The Actual Orange Prize Longlist 2010

So here it is the actual Orange Prize List and ok so it doesn’t really resemble my list from yesterday (and before anyone asks I have no idea whats going on with images on the site today – apols) in anyway shape or form but I did actually guess 6 and mentioned ‘The Little Stranger’ and am indeed kicking myself as I thought that ‘Black Mamba Boy’ might get in there and didn’t pop it in my final 20. I would have guessed 8 then… though that still isn’t half the list, ha!

Anyway in the name of fun I have popped the ones I actually guessed in italics and the ones that I have actually read, all two and a half of them, in bold and then the ones I own (though I think a couple of these I don’t are on the way to Savidge Towers) and might read, no pressure if I don’t, before the winner is announced have stars next to them.

Rosie Alison – The Very Thought of You (Alma Books)
Eleanor Catton – The Rehearsal (Granta)
Clare Clark – Savage Lands (Harvill Secker)*
Amanda Craig – Hearts and Minds (Little, Brown)
Roopa Farooki – The Way Things Look to Me (Pan Books)
Rebecca Gowers – The Twisted Heart (Canongate)
M.J. Hyland – This is How (Canongate)
Sadie Jones – Small Wars (Chatto & Windus)*
Barbara Kingsolver – The Lacuna (Faber and Faber)
Laila Lalami – Secret Son (Viking)
Andrea Levy – The Long Song (Headline Review)*
Attica Locke – Black Water Rising (Serpent’s Tail)
Maria McCann – The Wilding (Faber and Faber)
Hilary Mantel – Wolf Hall (Fourth Estate)*
Nadifa Mohamed – Black Mamba Boy (HarperCollins)*
Lorrie Moore – A Gate at the Stairs (Faber and Faber)
Monique Roffey – The White Woman on the Green Bicycle (Simon and Schuster)
Amy Sackville – The Still Point (Portobello Books)
Kathryn Stockett – The Help (Fig Tree)*
Sarah Waters – The Little Stranger (Virago)*

What do you think of the list? It’s given me food for thought.

Do you think Wolf Hall will just clear up again? Could Lorrie Moore’s first full novel win? Is this Sarah Waters year? And what about those left off? I am gutted not to see Evie Wyld on the list and could actually have a small wobbly about it, but I shan’t – its not dignified. What about Margaret Atwood’s lacking presence? Which other books would you have loved to see on there but haven’t?


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44 responses to “The Actual Orange Prize Longlist 2010

  1. gaskella

    I have nine of them in my TBR pile – but I’m not planning to read them all before the prize is announced. I shall read ‘The Still Point’ by Amy Sackville though, as it grabbed me the moment I spotted it, and probably Amanda Craig’s book too. There are several books on the list I’ve never even heard of though …

    • Apart from the ones that I had already heard of and the couple I owned and guessed I haven’t really looked into what the other ones are about but I will be today as I finally have some me time lined up.

  2. I don’t really know what I can say about this list, except that I’m glad to see Sarah Waters on it, and there are quite a number of titles that have sparked my interest since I first saw the list this morning.

    • I think its great there are so many books on the list that people havent heard about, its nice to see some books getting attention that seemed to have skipped so many people by, I know I will be hinting some of these titles down. I am dubious about the Waters. I like her a lot I just am not sure it should win the Orange, which sounds a bit mean doesn’t it?

  3. I could throw a ‘wobbly’ over the omission of Sarah Hall’s How to Paint a Dead Man. Grrrrr. But otherwise the list is very pleasing. Just enough name recognition to make me feel nicely informed, with just enough books that are completely new to me to make it exciting. Like you though I’ve only read two and a half (the half being of This is How, which I gave up on…oh dear).

    • I think there will be a few people throwing a few wobblies over this list I think for varying reasons. I have heard lots of things about This is How and am intrigued I have to say.

      I too like how the mix of well known.

