A Little Light Housekeeping…

I don’t know if it’s the recent read of The Diary of a Provincial Lady that I discussed yesterday or what but suddenly I have felt the need to have a book based spring clean on the blog, I don’t know if you can tell but there have been a few changes made and some housekeeping done. I thought the picture below was most appropriate considering, what do you think?

I think the most instantly noticeable change and addition (well, return of) is the ‘Currently Reading’ tab which you should see on the top left had side of this post. I have to admit being the nosey scamp that I am I feel compelled to know what you are all reading and it seems after a few email that you all feel the same. So ‘ta-dah’ there it is all magically for you. Now I have kept the ‘Short Stories by the Bedside’ and next ‘Sensation Season’ pictures, do you call them adverts, and they are now down on the right.

You will also notice that there is the all new ‘Categories’ section on the left. I only realised the other day when I was looking at how unsightly my ‘tag cloud’ had gotten (which sounds a bit rude, doesn’t it) when I clicked on one and it sent me to anyone on dashboards posts on that topic which seemed a bit iffy. Now it will link you to any authors, publishers or book based waffle I have gone on about on this very blog under the varying categories. I also think it looks so much neater. It’s a work in progress though as I know for a fact I have had much more than one post on ‘A.S. Byatt’ we will get there in the end there is no major rush is there. I also need to add links to author’s blogs and publishers sites etc, oh it never ends.

It’s not just on the blog though I am also sorting the whole book situation out in the house once more. After the flooding through the ceiling from the rain we had and the damage it did. You would think that I would have moved all the piles of books from the floor and varying danger points (the landlord has still not sent a builder – I cant go on about it though as I get most vexed) I hadn’t but am now in the process which means the spreadsheet is out keeping tabs on where every book goes.

Can you tell that I am also having a mild case of readers block? I don’t know where it has come from and I certainly don’t know why. I mean it’s not like I don’t have a huge selection to choose from. I do, though nothing seems to quite be sparking my interest and when I have some reviews for websites to do its proving quite difficult to be enthused. Is it the season? Has anyone else had this of late? What books do you turn to in these trying times? I am hoping this month’s book group choice, it is tomorrow night after all, does the trick. We will see!


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32 responses to “A Little Light Housekeeping…

  1. I love the picture! And I like the idea of “currently reading”, although that wouldn’t work for me as I’d have to change it about 20 times a week 🙂

    Sorry you are feeling a bit book blocked. Sometimes it’s nice to revisit an old favourite, or sometimes it’s good to do compulsory reading, so your book group choice might force you back into it. But don’t worry – do something else – knitting?? Catch up with some tv on iplayer?

    • You read twenty books a week? How on earth do you do that? When I manage 4 I feel pleased ha!

      Glad you like the picture made me chuckle, those hoovers must have been a right pain.

      The book group choice seems to have done the trick, fingers crossed.

  2. Oh my gosh, what a coincidence…you also had a reader’s block? I just wrote about my book slump this weekend. Thankfully, I’m all cured now!

    Oh, and I like the new look. It does look neater!

    • I will be catching up with everyones blogs today, I think its one of the only bonuses of having a book slump to be honest. I also think someone will spark of something that makes me dash to grab a book.

      It is neater isnt it! Thanks!

  3. fleurfisher

    Currently reading is lovely to see. Sadly it wouldn’t work for me as I chop and change all the time.

    The tag/category change is emminent sensible. But how did you do it? Does WordPress have a trick that I haven’t found yet, or did you have to plough through each post in turn?

    • I chop and change a lot thats why I got rid of it a while back but people like it and I am quite a perseverer with books so hopefully it wont change so much it annoys me hahahha,

      Sadly the tag to catgor change is by hand. I am done with all review catagories but not every other post. The reviews alone took me four hours… painful!!!!!

  4. I do like the currently reading picture. I need to have more than one book on display as I don’t like having to change it every day – and I read more than one book at once.

    I love the cover of your Flowers for Alegernon book. I’m 3/4 of the way through now and loving it – so much to discuss!

    The problem with blogs is that there is always something you can do to improve and even little things take hours. Good luck with your housekeeping!

    • Oooh how do you do that. I can’t read more than one book at once without getting a bit vexed with it all and feeling like I am not reading it properly. Unless its one fiction and one non-fiction. I am a bit weird.

      I dont have the cover depicted I just like it more than the other one on Waterstones. Mine is neither its a white cover. Book group should be interesting.

      • I do prefer to read one book at once, so I try to ensure one of the books is non-fiction, but I don’t like taking heavy hardbacks out with me or reading them in bed, so always ensure I have a light paperback on the go. I normally read 2 books at once, so the third book in my sidebar is often one I have just finished, or not yet started.

      • Ahhh I see. I am totally with you on the issue with a big hardback.

        My Gran can read more than one book at once and it baffles me. I shall have to ask her just how on earth she does it this weekend.

