Books to Watch Out for in 2010

Last year I did a post on the books that I was looking forward to in 2009. This year I thought, along with my new slightly though not very much more minimal TBR, I would go with a more simplistic look at books I am looking forward to, rather than what might just be a big book everyone reads because its ‘the big book’ though if some of these are ‘the big book’ thats wonderful. I am just not sure if I will obtain or read them with this no buying malarkey (already its slightly vexing me and we are on day five) but you can run out and get them you lucky so and so’s. I digress. They might be big hits they might not, I am just really, really excited about these particular forthcoming books in 2010…

First up is women’s fiction and I am incredibly excited about one of my favourite authors (who is also a lovely lady) who is bringing what looks to be a wonderful Byzantine epic of a novel about an ‘actress, empress, whore’. It also happens to have what I already think is one of the most delightful book covers of 2010. I am talking about the delightful Stella Duffy and her latest novel ‘Theodora’. Its one of the books I am very excited about. Other female novelists who have big literary books out I am looking forward to are… Andrea Levy with ‘The Long Song’  which is all about the last years of slavery in Jamaica, I am hoping this leaves me as breathless as ‘Small Island’ which blew me away last year. Xiaolu Guo with ‘Lovers in the Age of Indifference’ which I think is a brilliant title and sounds like it could be a collection of tales rather than a novel.

Women also seem to be writing the crime I like the look of this year and I want to read more crime even if it’s not the latest releases ba-humbug this year. Sophie Hannah brings us her latest crime escapade with the intriguingly titled ‘A Room Swept White’. This alredy sounds like it will be another of Hannah’s brilliantly twisting plots as a TV producer is given a card sender anonymous with sixteen digits on it, and soon a woman the producer is making a documentary about is found dead with an identical card in her pocket even down to the sixteen digits.  Susan Hill’s enigmatic detective Simon Serrailler is back for his fifth outing looking at the murders of prostitutes in ‘The Shadows in the Street’s’. Finally in crime due out in autumn, which means if by luck one falls out of the sky and lands on my doorstep it’s still a long blooming wait, is another of the books I am most excited about… ‘Started Early, Took The Dog’ is the fourth instalment of my favourite series of books ever featuring Jackson Brodie by Kate Atkinson. The bonus with it being so late in the year is it won’t lead me into temptation and can go on a Christmas list of be bought in January 2011.

Now for the men of fiction. I think another of the biggest releases for me this year will be the latest Ian McEwan. I am a big fan and though no synopses are currently floating about regarding the plot of ‘Solar’ I have heard it is his ‘eco’ book so this could be very interesting. Other books to look out for are the latest Chris Cleave ‘After the End of the World’ which isn’t about an apocalypse and is in fact about a child with leukaemia. With the follow up to the Bronte brilliance of ‘The Taste of Sorrow’ Jude Morgan takes us to Regency times with ‘A Little Folly’. Carlos Ruiz Zafon releases the gothic sounding ‘The Prince of Mist’ which I am looking forward to, though I do still need to read ‘The Angels Game’ hem, hem. Another big book for 2010 looks to be the new Yann Martel book ‘Beatrice & Virgil’ all about a taxidermist.

Debut wise a book I already own though wont be reading till just before it comes out is Natasha Solomon’s ‘Mr Roseblum’s List: Or Friendly Guidance for the Aspiring Englishman’ which from the synopsis sounds hilarious. It’s all about a man trying to become the perfect English Gent. A debut I don’t own but would love to is ‘Advice for Strays’ by Justine Kilkerr all about Marnie whose father and cat (along with all the local cats) disappear and something seems to be following her, something dark an intriguing tale of loss. Erm I think that’s it… I am not going to do non fiction as I am rubbish in that area. Seriously, I know I have said I will read more but as I am not buying I haven’t been looking, so there.

Oh how could I forget. The re-release of the year for me will of course be Nancy Mitford’s ‘Highland Fling’ even if it wont be until 2011 till I can read it anything by Nancy Mitford is wonderful and must be celebrated so I am thrilled Capuchin Classics are re-publishing that. I also have everything crossed, which is becoming quite painful, for The Bloomsbury Group to release another series of books – preferably a selection that features another Joyce Dennys or three that I can lust after! That’s it for now, that’s officially all the books I am most excited about this year today. 

What are you looking forward to?


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36 responses to “Books to Watch Out for in 2010

  1. ooh – didn’t know about the Ian McEwan – that’s one I’ll be looking out for. I already own Highland Fling, but am also a Nancy Mitford fan – saw her grave on Sunday!

    • The Ian McEwan has been low on hype which I find very interesting as its surely a Man Booker contender (I also want Stella’s books to be in the long list will have everything crossed) and its all about all things eco. Its all a bit intriguing!

  2. Kals

    Nice list! I didn’t know about McEwan’s Solar either.

    I’m not sure when Aravind Adiga’s new book is coming out, but I sure am looking forward to it.

    I have an award for you! 🙂

  3. Exciting — I can’t wait for Kate Atkinson! also Sophie Hannah and Susan Hill — I might even try the McEwan though I really overdosed on him a couple of years ago.

    • Kate Atkinson is one that I just cannot, cannotm cannot wait for. I love it from title alone already. I am looking forward to seeing what McEwan does with this one and if it might be deemed in the ‘Staurday’ catagory of his work.

  4. I thought I had Highland Fling but it’s just the dustjacket…a completely different out of print Nancy Mitford underneath! So I’ll be looking forward to that rerelease too.

    The new Ian McEwan should be interesting. He’s a Marmite author for many and I waver between loving and hating him depending on which book of his I’m reading. I look forward to reading everyone’s opinions when the time comes!