  4. Beate

    Thisis really exciting ! I have read three of them ( Waters, Levy and Craig ) and own “the-brick” Mantel, which leaves me with a lot to investigate and hopefully enjoy. I don’t think I will actually have a go at reading very many of them before the shortlist is announced but I just LOVE lists and the attention they draw to authors I sometimes haven’t even heard of.
    And Simon:six and a half out of twenty isn’t too bad 😉

    • Hahah I like how you called it ‘the-brick’ Mantel, that made me laugh. I agree on liking the list aspect for showing you new books unless all the list landed in my lap it would be unlikely that I read them all before the winner is announced.

      I was quite pleased with six (almost eight, sort of) out of twenty.

  5. I haven’t even heard of some of these (is this where I need to hang my head in shame or am I among friends?).

  6. I wrote about this late last night and my response is similar to yours: where is Evie Wyld (Atwood too)? I had her to win so seriously flummoxed as to why she’s not there; I don’t understand the exclusion.

    I predicted 5 and have read 3.5. Congratulations on your six! I’m very surprised by how unpredictable the list was and it is both refreshing and yet disconcerting to see so many new-to-me novels.

    Hm, I would love for Sarah Waters to win the Orange but I don’t want this to be her year; that’s pretty selfish of me because it’s simply because I didn’t enjoy the book that much. I’m glad I’ve read Wolf Hall but it would be overkill if it won the Orange too. A few of the titles appeal to me so I’m going to read what I can, no pressure.

    • I have to say I am not so suprised that Atwood was off the list, it was good… hmmm am not sure how to put it. Wyld I am wild about not being on the list I think its a proper disgrace.

      I feel very similar to you about Waters with this one. I don’t mind her winning with the next book or at some point further in the future however.

  7. First off I think you did a pretty good job of guessing the list, if you had actually manage to get them all it would be weird haha. I haven’t actually read any of these! Have been eyeing up Sarah Water’s The Little Stranger for a while so hopefully this will encourage me to get hold of a copy, may be on my next library visit! As for the rest of the list I have a lot of investigating to do 🙂

    • I think if anyone guessed them all then something fishy would likely be a foot. I am not in the least suprised I didnt guess the list and am kind of shocked so many people are suprised they havent guessed if you think how many books are published every year.

  8. I’m a bit surprised by the list as it didn’t contain many of the books that I was expecting to see there. You’ll have to pop over to my blog to see my thoughts though 🙂 (post will be up later – haven’t seen you there recently…)

    • I have been by I just dont comment as much as I used to. I think my friend passing was a mad time and then wham have been in deadline hell. I do pop by and visit though, I need to get back in the commenting as much as I did.

  9. I’m in awe of all of you who even attempt to guess the longlist contenders – I would be happy if I had guessed even 1! From a personal reading point of view I am disappointed to see The Lacuna on the list – I could not finish it and just felt that it failed miserably to connect with the reader – but then others have loved it so maybe it is just me! I have only read Wolf Hall and The Little Stranger from the list and out of those two I would definitely give the nod to Wolf Hall. I would love to read This Is How but I’m not sure I’m up for going inside the mind of a murderer!

    • I would definitely give the nod to Wolf Hall of the ones that I had read at the time but now I would give several nods to ‘The Long Song’. It could all change though if I read some more on my random wanderings through the bookish world.

      I havent read any Kingslover or Kingsolver (I always get that wrong) I havent heard too much about it really, I thought the blogs would go crazy for it, I think I have only seen your review.

  10. As usual, it appears I am an Orange idiot, even though I have read The Little Stranger and The Help. I will forever champion Waters, as her latest was impeccable (at least on audio with my beloved Simon Vance).

  11. farmlanebooks

    I was surprised by how few of the list I’d heard of. I hope to read a few of them soon and the entire short list when it is announced. I was very surprised that Wyld and Atwood were left out, but look forward to investigating the list in more detail later.

    • I am gutted about Wyld, I am not so annoyed about Atwood because she gets lots and lots of press anyways (I know its about how good the book is too). I might read the shortlist, I might read the longlist, we will see.

