Away Autumn Arranging

There may be a bit less Savidge Reads over the next couple of days, apart from tomorrow’s Sensation Season Sunday of course, as I have a few days off both of the jobs. Not only will I be having something of a read-a-thon and time away from the dangerously distracting (in the most delightful way) internet but I am making an effort to have a great book sort and a big book clear out. Thats right I am going to be ruthless.

The start of a sort!

I have made a very small start already and as you can see (the above is the two boxes in the spare room, there is also a wardrobe filled in there, two boxes in the lounge, three in my room as well as seven shelves full and also at last count five random piles of books to get through) however I think this is going to take quite a while. I am on the look out for modern Sensation novels, as you can see Silent in the Grave (which Kim mentioned) is peeking out at the bottom of the picture, I am sure there are a lot more lurking in the boxes etc. I will mainly be hunting for the books I am just not really going to read, either in the next year or so… or ever at all!

I have also rather dangerously recently re-joined Read It Swap It but only the choice few will go on there… the rest are off to the 5 for £2 charity shop which I take so much from and never give anything to. I do hope they find good new homes, mind you if I start worrying that they won’t I shall not part with them so must not think about it. Right I must stop procrastinating and get on with the job, I will see you (possibly slightly bereft) on the other side.

Does anyone else have a good clear out of their book hordes now and again or is it just me?


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24 responses to “Away Autumn Arranging

  1. Enjoy your time off, Simon!

    I am sure your books will find good homes and, more importantly, somebody that will actually read them. You have too many books to be able to give care and attention to every one of them individually and some of them are feeling neglected.

    It is also great to give back.

    I don’t cull books but I feel the need to do so soon as I have limited space here (a small flat in one of the busiest sprawling metropolises in the world – go figure).

    • I managed to send a good 60+ books off to new homes so hope they all get loving new owners. I dont think I could ever have too many books though. I am pleased I didnt by any back in the shop I donated too. Though I did see nine bin bags of books that they will be stocking up with so may have to pop back.

  2. I can’t.give.away.books. It pains me. I HAD to when I moved because I didn’t have the space to keep them and it nearly killed me. I am building a collection and it is fine to have piles of books everywhere…what else will I do when I’m retired?!

    Good for you giving back though. I’m sure the books will be snapped up! And please stop mentioning this amazing charity shop UNLESS YOU’RE GOING TO TELL ME WHERE IT IS!!!!

    • I don’t mind giving away ones I didnt like. Though thats a new thing, if I had read it I showed it on my shelves hahaha. The shelves of suffering for a readers art.

      I will tell you at book group, promise.

  3. I am feeling the need to cull books at the moment; space is at a premium (I now have books on top of the shelves which irks me), and, according to where I catalogue all my books, I now own over 1000. I MUST get it back into tripe figures ASAP.

    • I have now noticed that my lounge shelves are full and I need more. This is after the sort out but is a good thing as the ones in my lounge are filled with books I have read and loved.

  4. But…but…but…what if there’s something really good in that stack? An unknown treasure? No!!!!!

  5. I am so jealous of your amazing collection.

    I do have a question……I will be visiting London in May and am very curious about the 5 for 2 pounds shop. Is this something that would be worth the visit for an American bibliophile?

  6. lizzysiddal

    Add me to the list of those who wish to know where this 5 for £2 shop is. I’m in London at the end of the month and so some of Simon’s castoffs could end up in Scotland. But first Mr Savidge must share!

    • Mr Savidge will share I promise, in fact will drop you an email in the morrow. I am not popping the whereabouts on here as had some sad news (I get on very well with the staff) that some dealers are going in and picking up books cheap and selling on for lots fo money which takes the mickey out of the charity aspect. I dont want to advertise it to people who don’t really love owning books and merely want a cash cow.

  7. I hate getting rid of my books, but I have boxes upon boxes of them – and lots that I’ve never read and never plan to (thanks to my days working in a bookshop and then in publishing). I do hate getting rid of them (‘what if I want to read that one day??’) but have been very ruthless this year.

  8. Kim

    A couple of weeks ago I thought I would be ruthless and sort through my books in order to decide which to take to the second hand bookshop. I did sort through them, however, I was far from ruthless as I managed to pick out only seven, all of which were duplicates! So how did I get seven duplicate books? I couldn’t remember buying any of these books twice. Then I realised that my guests over time must have been leaving their books behind after visiting us and actually none of them were there due to my lapse of memory in the book shop – thank goodness I am not losing my mind!
    Enjoy your time off, Simon.

    • Thanks Kim, so far its all been lovely though tomorrow needs to be very very relaxed as today has been a bit full and the clear out took me till 2am!!!!

      I had duplicate books, I cant say it was due to guests though sadly!

  9. What’s your Read It Swap It nickname?

    I’m a big fan of RISI, (couldn’t get on with Bookmunch), but nowadays I’m very selective about which swaps I’ll take as RISI doesn’t decrease the number of books you have, only increases the TBR mountains!

    • Either savisimo or simsav, I get confused with my nicknames. I am only swapping on RISI if I am desperate for one of the other books or it does just leave the pile of books at the same amount rather than reducing it.

  10. We have regular clearouts or we’d disappear under the weight of books. Being a bookseller I know that if I miss something desperately it will probably come through my hands again and I can buy it from myself. Both from our own books and from the business stock we send books to charity shops. Interestingly charity chops ring me and ask if I will take their unsellable stock (If it is unsellable why would I want it??). There must be a lot of books thrown out by charity shops and booksellers. I blame 3 for 2 offers.

    • I have oddly noticed lots and lots of charity shops in London, the centre especially, and some on the outskirts near me almost begging for books. Even keeping Mills and Boon which they used to mulch which is interesting as you are getting the opposite.

      Definately blame 3 for 2… though how I love those signs.

  11. I did a big “clean up” recently, and cleared out one whole shelf. They were mostly books I hadn’t been able to finish, or really didn’t enjoy.

    I’ve been on Read It Swap It for a long time now, and put almost all the books on there. Some of them have found new homes, and some… well, no one seems to want ’em. 😦

    Good luck with the cleaning. Think you’ll need it 🙂

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