    • Its still a Mitford whatever cover its got on it, even if its false advertising its still a Mitford haha. I love a good Mitford novel.

      So far with McEwan I havent hated a book he’s written. One confused me a bit but I didnt hate it. Then again, I havent tried Saturday hahaha.

  5. There is more crammed into this post that could cause me heart failure than I would care to admit! So many exciting releases! This is exactly why my reading challenges are foiled!

    • Oh dear Sandy, I wouldnt want to make anyone poorly hahahaha. Boko overlad is a dangerous thing indeed. I am probably not going to get my mitts on any of these so I am teasing and tempting myself as well as all of you.

  6. Agh!! Now that I’ve imposed a book-buying ban, I’m hearing about all kinds of wonderful new books….

  7. I was aware of the Yann Martel (very excited about that) and the reissue of Highland Fling but firstly I WILL read Pursuit of Love and Love in a Cold Climate as I am most annoyed that I didn’t manage to read those last year.

    Posts like this one -no offense- overwhelm me as I need to read those books that I have had for years before I look at all the new fiction. It’s enjoyable to read about them but I’m not worried about them being the bog book of 2010 and reading them.

    • Yes I need to give Love in a Cold Climate a go very soon. I don’t know why I still havent read such a famous Mitford book, its shameful actually.

      Hahaha no offense taken. I just think I needed to get all this forthcoming delight out of my system. Whats a bog book?

  8. We mention a few of the same books, but in general I think I’m looking forward to very different books to you. I’m most excited about David Mitchell’s new book and am hoping it is good enough to win the Booker Prize this year.

    I’m sure I’ll read a few of the ones you mention (probably when Solar gets longlisted for the Booker!) but I’m not sure I’d read any of them otherwise.

    • I think its good we have the same tastes in some aspects and not in others as I always say if we all liked the same things then we would have a very boring world.

      Not fussed about Mitchell I just dont get him at all, and believe me I have tried and tried. Who knows. I think McEwan, Amis and Mitchell are possibly ones to watch for the Booker this year, which makes it a bit predictable. Time will tell.

  9. Very informative, Simon. Looking forward most to the Levy and the Atkinson.

  10. The Duffy cover is divine – it’s added to my wishlist. Always look forward to McEwan, but I don’t have a feel for what else is in the pipeline really.

  11. Well, I just added Theodora and the Jude Morgan book to my wish list! Yay 🙂 I have a lot of Morgan’s books but haven’t yet read any but The King’s Touch.

  12. There is an extract from Ian McEwan forthcoming novel available on The New Yorker website ( I haven’t read it, I just saw it mentioned in a very interesting piece about why this author seems to attract so much bitter hostility (“The backlash against Ian McEwan, I’ve only read “Enduring Love”, to which my reaction was somewhere in the middle of the range. However, reading that article about his detractors has actually left me favourably inclined towards him. I have such little time for people who pollute the global conversation (online or off) with viscious bile that I would really like such unpleasant types to be proved wrong! The “unpleasant types” being those who cannot express their dislike without resorting to foul abuse, as opposed to everyone who dislikes McEwan.

    I’m sure Jackie from Farm Lane Books mentioned that there are new books out this year from both Maggie O’Farrell and Catherine O’Flynn, so I’m looking forward to those. I’m delighted to hear that there is another Atkinson/Brodie book on the way, and also eagerly anticipate the latest in MacCall Smith’s Scotland Street series, currently unfolding in The Scotsman (but not on its website).

    In non-fiction, I like the sound of “Whoops!: Why Everyone Owes Everyone and No One Can Pay” by John Lanchester, a witty take on how the economy went into nose-dive. I didn’t enjoy the only Lanchester novel I have read so far, but that was more on account of content than style. A novelist writing non-fiction may be just the thing for those novel-lovers with a resolution to read more in this genre, unless of course they have also pledged not to buy any books this year! It is out at the end of January.

    • Hey David, thanks very much for those links I shall wander off and have a gander at them in a moment or two. I am personally a fan of McEwan hence why hes in this list.

      There are some big names coming out, I just wanted to focus on which books right now I am really keen to read. I did forget to mention O Flynn though and she is one I am really looking forward to, I also forgot to mention that Atlantic are publishing The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas. O’Farrells is a book I wouldnt mind reading as loved her last one, its not a highlight for me yet though.

      Any other non-fiction ones you can recommend do let me know am hopeless with non fiction.

  13. I am so pleased about the release of Highland Fling – I absolutely adore Nancy Mitford. Thanks for the tip off!

  14. Looking at your post it looks like there are a lot of books to look forward to in 2010. It looks like your prays have been heard, as the Bloomsbury Group will be publishing the sequel of Henrietta’s War in July 2010 ( – I can’t wait!

    • Thanks for that link as that has cheered me up no end. More Henrietta to look forward to… even if I can’t buy it tut! I will have to order it at the library or some such as she is just superb! Too excited about that one.

      • Oh, I’m excited that they’re publishing the sequel to Henrietta’s War! I am so pleased for Cornflower.

        I am also delighted that a little sleuthing has unearthed that part of the next round of Bloomsbury Group titles will be reissues of Mrs HArris Goes to Paris AND Mrs Harris Goes to New York by Paul Gallow, which really really really excites me!

  15. Just spotted that Nicola Barker has a new one out soon ‘Burley Cross Postbox theft’ – an interesting title. I’m also now looking forward to the controversial Philip Pullman entry in the Canongate Myths series ‘The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ’ – there is an embargo on this one so very little info but lots of buzz!

    • Oooh I liked Darkmans and that title does indeed sound intriguing. I also am a fan of the myth series by Canongate and have a few so will get reading more of those this year, the Pullman one does indeed sound quite controversial.

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