Double Booked

Another short post today as whilst I am discussing being double booked I am also currently looking after double trouble. Twins are very cute but its double the nappies, concentration on where one has crawled off to whilst the other crawls off elsewhere and the like. Phew… its madness but wonderful, though oddly I havent done that much extra reading, funny that! Anyway I digress. The other day Dovergreyreader was discussing the book group she is in, which I think is a very interesting way of running a group with monthly themes but more on that another time, and one book she mentioned another member had chosen for scandal was this…

Peyton Place - Grace Metalious

Now the cover grabbed me instantly and then when I read the blurb (odd this after me saying I don’t trust blurbs all too well the other day) I was intrigued “Switch off those TVs, kill your mobiles and settle down with the most controversial book ever written. Once denounced as ‘wicked’, ‘sordid’, ‘cheap’ ‘moral filth’, PEYTON PLACE was the top read of its time and sold millions of copies worldwide. Way before TWIN PEAKS, SURVIVOR or BIG BROTHER, the curtains were twitching in the mythical New England town of Peyton Place, and this soapy story exposed the dirty secrets of 1950s small-town America: incest, abortion, adultery, repression and lust.” As you can see I then got it and did a small whoop for joy in a secondhand store in central London when I got it brand new for £4!!!

However then on a trip to the 5 for £2 shop can you guess what I then came across for 50p each, of course you can, I call this bookish sod’s law…

Peyton Place & Return To Peyton Place

Well I couldnt just get Return to Peyton Place could I when they were a series, and especially in very 1960’s simplistic style fabulous covers. So I had to get both! What’s more I am refusing to part with the first one. Now I am blogging about this as I know other people will make me feel much better by telling me this has happend to them won’t you all? Please do as otherwise The Converted One may be right when they said “sometimes you just know no bounds… no book bounds at all”.

So who else out there has more than on copy of a certain book? What is it and why the two (or more) copies?


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23 responses to “Double Booked

  1. Because different editions have different covers and smetimes different introductions. Did you read about my recent embarassing purchase of two copies of the same title from the same shop?!
    I’m looking forward to reading Peyton Place as part of my Virgo challenge.
    Happy twin-sitting.

    • Thanks Verity. I did read that blog as we both have the devine Cath Kidson covered Diary of a Provincial Lady!

      I am ridiculously excited about Peyton Place as you mayhave guessed from the serious over buying.

  2. Verity is right, it is a marketing conspiracy to put different covers on the same books to confuse us. Plus, they re-release books and pretend they are new. That confuses me too, especially since I don’t have an inventory I can refer to!

  3. Rhian

    Because I have added a book to the TBR piles and forgotten that I have bought it, rather than just picked it up and put it back again!
    Because a set of books has included one I already had, but more that I haven’t
    Because I have got a “nice” copy of a much-loved book, but can’t bring myself to part with the original.
    And – I’m working on this one- because it’s free with a newspaper, and I’m not quite sure where my original copy is. And it’s not as if I’m really buying it again – I’m buying the newspaper. (The other day I had to make a real effort to stop myself buying a newspaper I had already bought that morning, in order to get a copy of a book I know that I already have – I definitely have a problem)

    • I think all of the above options are completely and utterly understandable and I think all three are acceptable, but then that says a lot about me.

      I think the fact we share our problems and embrace them all is very positive.

  4. Ah, twins! I’ve been there, and mine are 16 now. Don’t think I read anything until they were 5 – lol! Had fun with Peyton Place when i read it with an on-line group a few years ago.

  5. I’ve written a guest-post on Verity’s Virago Venture on owning three different editions of the one book as they are all so beautiful.

    I’m hoping to receive a copy of Peyton Place soon (postal strikes permitting) and curious how it compares to reading Valley of the Dolls, another controversial VMC that I thoroughly enjoyed for its salacious subject matter.

    • I have not read Valley of the Dolls and its one that I would really love to read.

      I will have to give that a whirl at some point. I want to get the other Metalious book but I must hold back until I have at least read Peyton Place.

      Loving the word salacious I dont use it enough!

  6. My parents used to have a copy of this book – it eventually vanished – and I remember picking it up at age seven and asking my mother what “torrid” meant. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of these!

  7. This has been in my TBR mountain for some time. I know nothing about it really except that it has a cracking first line …

  8. lizzysiddal

    “So who else out there has more than on copy of a certain book? What is it and why the two (or more) copies?”

    I’m sure you won’t be surprised that I’ve volunteered to answer this question …

    I now have 3 copies of Guenter Grass’s “The Tin Drum” – one in German, one in the original English translation and now another in the new translation by Breon Mitchell.

    I also have 3 copies of Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” – my battered Penguin copy for carrying around, a 3-volume hardback Collector’s Classics edition and a beautiful Folio Society edition.

    I’m sure there are other duplicates – most of them being of the German / English translation variety. But I also have a tendency to duplicate because I am a sucker for illustrated special editions.

    • Hahahaha this has just made me laugh very much and made me also feel better so thanks very much Lizzie. I can only read books in English though The Converted One reads 4 languages though isnt a book fan… now I feel inferior!

  9. Funny! I just found Peyton Place this morning and decided to read it for my Take a Chance Challenge that Jenners hosts. We had to have a number and mine was 1957, and we read a book off the bestseller’s list for that year. The first one on the list was Peyton Place!

    I don’t have more than one copy of the same book- so far. I am looking into another copy of P&P though. The graphic novel one and the one with the cool silhouettes on the cover.

    • Thanks for popping by Rebecca! I am probably going to read Peyton Place over Christmas as its the perfect time to curl up with huge books in your dressing own and not leave the sofa which I have a feeling with this book I wont want to be doing. I think once opened I will be reading it non stop!

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