  5. I second Verity’s idea of coming back to an old favourite. Sometimes reader’s fatigue is about not having the energy to try something you’re not sure you’ll like. It takes some mental energy! Reading something you know you’ll love is fun (and usually fast, because you’re free to skim whenever you feel like it).

    • Fortunately having book group tomorrow has pushed me to have to read and though it was a bit tough and may mean my thoughts on the choice might be slightly off what they would be in a none readers block period it seems to have done the trick!

  6. Oh yeah, book-clubbers – I mentioned Flowers for Algernon in my post yesterday (required reading from my high-school past). Is it a good one to get fifteen-year-olds to read?

    • Oh I will look at that post very shortly… is Flowers for Algernon a cross-over book? I did wonder. I would have liked this at school I think. Actually maybe not, any book I read at school I loathed.

  7. Generally I think we all get forms of reader’s block around the holidays. Just too much crap going on. Add in a flood, and I doubt there is any way you will be able to focus. You definitely need something light and fun to read…something not too long, with no dull spots. For me, that would mean a good Stephanie Plum novel.

    • The flood was ages ago and touch wood (which I have just done) we have had some rain and it hasnt repeated the issue… yet but am sorting the books out, just answering people on a mini break.

  8. I haven’t posted since last Thursday – there’s just too much going on! My daughter also wants to go into full-on Christmas mode as of yesterday (here’s me hoping that the advent calendar would be enough for a week or so). Usually at this stage I give up any literary pretensions and comfort read – crime and thrillers tend to go down nicely – you could indulge yourself in more Tess Gerritsen – which reminds me I have a couple of her’s somewhere …

    • I think this weekend will see me cave into Christmas. My Gran is down and The Converted One has been holding out on decorations until she descends. Mind you we have so much planned I am not sure that we will have time. No time for reading either!!

  9. December is usually one of my slower months, so I would say time of year is definitely part of it.

    My advice for reader’s block is to not try for a few days. My never fail way to get over reader’s block is to watch endless hours of mindless TV so that my brain is nearly reduced to mush. Then I go to a bookstore–but I don’t buy anything. After the mindlessness of the TV marathon the stimulationn of the bookstore (or library) gets me all juiced up to read. Then I head home and my TBR piles seems all new and fresh and I am ready to fill my head with something other than TV.

    • I think as you get to the end of the year you suddenly, because you know its an end of something, feel utterly knackered. I think its psychosematic (or however you spell it) and the general darkness earlier doesnt help at all.

  10. Hello there, Simon! I can complete relate to the idea of reader’s block. I too have reader’s block once in a while. What I do is I just stay away from books for the meantime and read magazines.

    • Hey Peter, I think the book grop book and having that deadline has just pushed me through the block… we will see how I fare with the next book ‘Small Island’ if I cant get into it will have a break!

  11. I am trying to break free of a 16 year episode of Reader’s Block. Studying English Lit and Creative Writing at Uni seemed to vaccinate me against the ability to complete a whole book.

    That’s probably an exaggeration, but I DO find it difficult to maintain interest in most things I start reading. I don’t know how many partially read books I own. I am now trying to discipline myself so that I DON’T put something aside until it’s finished.

    When I HAVE completed a book it has been when I’ve had a lot of free time in which I am able to do nothing but read. Unfortunately those times are now rare.

    • Oh dear thats not very good to hear. Mind you sometimes its just the way life is. Maybe its mroe a time thing than a readers block thing? Maybe its what your reading? I have realised I sound like book doctor dishing out advice which wasnt my intent. Mine seems to have happily vanished!

  12. You know what will happen? Gran will come, and start the book talk, and before you know it you will be recommending, she will be chatting, and you will be reading side by side. Just ride it out. Does it matter? Read when and what you want! And I love the “Currently Reading.” Just update yours more than I do mine. 🙂 I’m a big cheater.

    • Hahahaha you are probably spot on Frances. Gran will come down we will start nattering about books and suddenly both be overcome by the need to read and ignore each other for the rest of the time she is here.

      The readers slump seems to be passed. I think East Lynne is becoming my nemisis, not because its not good – its fabulous, but just because its so bloody big!

  13. Hmm, when I have reader’s block, the only thing I’ve found that works is short stuff: stories, magazine articles, essays, what have you. That way I can sort of putz around and dip my toes in without committing to a large book. Sometimes I think that reader’s block comes from my not know what “sort” of book to read next. I find that after a few days of reading short stuff, I’ve usually figured out what I want to read.

    • I think you are right, I am not sure what kind of books I have been in the mood for lately. Fortunately having a house filled with them means I can have a wander pick on up, see how the first paragraph goes etc until one is just right.

  14. novelinsights

    Yes, I do think your picture is appropriate!
    Yes, I have had a case of readers block. Plato put me off a bit and now am enjoying Out but getting little reading time. BOOO!

    • Thats not readers block… thats just like readers poisoning, Plato was like a dodgy curry for you hahahaha. If you had block you wouldnt even be able to cope with reading… especially not Out!!! Readers poisoning all the way, or even Plato Poisoning hahaha.

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