  12. I haven’t read any of these or even heard of half of them! So many things to add to the TBR list…

  13. I’ve only read one, own five, and just got another three from the library. I wish I had more of a headstart, given that I’m attempting to read the whole longlist by the time the prize is announced in June…

    Surprised not to see Atwood and also Rose Tremain on the list.

    • I was suprised about Tremain but then it does show that just because you have won it doesnt mean that you automatically get long listed which is a good thing I think as otherwise we would never hear of all the new books and authors.

      Good luck with reaidng the long list – wowsers.

    • Oooh I forgot to say I copied your list so my links all go to your book depository earning hahahaha. Call it a small sponsorship for your longlist cause hee hee.

  14. I’m glad The Little Stranger was on this list! I would have felt terrible about myself if I had read absolutely none of the Orange Prize longlist. 😛

  15. “Hearts and Minds” is the only one on the list that I have actually read. If the others are as good then this must be an outstanding collection of books. It’s a bit like a twenty first century Dickens, in that it has London at its heart and features a number of characters from different strata of society brought together by chance and circumstance. Its handling of the fate of refugees should mean it will appeal to those who liked Chris Cleave’s “The Other Hand” – I liked both books.

    I say “actually read” because I heard “The Still Point” on Radio 4’s quaintly-titled (in a good way) “Book at Bedtime”. Almost without fail, night after night, it was introduced as Amy Sackville’s “stunning new novel”, which I did think was over-egging it somewhat. It is one of those split period novels in which the life of a character from the present day is contrasted with that of one of her ancestors.

    Better luck predicting the Booker shortlist!

    • Do you not think with the entire world of books that there are out there I thought six (sort of eight) was quite good hee hee.

      I have no idea about Amanda Craig or Amy Sackville I will be looking those up.

  16. Hurrah I’m loving all the Orange dicussion going on here and well done for guessing 3 that were on the list. I suspect Wolf Hall may take it, it’s just so good, but we shall see.

    • Jodie I guessed a whapping… erm… six lol! I think Wolf Hall will be shortlisted am not too sure it will win though. I am actually going to posibly bet this year, not that I agree or promote gambling of course.

  17. fleurfisher

    I like the list when I look at it, but I am shocked at the absentees. Margaret Atwood in particular. The spread of publishers is ggod, but I am disappointed at the lack of an international flavour. But as I’ve only read the two most obvious books I really should reserve judgement.

    • I hadnt thought about the spread of publishers but you are right it is a nice mix. I hadnt spotted the lack of international favour but the fact no translated books can contend probably caused some of this.

  18. Isabel

    I haven’t read any of them.

    I wanted Evie Wyld on the list. boo hoo.

    Atwood – maybe her latest isn’t considered real fiction???

    • Its interesting that you mention the last book not being real fiction, what do you mean? I thought it might be because it was a sort of sequel but, but, but then again Home won didnt it!

  19. Jill

    I like your list better.

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  21. I am going to read the Wolf Hall later this year with my book group and I read just about anything that Kingsolver writes, although I haven’t seen this one yet. The rest are unknown to me, which means it’s a big world out there.

  22. Wilson

    I am totally in a state of shock right now. I have no idea what to say right now. 2008 and 2009 Orange prize longlists were, I think, the best out of all the orange prize longlists I have seen so far. I had high expectations about this years’ longlist and now there’s one thing to say about the longlist – terrible. Yes, there may be some good reads on this longlist but it could have been better.

    I mean what about The Bradshaw Variations by Rachel Cusk or In The Kitchen by Monica Ali or We Are All Made Of Glue by Marina Lewycka or The Year Of The Flood by Margaret Atwood or Atlas Of Unknowns by Tania James or Trespass by Rose Tremain or How To Paint A Dead Man by Sarah Hall or The Wonder by Diana Evans or Family Album by Penelope Lively or Short Girls by Bich Minh Nguyen. Are they NOT good enough to be nominated for this years’ Orange Prize For Fiction!? What in the world were the judges thinking of!?

    Anyway, what’s your opinion about this years’ longlist? Is it good or bad or mediocre?

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