The Point of Rescue – Sophie Hannah

I have been meaning to read the next in the Sophie Hannah for ages. ‘So why haven’t you?’ I hear you cry. Well when there is a series that I really love, or indeed an author, I find that though I want to race through the entire series/works I am aware that there are only a limited number of books left and I don’t want to run out.  Well I was out shopping a few weeks ago and saw that the latest Sophie Hannah was in the windows and so I knew I had more in store and so could get on with reading the third of her crime series ‘The Point of Rescue’.

Imagine you had a week’s escape from your life, a week where you escaped the world. You weren’t married with children but free with the world at your feet. Imagine you met someone who was in pretty much the same position and you had an affair that you both agreed no one else would ever know about. Now imagine you’re watching the news and that name from the past appears on the screen as their partner and child are dead under shocking circumstances, only the person you had met name appears on the screen but they aren’t the person you had the affair with.

That is the situation that Sophie Hannah puts us in through the eyes of Sally, a happily married woman who had a week of escaping her life and a short affair with Mark Bretherick only it isn’t the Mark Bretherick that she met despite the names of his wife and daughter being exactly the same. What’s even more ominous is how alike Sally is to the recently deceased Geraldine Bretherick. What ensues is a chilling, puzzling, gripping and as ever brilliant thriller that follows on from ‘Little Face’ and ‘Hurting Distance’ that looks at how parents cope with having children, or not in some cases.

I will say no more on the plot because I wouldn’t want to give away the smallest hint of what goes on as working it all out, or furiously trying to is all part of the fun of reading a book like this. I will say it leaves you once again in wonder at how an author can make the impossible both possible and plausible and once again with this Sophie Hannah is flawless.

I am sure any of you who have read the first two will be wondering what is going on with the two protagonist cops that have been part and parcel of these books, and really make it a series even though these books do stand alone quite happily. Well Charlie is still unsure how Simon feels about her and the two skirt around each other just as much as in previous books but there is a surprising twist in this book with their relationship even though the book is less about them and much more about Sally and the Brethericks and rightly so because it makes for utterly compelling reading. 7/10

I do love how Sophie Hannah creates an impossible situation and then breaks it down leaving enough titbits to make you think you are really clever and have the cause and culprit nailed down before then pulling the rug from under your feet completely. I only wonder where she can go next with these? I am looking forward to finding out, though with only two more ahead of me I shall have to continue pacing myself. If you haven’t read Sophie Hannah I find giving her a try most advisable.

Savidge suggests some perfect prose partners:
Little Face – Sophie Hannah (because its the beginning)
When Will There Be Good News? – Kate Atkinson


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23 responses to “The Point of Rescue – Sophie Hannah

  1. This series sounds quite suspenseful. I must add book one to my wish list. Do you have a favorite in the series so far?

    • I think I have liked them all in their different ways. I dont really think that you can compare any of them because they are all so different and all just as dark and thrilling in different ways. All in all they are all ace ha, ha!

  2. Little Face has been added to the TBR list – always best to start at the beginning. I’d never heard of this series, but am deeply intrigued.

  3. I recently read “The Other Half Lives” by Hannah and can tell you that where she goes next is very exciting and intriguing (it´s on the back description and happens in the beginning so not a spoiler (I hope): the confession to a murder where the victim is alive!

    Hope that doesn´t mess with your pacing-yourself-policy! 🙂

    • Oh good Bina, its always good to know that what comes later in the series is as good as what has come before. You havent given anything away, and thank you very much for not doing, I had read the blurb. I will need to wait a while to read this one as I have the hardback and its huge, much to big for when am popping here there and everywhere for work. Might take it on holiday.

  4. I’ve ordered the first two on Kindle, and will read them over the summer when I go on my Kindle binge. I can’t wait. I love thrillers!

    • I think you will really enjoy these Sandy. I know Jackie really liked them both and Polly of Novel Insights is a huge fan too, they are just thrillers about the impossible that Hannah makes seem so possible without it ever being far fetched.

  5. gaskella

    I’ve read the first two and loved both although I preferred the second (even nastier than the first!!!). These psychothrillers are very dark, and totally addictive reads I found. I’ve got this one somewhere in the TBR piles, glad to hear it’s up there too.

    • I think I loved Little Face because the idea of coming home and your baby not being your baby but no one believing you I found genuinely frightening. I do think that the second one is a lot darker and the storyline is much nastier. There is a reallly creepy quite horrific twist in this one that makes you re-read a page even though you know you dont want to again but you have to make sure you just read what you did.

  6. I don’t think I’ve heard of Sophie Hannah but I love the sound of this. (This is why we love book blogging isn’t it?! ;)) Going on the list… 🙂

    • That is the great thing about blogging indeed Shannon. I don’t know when I first heard of this series of Sophie Hannah books. I think after both reading her short stories Novel Insights and I decided to give them a whirl and haven’t looked back.

  7. I’m a big fan of Sophie Hannah. I loved Little Face and enjoyed Hurting Distance. I haven’t read this one yet, but will after I’ve had a little time since reading her last one. I’m really looking forward to watching the TV adaptations of her books which are being made at the moment.

    • I am slightly dubious about the TV show I have to say only because I worry with more books to come that the way I picture all the characters in my head will be ruined by who plays these parts. Its like when you know a film is coming out of a book you loved.

      I think you would like this one Jackie, its very much about motherhood like Little Face but is as dark as Hurting Distance.

  8. Deb

    I’ve been looking in vain for Sophie Hannah books at my local library for several years (ever since I read a review of THE OTHER HALF LIVES). After reading your review, I went directly to my library’s web site in the faint hopes that this book would be there. I discovered that in America POINT OF RESCUE was published under the title THE WRONG MOTHER. My library has it, so I’m going to check it out during the week. It sounds intriguing!

    • Ahhh sorry Deb! I should check the USA titles I am always forgetting to do that. I don’t understand why they change names from country to country, its most confusing for us internantional bloggers hee, hee.

  9. I’ve only read the first one so I didn’t realise they were linked in any way. Intriguing.

  10. Dot

    I have just ordered this one! I am like you, I want to find out what happens next in the series but I also know that I will be sad to get to the last one.

    • I think she is currently working on book six Sot so there are still some to go. I think I will read book four when I go away (because the hardback is huge) later in the year and wait awhile to read the new one, maybe till its out in paperback.

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