my preferred list.

      4/6 of my predicted list.

      To predict 4/6 does not make me happy. I am disappointed about the absence of my favourites and dis-satisfied.

      I predict Coetzee for the hat-trick.

    • It’s an interesting mix the shortlist but have to admit am puzzled by it somewhat but as I keep reminding myself I am not a judge and maybe we need a prize the reading public can choose each year (and not one thats sponsored by some tv presenters and a chocolate company ha)

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  5. Amazing! I myself employ the big cheater approach – wait until the short list comes out and read those. I feel no guilt. I have you to do the rest for me. 🙂

  6. P.S. I Love You

    Wow. I never thought somebody would seriously consider ‘Me Cheeta’ to be on the shortlist in view of the other possible titles. Mind you, most of it went over my head and I never gave it serious consideration.

    • Why not? Have you read it, what didnt you like about it? I thought it fought its own corner (very like the narrator) very well and was different, mind you last year there was outrage about Child 44 another book I think is brilliant.

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