Wish Lists, Whims and Sympathy Supplies

I thought the first week would be tough in truth I am not finding not buying books a struggle so far. For those of you wondering what on earth I am on about then do go here. Then again how many bookshops have I actually been in so far, erm, none. I haven’t been avoiding them either I just haven’t had the time so maybe it’s simply that. I will have to drop of a lot of books at the legendary charity shop this week so that will be hard going, I will report back on that one. It could be a bit of a mammoth challenge. Maybe I should call these posts Book Buying Ban Reports or just BBB Reports?

I have found it interesting though seeing how fickle my mind is. I am using the wish list and updating it as I go and already one book has slipped off the radar. Apologies H.G. Wells, I think the addition of ‘War of the Worlds’ was a fickle manoeuvre after seeing the film on TV at Christmas. I also decided that I didn’t really want to have Tom Cruise in my head as the lead character either and that would be the case after seeing the film so very recently. I was feeling proud there were only two books now on the wish list and then realised techincally wanting everything you don’t own by Murakami is more than one book. Even if it was just the technical two after a week it means I will still want over 100 in a year! Moving swiftly on…

Fickleness seems to have applied itself to the mixture and changes everyday on the bedside table. ‘The Day of the Triffids’ was a definite as I wanted to read it before I watched the TV show; the TV show expired on iPlayer and I simply moved on. I did then hear a glowing report about it at book group and so it’s wavering on and off there again. I am really enjoying ‘whim reading’ (I am wondering if I should trademark that) so far. I just potter over have a look at what I own that’s out, coming out or I just fancy and off I go. It feels so liberating and I am already nearly finished with book number six of 2010 already. This I think is what reading should be like.

I would be lying though if I said that books weren’t making their way into the house, which of course makes things a little easier. There have been one or two publishers parcels as well as two ‘sympathy supplies’ which contained some Agatha Christie and an Ivy Compton Burnett.

My big sister Holly came to stay last week (poor thing as it was when the boiler was bust – I felt embarrassed beyond the beyond) and with her she brought me three wonderful Miss Marple novels. ‘The Mirror Crack’d From Side to Side’, ‘A Pocketful of Rye’ and ‘They Do It With Mirrors’ are all now in my company. Actually Holly managed quite a feat she bought me three books I didn’t own, and Miss Marple ones at that! They were delivered with the line ‘I know you normally tell us not to buy you books but this year is an exception’ and I was thrilled.

I also had a visit from the lovely Simon T of Stuck-in-a-Book last week who came for tea, biscuits and book chatter. He is doing ‘Project 24’ and only buying 24 books for himself this year however he seems to be buying lots of bookish gifts for others and I was once such lucky person. I now have ‘The Present and the Past’ by Ivy Compton Burnett on the bedside table (a wonderful old copy too). We also had a wonderful chat about all things books, blogs, blogging etiquette and other delightful gubbins such as how much we quite like being ‘the two Simon’s’. I gave him a copy of ‘An Expert in Murder’ by Nicola Upson which I had two copies of for some reason though I forgot to give him the sequel too, have it stored, and Novel Insights is getting some more of my extra’s this week when she pops round, not that she knows how many ha, so I feel I am doing my bit too whilst whittling my own piles and piles of books down.

So far really it’s all rather lovely. How long do you think that will last? What lovely books have you received recently?


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35 responses to “Wish Lists, Whims and Sympathy Supplies

  1. Hello, Simon! Wow! You haven’t bought a book nor visited a bookshop so far! That’s quite a feat for us bibliophiles.

    Frankly, I’m intrigued by your friend’s Project 24. I can’t imagine myself buying only 24 books for the entire year!

    • Well it hasnt been intentional I have just been a bit manic, ha. I will have to go to one when I take lots of books to the charity shop up the road, but thats not looking likely today as I have come down with the dreaded lurgy.

  2. lena

    I’m glad you have supportive friends. I’m hoping mine will also come to my rescue as this is my year of “spending responsibly.” I think cutting myself off completely would drive me insane so it’s best just to say “cut down” and try to live up to it. My list consists of: all persephones, all proust, all the bloomsbury group books… not that many at all when you think about it really 😛

    • You see spending responsibly is a little vague, but I like it hahahaha, maybe I should have gone with that idea instead hehehe. I am desperate for the other Bloomsbury Group Books, and whats worse (though is wonderful) is that a new set are coming out this year!

      • lena

        Clearly that means we have to get the first set before the second set comes out. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will just magically land in my lap one day. One day very soon. 😛

  3. I think the secret is to stay out of bookshops whenever possible. I’ve been in three since Christmas and bought 6 (2x3for2), 2 & 1 title respectively – mind you the ‘1’ was a signed copy of Alan Bennett’s latest play.

    If you can resist the charity shop when you drop off your excess, I shall be doubly impressed. I really support ‘whim reading’ – it’s how I like to read whenever I can. Duty reading, be it book group or ARCs that you’ve agreed to review can be difficult to get into – you have to get the timing right between the book and your mindset often.

    Fingers crossed for your BBB!

