Poor Miss Finch, She’s Been Postponed

Yes after much though deliberation and a little bit of feeling really bad to do this I have decided to postpone this weeks Sensation Season read. Everything will carry on as normal but at the moment with soooooo much on at the moment (the charity job is manic at the moment and as am leaving in just over two weeks am trying to get masses done and I am on deadline for the other job which is also madness) I think I need some contemporary comfort reading for a while and so am giving myself a small sensational break to just get lost in the modern for a weekend which I think will be spent mainly in bed. I seem to be coming down with the evil throat lurgy that we seem to be getting on these shores with the sudden season change so I think a weekend lost in some modern books will be just the thing. One of which is likely to be…

Howards End is on the Landing... is on my bedpsreed!

Yes the book that book bloggers everywhere are raving about, Howard’s End is on the Landing, is now in Savidge Reads Towers and all the other books are looking abit envious of not only the cover but the way I give it sideways longing stares. This is one to be treasured in bed over the weekend I think.

In other bookish news from me firstly (and very impotantly) it is Granny Savidge Reads birthday… she is 68 today! Secondly don’t forget the Susan Hill related competition on yesterdays blog. And thirdly, speaking of competitions, congrats to Fabio who was drawn from a hat last night and who has won Notwithstanding, I will email you for your details and how to get the book to you today!! Right am back off to carry on my delightful travels with Miss Garnett and Salley Vickers, what a lovely book its turning out to be!!

Sorry again about the postponement of Poor Miss Finch. It will get read in the spring, its actually one of the less sensational books, and also links with my post the other day about reading all an authors works. I need some of Wilkie’s to savour. Senstation Season will be resummed next week after some serious rest has been done. So the next Sensation Sunday read on the 25th of October will be another of the mother of all Wilkie books… No Name!


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16 responses to “Poor Miss Finch, She’s Been Postponed

  1. Dot

    The cover of the Susan Hill book is beautiful!! I am just getting over the dreaded throat lurgy! Reading in bed is definitely the best medicine!!

    • Oh bless you are you all well now Dot? I am sniffing like a trouper! Thank heavens for a selection of fabulous books by the bedside for a weekend of rest after a week of two job hell.

  2. Happy Birthday Granny Savidge Reads! I hope you have given her lots of nice books to read!

  3. Happy Birthday Granny! Do you need for me to deliver a cake to her? I’m looking for an excuse to visit that beautiful house of hers! I have to laugh…the title of the book “Poor Miss Finch” just begs for abuse!

    • Hahahahaha if you are thinking of the black and white one she doesnt lie in that one anymore! I am not sure when am next at Granny towers but she is coming to stay in about six weeks and will be learning the joys of blogging.

  4. Happy Birthday Granny Savidge!!

  5. novelinsights

    Happy birthday to your Gran! That HEiotL cover is indeed beautiful (and what a brilliant title), I am quite jealous. Poor Miss Finch being put off like that 😛

    • You should get your mitts on a copy Pol as seriously if you love books (which you so do) its unmissable reading!

      Poor Miss Finch, the title still makes me giggle, you cant say it without sounding very sorry for her. Whoever she is.

  6. Susan Hill cancelled her event at Cheltenham yesterday because of illness, so maybe she’s got that sore throat thing too! Actually, I think I have it as well… Typical to feel poorly when I’m on annual leave. Why do I never get sick on company time?! 😉

    Glad you’re enjoying Miss Garnet’s Angel, one of my favourite books!!

    • I would have loved to have seen Susan Hill and it would have been a huge calling to Cheltenham Book Festival if had known sooner, but as she wasnt there am glad that I didnt know ha! How was the festival?

      I loved Miss Garnet’s Angel devoured very very quickly.

  7. I am so jealous as the Howard’s End book sounds just fabulous and there is not yet a scheduled release dates in the states. I very much look forward to reading your review.

  8. Andreea

    I will definitely check out Howard’s End. The cover is beautiful!

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