Sensational Book Based Bits You Might Like…

Hello a very quick post from me, after putting one up so late yesterday you are now going to get a couple today you lucky things. Speaking of yesterday if you read my blog which included me visiting Wilkie Collins final resting place (and if you didnt go there now it was quite emotional in an odd way) and you want to learn more about the wonderful Kensal Green Cemetery, and it being sensation season, a bit more about The Victorian Way of Death…

Kensal Green Cemetery

Then do click on this link as you can watch a very, very interesting repeat of BBC’s Timewatch which focuses on just that. You only have until last thing Wednesday though so do hurry an watch it, utterly fascinating.

Back in the modern world this week will continue seeing me visiting Wimbledon Bookfest towards the end of the week. Now if like me you love, love, loved ‘Burnt Shadows’ by Kamila Shamsie then you might like to pop back later (after 2pm GMT) as there is what I think is quite an exciting little Kamila competition coming up and if you were as in love with the book (have you gathered I loved that book yet) as I was then you won’t want to miss out. In fact this week is going to be a bit of a competition week as I have another one for you all later in the week involving Louis de Bernieres and another Vintage one next week… blimey!

Hope you all had lovely weekends? Did anyone see Emma last night? I quite liked it, your thoughts?


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8 responses to “Sensational Book Based Bits You Might Like…

  1. I’m going to watch Emma later this week on iplayer (once my guests have left).

  2. Oops, posted that before I was finished!

    Competitions are exciting and I’ve been very lucky of late with various blog draws :).

  3. So glad you got to see Wilkie Collins resting place. Did you go on a guided tour, or wander around yourself? There’s some amazing graves there, isn’t there, and Wilkie’s just looks so… well… average.

    • I did the guided tour and guess which member of the tour got lost in the catacombs?

      I thought it was interesting Collins grave was so understated and I wondered what his reasonings were? Possibly price ha!

  4. You asked what we thought about the TV adaptation of “Emma” last night? Well, first I should probably come clean and say that this has always been my least favourite Jane Austen novel, which means any treatment of it, be it stage, screen or audio book, has probably got its work cut out to win me over. I know that Emma’s self-absorbtion and persistent meddling in the romantic lives of others is the whole point of it. I know we are probably not meant to like her. The trouble is I don’t just dislike her a little, she irritates me enormously, more in fact than any just about any other character in Austen. Even the odious Mr Collins is better, albeit for comic value. Perhaps therein lies the problem. Emma is Austen’s most comic novel, and comedy and humour is notoriously subjective.

    So what of this latest TV version? Well the hour rushed by, which is a good sign – even if Sunday evening always tends to be shorter as the start of another week rapidly approaches. Michael Gambon was good value too, even if he does now appear to have played much the same part in several period dramas. I think it was his role in Elizabeth Gaskell’s Wives and Daughters that I was most reminded of. I saw him recently in Brideshead too, granted well over a century later in period, though time moves more slowly in large country houses it seems.

    I thought Mr Elton took himself more seriously than I recall from the book. There was less comedy there than I expected. Though perhaps I am not recalling the book there, but instead David Bamber’s portrayal of this role (an earlier ITV adaptation I think). I may even be getting my adaptations mixed up, perhaps Bamber was Mr Collins in one of the TV versions of P&P. I think I’m getting confused, it has been along day.

    Visually the new “Emma” seemed less lavish than other small screen Austens. Perhaps this is period drama for the recession. Humour to raise the spirits (subjectivity permitting) and fewer grand vistas and frequent balls in order to keep the costs down?

    P.S. The Brandreth Holmes/Wilde book(s) sound interesting. Thanks for the tip-off.

  5. Thanks for the Timewatch link Simon, I watched it with great pleasure on iplayer last night. I learned some very interesting new facts and found it fascinating! Very apt for Sensation Season!

    I also watched Emma on iplayer as I was out on Sunday night and I LOVED it! Romola Garai and Jonny Lee Miller are perfect as Emma and Mr Knightley. It is understated and wonderful. It does take a few liberties with the book but that was to be expected and it doesn’t detract from the story. Emma is my favourite Austen so I am much looking forward to the next episodes. Can’t wait for Mrs Elton!

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