The Secret Stash

Now this blog post has been hidden away because I am ashamed of the amount of books that had been bought since I last told you I had got quite an excessive amount and before I did the great Autumn Clearout. You will probably be aware of this as I have sent you here from another more recent post and will have explained there. So what on earth have I recently bought and brought into Savidge Towers to add to the never ending supply of books? Well…

Recently Aquired Part I

  • Diary of a Provincial Lady – E.M Delafield (I blame Elaine for this purchase completely after she raved about it)
  • Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day – Winifred Watson (which I was awarded from Paperback Reader)
  • Shalimar the Clown – Salman Rushdie
  • Dear Everybody – Michael Kimball (Lizzy this one is your fault for making me buy)
  • The American Way of Death Revisited – Jessica Mitford
  • Diary of an Ordinary Woman – Margaret Forster
  • English Passengers – Matthew Kneale (I blame my Gran for this one)
  • The Far Cry – Emma Smith
  • The Slap – Christos Tsiolkas (Jackie this one is all down to you and you are to blame)
  • Vanishing Point – Patricia Wentworth
  • At Risk – Patricia Cornwell (free from the office)
  • Nightingale Wood – Stella Gibbons
  • The Widow and Her Hero – Thomas Keneally (Juxtabook this one is all your fault)
  • Foreign Affairs – Alison Lurie
  • The Colour – Rose Tremain
  • The 2.5 Pillars of Wisdom – Alexander McCall Smith
  • Moral Disorder – Margaret Atwood
  • The Robber Bride – Margaret Atwood (a book I lent and never got back)

You can also see I have passed on blame to those who deserve it and thanks to those who sent me books etc. And if that wasnt enough there is also…

Recently Aquired Part II

  • Equator – Miguel Sousa Tavares (from Bloomsbury)
  • Pretty Monsters – Kelly Link (from Canongate and Kimbofo has raved about)
  • The People’s Train – Thomas Keneally (from the people at Sceptre)
  • Sunset Oasis – Bahaa Taher (from Sceptre)
  • Serena – Ron Rash (from Canongate)
  • The Death of Bunny Munro – Nick Cave (from Canongate also raved about by Kimbofo)
  • Falling Slowly – Anita Brookner
  • The Beckoning Lady – Margery Allingham
  • The Bay of Angels – Anita Brookner
  • From Doon With Death – Ruth Rendell (her first as must read in order)
  • Late Comers – Anita Brookner
  • The Life of Charlotte Bronte – Elizabeth Gaskell

I can’t justify it and I shan’t it just is what it is ha! At least I didnt buy all of them and I do blame some of you out there fully for some of the oens I did buy!  Which of these delights have you read or have been meaning to read?


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16 responses to “The Secret Stash

  1. I just recently finished Pretty Monsters. I liked Link’s style and variety but thought the collection was aimed toward a slightly (haha) younger teen audience. I’ll be interested to see what you think of it.

  2. Wow – what stacks of books! You make me feel better – I realised last night (and I’m only going to admit this quietly here in your comments rather than publicly on my blog) that I have acquired over 250 books since April.

    I have read Diary of a Provincial Lady, which I reckon you’ll enjoy; ditto Miss Pettigrew. I like Anita Brookner but I haven’t read those you mention.

  3. I have only read Miss Pettigrew and The Robber Bride but have copies of The Far Cry and Diary of a Provincial Lady that I’ve been wanting to read and, like all Rushdie novels I don’t yet own, Shalimar the Clown is on my wishlist.

    Very naughty, Simon, hiding this away! Only joking; I too understand the book-habit shame (especially since finding out that my boyfriend does read my blog but neglected to mention the fact).

  4. What a great stack of books. Diary of a Provincial Lady is one of my absolute favourites – it is laugh out loud funny, I hope you enjoy it.

  5. I look forward to your thoughts on The Slap – it is a contraversial read!

  6. lizzysiddal

    Guilty as charged, m’lord!

  7. Ohhh.. your gran loved English Passengers! I have it on my tbr from a recent book fair. Am even more excited for it as I think your gran has got great taste! 😀

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