Some Rather Early Birthday Presents…

Now I know two posts in a day when you are posting daily is a bit much but sometimes you just have to and my joy at some rather early birthday arrivals meant I couldnt hold back. Plus at the end of this you could be getting a parcel through your door very soon!

Now its not actually my birthday for over a month (March the 24th just in case you were wondering or wanted to pop it in your diary hee hee) however when I came home today there were two lovely bookish parcels waiting to greet me. I will admit that I was expecting the first as I knew The Converted One had ordered the rest of the Not The TV Book Group but knowing a parcel is coming and actually having it in front of you. Though Brodeck’s Report arrived sooner and I already owned Skin Lane and The Girl With The Glass Feet I thought I would put a picture of them all together as I think it looks quite delightful.

The other parcel was a surprise gift I got offered the other day after writing about The Secret Life of Nuns as the very kind people at Hesperus Press sent me that very book (as they new it vexed me to give it back to the library) and the rest of the trio as ‘an early birthday present’ so now I can find out what happens to Nanna’s daughters and the rest of the rompish tale.

Now I mentioned you could all own a new book and if you look here you will see why. I will also be giving away something rather special on my actual birthday as giving is just as much fun as receiving!


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23 responses to “Some Rather Early Birthday Presents…

  1. Yay for receiving parcels! At this rate, it looks like your TBR pile is bound to start growing again! =)

    Anyway, just thought I’d let you know that the two books from Penguin, The Bastard of Istanbul and Legend of a Suicide have just arrived in my mail today. So I’m just as joyous as you are. Thanks again!

  2. Fun! I just got my copy of The Girl With Glass Feet from the library today so I’m set for book club! (Actually picked up the next book while I was at it too!)

  3. Eva

    I’m hoping eventually I can get ahold a book in time to participate in the book club! I put Girl w/ Glass Feet on hold, but I’m skeptical…it’s got a bit of a queue.

    That’s so awesome you were born around the Vernal Equinox!!! lol I’m a spring baby too-April though.

    • Oh I do hope you get it Eva as I think it could be a book that is one that is very you. I have never ever heard of the Vernal Equinox before, the things you learn about through blogging is marvellous.

  4. I know I’ve got several books in the mail right now and I’m really hoping that they arrive in time for my birthay (next Friday, the 19th)! Even though I bought and paid for them, I love having something to unwrap!

  5. Ooh, lovely! As an aside, I am exactly 51 weeks older than you!

    The Girl With the Glass Feet is in transit from another library so I will have it in time for the discussion; I have a copy of Vanessa and Virginia waiting in the wings; Fledgling has been requested :).

    Enjoy your early birthday swag. Oh, and how lovely of Hesperus! I received a very sweet gift from a publisher today, which was a complete surprise.

  6. Ooo, Simon, as my birthday is March 25, perhaps we share some cosmic book fate and The School of Whoredom will make its way to me. Who wouldn’t want a book with that title? 🙂

    Congrats on the fine haul today! Happy reading.

    • How bizarre a day apart. Let me know if that magical birthday wish comes true. Its a marvellous title isnt it? I am itching to read them but feel I shouldnt until after my birthday has been.

  7. There is no way I could walk away from a book entitles The School of Whoredom. I can think of a few places that would qualify as such a place, I think!

  8. gaskella

    You’re managing very well to get loads of new lovely books despite the BBB! I’ve now acquired The Illusionist and Fledgling for the NTTVBC which I’m looking forward to reading in time, plus Broedeck’s report to catch up with.

    • I was thinking something similar regarding the BBB only this morning. I have to say as yet it hasnt been difficult buy I do notice I covet a lot of books more internally now than I did before, its an interesting experiment.

  9. Jorge Luis Borges has a short story collection entitled Brodie’s Report. Could that have been the inspiration for that book you have entitled Brodeck’s Report? 🙂

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