Grilling Grenville…

On Saturday you guys gave me some great feedback when I asked you about author interviews. As always if you guys give me your thoughts I like to act on them and so with my next Savidge Reads Grills I am doing something a little bit different and asking you to also ‘ask the author’. And (if you hadn’t guessed from the title) the next author is…

…Kate Grenville! I am also giving you a few weeks notice as Canongate have very kindly offered to give away copies of ‘The Lieutenant’ to five of you. All you have to do is think of a question you would love to hear Kate Grenville answer.

They can only send to people in the UK and Europe so  if you are further afield then apologies but do pop a question in anyways as they could end up being in the interview which would be  a prize in itself I reckon. Oh and a small note I know you all loved Granny Savidge getting grilled and my mother has agreed to do it in a few weeks (she is just getting over some eye surgery this week) so you will be getting more of my reading heritage fairly soon.

You also don’t have to ask a question related to ‘The Lieutenant’ in case you were wondering, I have quite a few about ‘The Secret River’, it could just be a question that you have always wanted to ask an author, so get your thinking caps on. You have until last thing Sunday for the draw, you can keep popping in answers after that too of course! I shall now hand it over to your quizzical minds.


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8 responses to “Grilling Grenville…

  1. Great! What a good idea. Here’s my question: “As a teacher of creative writing, is there one essential piece of advice you would always give to anyone who wants to start writing a novel?”

  2. Ooh, what fun! I’d love to read the Lieutenant, and I’d love to ask Kate Grenville what she enjoyed reading as a child.

  3. My question might be a bit political and open a can of worms, but I’d like to know what she thinks about the price of books in Australia – novels are so expensive that the average Australian has to think twice before parting with their cash. Many are now using online overseas stores (because it’s cheaper) to purchase their reading material instead of supporting local book stores. Surely this can’t be good for the Aussie book industry and, subsequently, Aussie authors?

  4. You keep making it so luring to move to the UK Simon! First your book club, now this? Well, anyway, I will ask a question nevertheless. Can Ms. Grenville tell us something about herself that would shock or surprise us?

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  6. JoV

    Ooo.. Hope the city of Reading is not too far to post your giveaway to me?! 🙂

    My question to Grenville would be:
    “Having won most of the coveted book prizes and awards on literary world, what other award you would like to receive? How would you feel about winning an award, again?”

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