It’s My Birthday

I had a gander through the last two years and realised that I have never once written on my blog when its my birthday!!! Well just so you all know its today, March the 24th! As you read this I will probably be sulking somewhere moaning about being 28, I am not good with birthdays I get terribly grumpy. In fact that may well be why I havent really mentioned my birthday on the day before on here.

Today though will be fun I am sure, especially as there is a party at one of the publishers this afternoon that I am very much looking forward to and then I believe my favourite curry house for dinner after that. I wonder how many books I will get and if any which ones? Right have to sign off as I think lots has been planned for me this morning and I have some presents to unwrap. See you all tomorrow… when I am even older!


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50 responses to “It’s My Birthday

  1. Happy birthday. To me, you are very young. Enjoy each year as you have it — they don’t come again.

  2. What are the odds? It’s my birthday too! And I too am 28. Happy Birthday to you. Hope you get lots of books as gifts.

  3. Happy birthday! Hope you get lots of books! 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday Simon! Hope you have a great day ahead.

  5. Annabel (gaskella)

    Happy Birthday Simon – try not to be grumpy and have a lovely day!

  6. Happy birthday and have a wonderful day! and may you get all the books you wish for.

  7. Happy birthday – what a gorgeous cupcake.

  8. Linda

    Happy birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you… have a splendid day. I hope it brings you lots of cake.

  10. Happy birthday. You’re still young:)

  11. Dot

    Happy Birthday Simon! I’m 28 too this year, have to make the most of the last two years of our twenties! Have a lovely day!

  12. ana

    Happy Birthday Simon! There won’t be time for grumps today. Just joy.

  13. Happy Birthday! Wish I could go to that curry house too!

  14. armen

    Happy Birthday Simon!
    Enjoy your day and have fun 🙂

  15. Kals

    Happy Birthday Simon! Have a wonderful day and year ahead 🙂

  16. Happy Birthday Simon! I hope you find many things to celebrate today. I used to have a problem with my Birthday too – I dreaded turning 30 – but you know what? Every year since then has just got better and better!!

  17. Happy birthday! Have a wonderful day!

  18. Happy Birthday!!! Wishing you lots of good books this year!

  19. Happy birthday Simon! Rounding off your birthday with a curry sounds good!

  20. Happy Birthday, Simon. March is a great month to be born. Mine was on 22nd!

  21. Happy Birthday! How better to celebrate it than with books and a curry?

  22. Happy Birthday. Don’t be sad about 28, save it for 38. That’s when I started to get depressed. Oddly enough the depression lifted before I turned 40. Now I am okay…I think.

  23. Wished you in advance but wishing you again today all the very best. You are still a young lad you know!!!!

  24. Happy birthday Simon! I wouldn’t say 28 is too old, not that I want to be there yet myself 😉 But it is especially still good if it comes with books and curry. Books and curry make up for just about anything.

  25. Happy Birthday Simon; my daughter’s birthday was monday and she was 35, so now you at 28 have made me feel really OLD…LOL

    seriously, have a great year !

  26. Loretta

    A Spring baby! How nice. Have a great birthday.

    Since my baby will be 30 next month, I of course think 28 – you lucky thing.

    But I know is all relative. Have fun.

  27. Happy Birthday, Simon! Have a wonderful day… remember, age is just a state of mind. I’ve been 39 for years!

  28. Happy happy birthday! Enjoy it. Mine is next month, and I’ll be 29. I’m thinking we are both hitting our stride. I’ve never been happier, and I wish the same to you!

  29. Happy Birthday!! Have a fab time celebrating you!! And just so you know 28 is a very young and hip age – Enjoy it! Besides, I’m 31, which makes me loads older than you, so I know best – 28 is a very cool age to be!!

  30. selena

    Happy birthday, Simon! I hope the party cheers you up and that the people you love surround you on this great day (:

  31. Marina

    Have a wonderful birthday Simon! Hey there’s nothing wrong with growing older as long as you are having a good time.

  32. It’s my birthday, too! Happy birthday to us 🙂 I turned 27, so we’re ALMOST twins!

  33. Kay

    Happy birthday Simon! I’m 28 too and I know exactly what you mean by sulking and moaning about it 🙂

    Truth is though we’re not getting any younger so we might as well enjoy ourselves at whatever our current age is, right? 🙂

  34. A very happy 28th birthday! I’m 29 and thinking it would be better to be one less year close to 30.

    Have a great day.

  35. Susan in TX

    Many happy returns on the day, Simon!

  36. Happy Birthday! I’m have dreaded my birthday since I was 19 (24 randoly was the one I hated most), certainly not looking forward to turning the big three oh this year 😦

  37. Happy, happy birthday, Simon!! More years = more books read. Right? I keep telling myself this before my birthday tomorrow. 🙂

  38. winstonsdad

    happy returns

  39. Happy happy day Simon! Sorry I am late. I was cheating and blogging while I was supposed to be working the book fair, and got ambushed right when I pulled up your post. May you have loads and loads of books to unwrap!

  40. Ti

    Happy Bday to you!!

  41. Happy happy happy birthday to one of my favourite people on the web!!

  42. Hope you had a wonderful day 🙂

  43. novelinsights

    Happy Birthday lovely one! You will always be fabulous whatever age you are, and any way, don’t forget that a cup of tea or bucks fizz always fixes the grumps! xxx

  44. Happy Birthday Simon!

  45. Lu

    Happy birthday 😀

  46. Happy, Happy Birthday, Simon! And, 28 is much better than 48. 😉 I believe that Frances, of nonsuch book, shares the same birthdate as you. Must be an outstanding blogger/reader kind of thing you have in common!

  47. Happy birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day.

  48. x Happy Belated Birthday x

    And 28 is not old…although you do have 6 good years on me mwahahaha.

  49. kay

    Happy birthday to you! 😀 I agree, 28 is not old, but I know how you feel though! I hope you’re having a great day!

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