    • Hahahaha I am jealous of you though Annabel, I miss the smell of the bookshop if that doesnt sound weird. I am looking forward to popping into one and just having a mooch as I think it will be a great challenge. I might also see which 3 for 2 boos I already own.

      Regarding the charity shop, when I do go its going to be a case of not taking my wallet.

  4. Well done for getting through the first week! I have been on a bit of a book buying splurge of late but I am about to start cutting back so we will see if I go as well as you!

    • I have been popping by and admiring you spends (of course whilst being green with envy) and you have chosen some wonderful books.

      I was saying to fellow Simon when he came round that the bookshops might need to watch out when January the 1st hits hahaha.

  5. Dot

    Sounds like you are doing pretty well! My lovely sister bought me a rather large Amazon gift voucher for Christmas and I am trying to be very strict with myself so that I haven’t spent it all by the end of January!

    • I still have some Amazon money left from a voucher but can’t spend it one books which is most vexing, I should have had a final splurge before the 31st of last month.

      Ooh and I will comment on your review of Behaviour of Moths, i am just planning on reading it soon and so am waiting till then!

  6. I only received one book at Christmas which I was slightly upset about although it was an exciting one. My Mom got me the brand new Miss Read book Christmas at Thrush Green which I’m reading right now 🙂
    I think you should really read The Day of the Triffids I really loved it.


    I also managed to record the BBC Adaptation…the joy of Sky+ but haven’t watched it yet.

  7. As I buy and sell books for a living giving up is not really an option for me! I guess I don’t have to buy for myself but it is hard when I spend the day surrounded by them and thinking about them. I’ve had even more Scandinavian lit for my birthday last week plus a beautiful edition of War & peace spolied by a sticker. I am so mad about this that I think i shall blog about it!

    • You see if I did it for a living it would be very very different. I would have absolutley no self control what so ever!

      Oh do you know what, I could moan to the hilt about stickers, it annoys me so much on both new books and some second hand books!

      Sounds like you have had some lovely gifts of late!

  8. Hope you enjoy ICB! I think I’ll read my copy of The Present and the Past before too long. And I recommend those Miss Marples – The Mirror Crack’d is especially good. Well, I think I read it about ten years ago, but I remember it being good…

    • I will let you know when I start reading it I promise Simon, I think its going to have to be just the right moment.

      I love all Miss Marples, am going to have to read them in order though so might take a while to get to The Mirror Crack’d!

  9. Oh – I love the phrase “sympathy supplies”.

    I also recommend “Day of the Triffids” – funnily enough, I iplayed the weekend away with it.

    • Sympathy Supplies… its the old love of alliteration for me again. I am hoping more sympathy supplies arrive randomly over the next 12 months.

      I just checked and Day of the Triffids has definately expired. I wonder if it will come out on DVD or maybe will end up being repeated on BBC3 or BBC4? I can only hope.

      I also now need to read Faceless Killers before I can watch Wallander.

  10. See, you can do this! If you get the word out that you are suffering and are trying to do this cold turkey, people are bound to bail you out in a pinch. What is always hard is trying to remember the excitement you felt when you purchased or won the books currently on your shelves. You KNOW there are gems in there, now go find them!

    • I have to say neither my sister nor Simon had been told I was suffering and neither had been asked so actually they were complete surprise sympathy supplies which was even more wonderful.

      I am already finding some utter gems in my shelves and have read like a demon so far this year.

  11. Ah not to worry then Sue Johnston’s performance in The Turn of the Screw is very good along with the lead Michelle Dockery, the acting is definitely a redeeming feature of the piece.

  12. Kals

    All of the three Miss Marple books you’ve listed are quite excellent! I loved reading them 🙂

  13. I’ve got Day of the Triffids on my iplayer so will be watching it soon, although I haven’t read the book.

    I think you are doing very well regarding your book ban. I have already cracked and bought myself a Georgette Heyer crime bundle (it was such a good deal!) and G.R.R. Martin’s A Clash of Kings to take on holiday. My aim this year is to get cracking on my TBR pile.

    • Oh I am jealous of those of you who have it. I just accidentally lost an hour and a half watching Wallander! I need to read Faceless Killers before I watch the first episode though!

  14. I’m trying not to buy books either. You’d think it would be easy after my big Christmas haul, but there are so many books still calling my name. I spent the $20 B&N giftcard I also got on yet another book, but plan on using the remaining $5 to buy a latte at their in-store cafe.

    • You see I am a silly sausage as I currently have £20 of Amazon vouchers and I cannot spend them on books as I don’t think it is right at the moment. I don’t have anything else I really want though ha!

  15. Tea, biscuits, and book chatter — that sound just heavenly to me!

    If I end up coming to Oxford this summer, would you mind sharing the name and address of this lovely charity shop? I think I will have to make it a required visit.

  16. novelinsights

    I’m quite excited about your cast-offs! I’ve been avoiding Copperfields like the plague as it has a sale on all books. I probably shouldn’t tell you thinks like that….

    • Oh you can tell me, but I think you should most definitley go and shop there. Partly because despite the moody staff its an independent, books are decently pirced there and you never know what sympathy supplies you can get for a certain someone you adore and have been friends with for almost a quarter of a century and who is in need hahaha.

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