NTTVBG – Series One, Book Four… (Feedback Wanted)

It’s a lovely sunny Sunday so what better to do this fine day than take a lovely brisk spring walk from this part of London along the Thames and over to Kimbofo’s of Reading Matters place to discuss the fourth title in the Not The TV Book Group first series/season ‘The Illusionist’ by Jennifer Johnston. I am of course not going to give any of my thoughts away on here instead you will have to make sure that you pop by and join in with the discussion and see how everyone else got on etc, etc.

Before you do though I thought I would ask for a quick favour. Seeing as this is book four we are actually (bar some bank holidays in between) now halfway through the selection and so I thought it might be a nice idea to get some feedback off you dear readers on how it is all going. The discussions are proving very lively and successful and people seem to be having a good time and some of you are lurking, watching and not yet chipping in so I thought I would just ask anyway, so if you could answer these… 

How are you finding the NTTVBG so far?
What do you think of the selection of books that have been discussed so far?
Have you joined in the discussion, if not why not (apart from not having the book)?
If you have, how have you found the online discussions?
How does the NTTVBG compare to any other book groups you are in online or face to face?
How are we all doing as hosts?
What don’t you like about the NTTVBG?
What do you love about it?
What would you like the NTTVBG to do next (don’t say retire, ha)?

I look forward to hearing all your thoughts! Right I best be off to Kimbofo’s to grab a nice cup of tea and settle down on the sofa for some delightful debate and discussion.


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15 responses to “NTTVBG – Series One, Book Four… (Feedback Wanted)

  1. gaskella

    I’m loving it!

    I love being able to dip in and out of the discussion in particular – coming back later in the day to see developments. I’ve read 2 out of 4 books, but have enjoyed the other discussions too. I hope you do keep it up – you’re doing a great job – its as good as, but different to a face to face book group.

    My main suggestion would be to make it 1 book per month with a mid-month discussion (avoids all bank hols). Then more people might be able to fit it in their reading schedules.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Annabel, I think the NTTVBG might be meeting in the flesh sometime soon for a good old natter so will forward these thoughts on then! Has been lovely seeing you pop and join the discussion so thank you very much from all of us.

  2. I joined on the first two books and really liked the discussions (even being in a far different time zone). I didn’t read the third book even though I had it out from the library — I just ran out of time. I wanted to read the current book but it’s not available in the US yet.

    I think that the book selections have been great so far and I have to admit that this is my first book group so I have nothing to compare to. Shocking, eh?

    I think the hosts are doing a fab job and the only thing that I might request is that it change from a 2 week rotation to a 3 week one. Two weeks is fine for people who are only reading for a club but I am just finding that time is too tight to commit to something that frequently when I have review books and challenges and such to keep up with.

    And don’t retire the NTTVBG! It’s awesome to be in the US and be able to participate in a UK book group — your choices are different from the regularly exposed books over here!

    • Thanks for your feedback Kristen. I think the three week idea isnt a half bad one (and actually you now have that to read Skin Lane hee hee).

      I am loving the round the worldness of this group it has to be said, its nice that the discussions can stay open for good too.

  3. Jessica

    I think 3 weeks as well. Other than that Im happy with it although I have only participated in the last one for the first time.

    Im always joining various online book clubs and this one is quite good as quite a few people actually participate and also I like the idea of discussing it on a certain day.

  4. I haven’t read with the group yet, because of the too-close-together reading schedule and I wasn’t able to get hold of copies in time (I wanted to join for Brodeck’s Report and Vanessa and Virginia). Alerting us maybe a couple of months before a new list goes up would be helpful in planning out our reading schedules (Mee and a few others and I have been talking about how neurotic we must seem to other people, planning our reads so far ahead, haha). But anyway, love the NTTVBG and I plan to join as soon as there are titles that I would love to read that come up. You’re all doing a great job (I’ve been lurking, yes).

    • Hahahaha I can be a lurker too with things sometimes. I am looking forward to you joining in in the future and maybe in series two if there is one.

      I dont mind planning some reads ahead and with the NTTVBG and my normal book group its good to know, the rest of my reading has to be whimsical though.

  5. ana

    So far I’ve managed to grab all the titles and to participate to a degree. This is a bit of a stretch when you are in an Eastern Australian time zone. Feeling that this was a really valuable initiative, I was determined to make it work, and comments can be edged in here and there.

    Am fine with the 2 week reading interval. it is essential to have plenty of notice as others have mentioned, so that books can be sourced [as the gourmets say]. It is excellent that you have chosen titles which can be borrowed or begged.

    This is my first experience of an online book group and it has been a very interesting experience. it is important to get feedback on one’s contributions, otherwise you might feel they are just escaping into cyberspace. My previous reading group experience in the real world was a good one, with books fairly democratically chosen and vigorously discussed. Sadly, health issues have now precluded me from driving to a night time meeting and so the online group seemed like a gift from the gods, particularly since it was organised by such a venerable group of blogging readers.

    O n the question of lurking, I wonder whether people are not always sure to whom they are replying, or how and whether they are commenting or replying!. I noted a comment from someone about that and I certainly was not entirely sure. Think I am getting the idea now!!! Suspect some feel a bit daunted and consequently just hover or wish they had read the book [!!], but I was encouraged by the warm feedback I received.

    Have enjoyed the discussion between the four of you and always the follow up reviews that you post.

    • Ana its been great having you pop by and discuss things with us and part of the idea behind the NTTVBG was that people from all over the world could join in over varying hours and even days. No one is ever a late comer and everyones opinion is welcome and valuable. Thank you for your comments we are always keen to hear everyones feedback and thoughts.

  6. Juliette

    I love this book group. The books are interesting and accessible but not facile. They are not books I would normally pick which is what I look for in a book group. Each one has challenged me in a good way. I don’t always have time to read a book in two weeks so I love that the discussions are open and can be self-paced. My only problem so far was that “The Illusionist” is not available in the US yet. I hope that this group continues after May. Thanks so much for all who formed this!

    • Thanks Juliette thats very kind of you. Who knows what will happen after May, I am hopefully meeting with two of the other judges tonight so we will be having a good natter about it then I think.

  7. Ah right feedback. So I joined for one discussion, ‘The Girl with Glass Feet’ and I found the discussion very welcoming, easy to get into because of the fact that is lasted throughout the whole day, maybe threaded comments would be a good way to go to make it easier to follow replies to certain comments…I think your selection of books has been good, looking forward to the meatier experience of reading ‘Fledgling’ later on with you guys. If you run another series I’d love to see something really experimental crop up, or possibly a graphic novel…not sure how easy that would be to discuss as a group though. Overall really enjoyed it, great idea, nice clear graphics and lots of people participating.

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