What Our Furniture Says About Us

Just a very quick reminder that the new sequel to ‘Corduroy Mansions’ Alexander McCall Smith series starts today. You can read the first chapter of the book right here.

I won’t be reading it today,even though I was lucky enough to get this weeks advance chapters, but will be properly from tomorrow (I have to be honest about these things).

I have very fortunately managed to get my mitts on a copy of the first series which I am devouring and will easily finish on the tube back home tonight, I know we are getting sent one but by now you guys know me and I have to read things in the right order. It also means will be able to give one copy away in the not too distant future.  Plus . Anyway a small reminder today for you.

There will be another “non McCall Smith related” post later today that includes a give away so do make sure you pop back then!!!


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2 responses to “What Our Furniture Says About Us

  1. I need to read things in the correct order, Simon, so already behind!

    • Oh I think once you have a copy Claire you will whizz through it I know I am, I just really have warmed to the characters really quickly and am loving the fact there are so many of them… I can see why Dickens caught on (not that I am saying McCall Smith is the new Dickens)!

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