The Day After The Day Before…

I am not going to do the longest of posts today. It’s fair to say after spending pretty full day on the internet hosting those of you who turned up to discuss my first choice of the Not The TV Book Group that I am rather tired. What a great discussion we had about ‘The Girl With Glass Feet’ though, and its still going on with people joining in during the night last night well after this host had gone to bed, that’s the joy with this project you can come back with your thoughts whenever you like. I now need to think about all the virtual cleaning up I need to do, its made havoc with the carpets, ha!

I am not one to get all sentimental that often but I do just want to say thank you to everyone (including those who lurked and may not have commented and from the traffic we had that was one heck of a lot of you – do join in next time, we love it) who joined in and made it a great day. I really enjoyed it, so I hope you did? It was lovely to see some friendly faces as well as meeting some new ones. Myself and the other co-hosts were emailing each other a lot during the day and we are all thrilled with how its going, and are already plotting something quite special yet quite different for the Autumn, more on that sometime soon!

I do hope I will see you all again in two weeks when its Kirsty of Other Stories choice and we all head to hers for ‘Vanessa and Virginia’ by Susan Sellers. Ooh, I do need to mention a date change in the programme. Myself and Dovegreyreader swapped due to unforeseen circumstances and so ‘Skin Lane’ by Neil Bartlett will be held by me on April 11th and ‘The Boys in the Tree’s’ discussion will be with Lynne on April 25th.

Right, well, after the high of yesterday I am off to the office (boo hiss) I will be counting down the minutes as I have a week of from tomorrow and cannot wait, I am exhausted. I am looking forward to some unadulterated whim reading in particular and having a holiday in my house. I was having a mooch through the shelves yesterday and have whittled these out as definite contenders…

You are all always very good with book recommendations so please give your thoughts on any of these you have read, or indeed heard about, or just the authors if you have read any other of their works.


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23 responses to “The Day After The Day Before…

  1. Yay I get to be the first person who says I really enjoyed the discussion and reading everyone elses reactions. Sometimes its so nice to read eaxctly what everyone else is reading so dicussion can go beyond ‘Have you read…’ ‘No’ ‘Oh, well it’s very good.’ Looking forward to your special project in autumn and maybe joining up for Boys in Trees (it has such a pretty cover).

    • Glad that you enjoyed the discussion Jodie and you werent to full up with all the Bird’s treats. I liked the fact there was so much discussion, I will miss it in future posts I am sure.

  2. Thank you Simon, I thought it was another stupendous success! Sorry about the mess though, I’ve brought my marigolds with me so I’ll get on with the washing up.

    See you in two weeks at my place everyone!

  3. I see The Help in there, which is a must read. Honestly, I’ve not heard a single person say they DIDN’T like it. It is also one of those you won’t want to put down. I’ve not read I’m Not Scared, but I saw the movie and really liked it!

  4. ana

    Thanks Simon for the hospitality and for the great discussion. Jodie’s thoughts are spot on. Very satisfying to have this chance to discuss an most intriguing novel in detail with such enthusiastic readers. My only disappointment was that night fell here in the antipodes and I had to down a warm milk, snaffle a final baked treat and disappear to sleep. meanwhile the conversation continued with great spirit and abracadabra i was able to catch up with it on waking up. Wonderful!

  5. Jessica

    The Help is on my wish list and ive only ever heard good things about it

  6. farmlanebooks

    The Help is very good. I haven’t heard a bad thing about it either. I’m looking forward to reading The Songwriter and Trespass soon too. They look like a great selection of books – enjoy!

    • I have read no Tremain but am thinking of just diving in with Trepass as my first and just go for it. I am hoping with everything crossed that The Songwriter is as good as Lilly Aphrodite!

  7. gaskella

    I haven’t read any of them, but Croc Attack attracts due to its title!

    Great discussions yesterday – in light of them, I want to re-read GWTGF ASAP!

  8. Susan in TX

    I read The Help earlier this month and couldn’t put it down. It was a very thought-provoking book, which led to a good discussion with my own children about growing up in the late 60’s in the southern United States. I highly recommend it!

  9. henrietta

    I was horribly nervous about joining in yesterday, but found all the comments so thought provoking. Wonderful to be in discussion with readers from the Antipodes! I got in a bit of a muddle about how to re-joine the comments. To leave a fresh one, or tag on a “reply”.

    I really enjoyed “I’m not scared” when I read it last year. I’ve recommended it to several others who have also been enthusiastic. Is there to be a film of this? I seem to remember that it was a possability.

    • If you were nervous joining in think how it was to be hosting hahaha. I hope you will be joining in with many more. Glad you took part as you added lots of thought provoking comments.

      I Am Not Scared intrigues me, I also have Crossroads I just feel I should read this one first.

  10. How funny everyone saying they haven’t heard a bad thing about The Help. I’ve heard quite a few bad things, and this review, by one of my favourite bloggers, seems to sum it up nicely:

    I really recommend I’m Not Scared — wonderful coming of age story set in rural Italy.

    • That review made me laugh and both made me want to put the book back on the shelf and also in some ways made me want to read it even more (despite the waste of hours it could possibly be) isnt it funny how a negative review can make you gravitate to a book just a little more, or maybe thats just me?

    • Kim, look at me and you agreeing about books this week:-)
      I gave up on The Help and it never made it onto the blog for that reason so I’ll be really interested to hear what you think of it Simon. I might not have given it long enough but something wasn’t working with the writing for me and I was also in the wrong reading place for I’m Not Scared but haven’t dismissed it completely especially as I seem to have my teflon-tough reading vest on at the moment and am enjoying some really challenging books. But I do have Croc Attack and Trespass lined up and like the look of both.
      And thanks for putting up with me and my knitting Simon, got loads done and what a great discussion we all had, can’t wait for the Woolf fest round at Kirsty’s. Great excuse to read To the Lighthouse again and even dive into The Waves for the first time, what a revelation that is proving to be.

      • What did you manage to finish knitting Lynne? Was it some NTTVBG jumpers with the logo on… wouldnt that be amazing, one each!

        I am hoping Vanessa and Virginia warms me to Ginny more as apart from Flush we havent seen eye to eye in the past it has to be said. I am hoping this brings something new to our tempestous relationship.

        The Help I am wavering on now I have to say! I might just go for a rogue option that isnt pictured above… crazy and living on the edge me aren’t I? Lol!

  11. I was a “lurker” – I hadn’t read the book so I spied on you all discussing it. I must admit that you have certainly whet my whistle for reading it.

    I see you have Trespass there too – I have an ARC of that that I am going to read soon. Looking forward to hearing what you think.

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