Simon’s Bookish Bits #18

It’s quite nice that Saturday pops around so quickly until I suddenly realise I have made no notes (I am big on notes as my addiction to stationery and Paperchase as seen on my bank statement would prove) for what the heck I am going to talk about today. But fear not I have a few bits and bobs and actually with a favourite link, podcast of the week and a rather special worldwide competition it seems my Bookish Bits seem to have gone back to their roots at long last hee, hee.

First up a huge thanks for all the comments and emails regarding the new look, it seems you all really rather like it so that’s good. Over the next week or so more pages and places will be added but I will keep you updated with them as they arrive. At the moment I am looking at re-doing ‘The Readers Table’ as it hasn’t been done for ages, in fact ‘My Mighty TBR’ could do with a bit of a sorting too.

On to other blogs though and my fav post of the week and one I keep popping back to is by Simon of Stuck-in-a-Book who has done a wonderful post where he is asking people to tell him about the weirdest profession any character/s have in books, do pop over and have a gander.

I think I’ve completely forgotten, until now, to tell you that the video podcasts of ‘The First Tuesday Book Club’ are back and see the delightful Jennifer Byrne and co discussing books. The latest edition sees them discussing Ian McEwan’s ‘Solar’ and guests Sarah Waters in the discussion. I am becoming even more a fan of Marieke Hardy especially as she described the novel as ‘loosey goosey structurally’ I think she might become on of my bookish idols. You can see it all here.

Now before I go off to the park with a bag of books (its delightful weather here again today) I have a competition for you. As you will hopefully all have seen, and if you haven’t pop and have a look, the lovely Evie Wyld did a Savidge Grills on Thursday which funnily enough was the day of her wonderful debut novel coming out in paperback. Vintage have kindly offered three copies of ‘After The Fire, A Still Small Voice’ to giveaway worldwide all you have to do is answer Evie’s creative quandary about a legendary mythical Australian creature…

When I was 19 I asked my Australian grandmother what she thought the Bunyip looked like. Her answer was ‘sort of roundish with legs’. Any improvements on this description would be most welcome!?!

So we would like you to come up with a creative made up description of a Bunyip in a single sentence (you can be as bonkers as you like) ‘I saw a Bunyip and it looked like…’and the winning three get a copy of the book AND not only that (as Evie and I were plotting away we thought as its quite hard you should get something else too) but you the three winners will also get their Bunyip drawn by the lovely Joseph Sumner who is working with Evie on a graphic novel. How ace is that? I am tempted to enter it myself. You have until Thursday so get cracking! Have lovely weekends!

Oh and FYI my Bookish Bits will be on Friday next week!!!


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15 responses to “Simon’s Bookish Bits #18

  1. How fun! Because bunyip sounds like a combination of bunny and the sound yip (and because I haven’t heard of this mythical Australian creature) I will say:

    I saw a bunyip the only way I can describe it is as a cross between a rabbit and a chihuahua – the body of a chihuahua (and it’s annoying yipping bark) but with the long fluffy ears and short round tale of a bunny rabbit.

  2. I saw a Bunyip and it looked like it was made of corduroy, pink and fat, with silver feet, distinctly flat and a nose the shape of a ping-pong bat.

  3. I saw a Bunyip and it looked like a cross between a coconut and a giant toad, wide-mouthed, wall-eyed, round, lump-skinned body covered in sparse dark green hair, with it’s vast, claw-toed feet curled under its belly, ready to leap.

  4. I saw a Bunyip and it looked like … a gangly punk rock schooly draped in algae who has had his budgie smugglers stolen by a bounce while he was swimming in the billabong and has been too much of a wuss to walk around in the nuddy for long enough that his pale skin turned rubbery … his peach fuzz mustache has grown in enough for yabby to hide in … his mohawk has drooped and congealed in a new surrealistic form … his black eyeliner has run onto his cheeks … and his bloody piercings have barnacles attached.

    Thanks to the Australian slang dictionary for help on this one!

  5. Ah, got to love a bunyip! Well, I have to say…

    I saw a bunyip and it looked like a misshapen, furry orange with a tiny windmill-tail, half-skipping half-waddling on legs too short for its form, with sharp little teeth on constant display in a sinister-seeming scowl-howl, but an expression in its bulbous eyes more mischievous than malevolent, suggesting that it wanted to bite your leg; but just a little bite, just for fun – yum!

  6. Thanks for the link mention 🙂
    I would write something about Bunyip,but is 3.30am and I can’t sleep and my brain isn’t working… grr!

  7. Isabel

    I saw a bunyip and it looked like a head yellow hairy rabbit and the body of a shark.

    Fun post!

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  9. This looks like a fun contest! (Oh, and Evie’s book has been shortlisted for the Orange Prize for New Writers! Yay!)

    ‘I saw a Bunyip and it looked like a huge furry bear-lion, with two front teeth large enough to cover half its face, droopy rabbit’s ears, but really quite tame.’

  10. The Bunyip is a second cousin of Frank from Donnie Darko and half brother of the Wererabbit He fervently wishes folk wouldn’t judge a book by its cover and holds regular self help group meetings with the Bogeyman, the Cornish Piskie, Irish Pooka and Pennywise the Clown…

  11. Loretta Dunne

    Many years ago there was a show on the TV (in the U.S.) that had a lovely bunyip puppet, Bertie the Bunyip, a funny creature, a cross between a bunny and a kangaroo (also know as a yip), hence Bertie the Bunyip.

  12. I saw a Bunyip and it looked like a kangaroo being swallowed head first by a giant potatoe, with dangling, thrashing eyes.

  13. Mae

    What a great competition! I saw a Bunyip and it looked like an overgrown rabbit with a long snout, beady eyes and hopping around like a very confused wallaby.

    I always get Bunyips and Bilby’s mixed up…

  14. Ti

    I saw a Bunyip and it resembled an overgrown bunny, rabid in looks, with red, bloodshot eyes frothing at the mouth.

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