Simon’s Bookish Bits #19

Sorry if when you start reading this you are lulled into the false sense of security that this is Saturday, it isn’t unfortunately, I have just moved my bookish bits a day forward. This week we have some competition winners, some Persephone bits, big books and you have the opportunity to ask Granny Savidge Reads anything bookish and my mother too (who is just as hot on books) so rather than waffle on let’s get cracking.

First up a HUGE thanks to all of you who came up with the wonderful descriptions of a Bunyip that author Evie Wyld and I asked for last Saturday, they are some of my favourite comments ever and I was thrilled how creative you got. Evie has had a look and named three winners who are Jenny, Fliss and Jodie! If you email me your addresses then a copy of Evie’s book will be in the post and your Bunyip’s will be on show next week as Joe is creating your visions right now.

Now links and things this week are about bookish events both bloggish and in the flesh that are coming up. Not only is next Saturday the 8th the ‘UK Book Bloggers Meet’ which is being organised by the lovely Simon T (and I will be popping into briefly) it is also ‘Vintage Classics Day’ at Foyles where you can see and meet A.S. Byatt, Martin Amis, Adam Foulds, Julie Myerson… oh and me and my rather special plus one who will be reporting back on it all! So that’s something to head out for I feel, you can find out more about it here.

From Monday it is also ‘Persephone Reading Week’  hosted by Verity of The B Files and Claire of Paperback Reader (who has done a wonderful Angela Carter month, I have been loving ‘The Bloody Chamber’ so much I have been rationing it). Do you have some Persephone’s lined up? I have five options I am mulling over currently.

Speaking of Persephone I was a little over excited by the fact I had not one but two quotes in the Persephone biannually…


You should be able to click on the pictures to see larger versions or you could just pop and see my thoughts on Little Boy Lost and The Shuttle. The Shuttle is my favourite Persephone that I have encountered so far and will soon be on my ‘A Readers Table’ which a lot of you have emailed about the disappearance of along with a lot of other pages. They are having some nips and tucks but will be back over the next few days, though not this weekend as I will be away and having no signal I will be getting to grip with this monster (which I have started and have to say is addictive)…

My being away leads to the final part of today’s post. I am off up north (or already on my way/there dependent on when you are reading this) to see my mother, step dad, siblings and THE WHOLE Savidge family, all 22 of us, which of course includes Granny Savidge Reads (who has told me her column is half done). Mum has agreed to do a Savidge Reads Grills like Gran did too. I then thought though I would go one further and let you ask either of them any bookish based question you like!!!! Just leave it in a comment and I will corner them sometime on Sunday and let you have the results in due course.


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24 responses to “Simon’s Bookish Bits #19

  1. Hurrah! Thanks for mentioning Persephone Reading Week! Which are the options you have on your plate? Have a lovely weekend!

  2. I’m so pleased that you have been enjoying (and rationing) The Bloody Chamber, Simon, and that you are looking forward to Persephone Reading Week. Being quoted in the Bi-annually is lovely so congratulations on your first two mentions. I’ll be popping into the shop later today with Teresa of Shelf Love and, you never know, I may just pick up another potential read for next week…

    Delighted to read that The Passage is addictive; I really must get to grips with it myself soon.

    Enjoy your long weekend up North.

    • I have and still am enjoying The Bloody Chamber though The Passage has slightly taken over my world hahaha. I am now rationing that too because its so good I don’t want it to end, plus its a bugger to carry around haha.

      I still haven’t decided on which Persephone or two to read… hmmmm, think may just grab the one I fancy the most at the time.

  3. Congratulations on being quoted in the Persephone biannually! I wish I could have a copy of it but unfortunately I don’t. Looking forward to Savidge Grills with your mum as I really enjoyed Grany’s interview.

    • Thanks Mrs B! I think you can email them for a copy, I can’t actually remember how I got on the mailing list!

      Mum was a bit busy so will be doing the Grills via the power of email over the next week or so, hosting for 22 was a bit much hee hee.

  4. Thanks for the updates and congrats on the Biannually mentions. I look forward to your comments on the Foyle’s Vintage Classics Day. Have a great weekend.

  5. Vintage Classics Day sounds excellent, too bad I can’t pop over for it! Congratulations on the quotes, that is incredibly exciting 🙂

    • It is indeed a shame you can’t come over Amy as it would be most lovely to meet you and many other international bloggers, I will make the most of it doubly and triply for all of you!

  6. Congrats on the quotes – exciting! And I’m looking forward to your thoughts on The Passage as I’ve heard some great things about that book. Have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones!!

  7. Wicked I can’t believe I have won 🙂 That’s exactly what I imagined a Bunyip would look like when I was a kid watching Australian cartoons, so I guess that shows you should always hang on to your inner child.

    Have a lovely weekend with the family – how many of you there are! I guess I’d like to know what your mother’s favourite genre is if she has one 🙂 I am nosey, can never pass up the chance to question people.

    • Hoorah, and I have just seen your Bunyips in full illustrated glory, more on those on Friday!

      Mum’s Savidge Reads Grills has been delayed due to the madness that was 22 Savidge’s in one place hee hee.

  8. That is great…we get to hear from your mom too! I have The Passage (audiobook) on order from the library as I speak. I’ve already seen one review of it, and I almost can’t sit still waiting for it to arrive! First I have to finish Stephen King’s Under the Dome first, another monster if I may say so.

    • Hahaha I am normally quite daunted by any book thats longer than 500 pages and can be known to put off and put off reading them and even deciding I don’t like them without having read a word hahaha. The Passage is great and is a book I wouldnt have expected to love and so far (though only 250 pages in) I am. Its just so big!

  9. I saw that it was Vintage Classics Day! I really want to go, must get tickets. Really excited that A.S. Byatt is going to be there!

  10. I’m so happy to have won Evie’s book! I can’t wait to read it after all of the wonderful reviews I have read. Have duly emailed you my address.

    Also, congratulations on the Biannually quotes; it must be very exciting. Anyway, have a lovely weekend; I hope the weather’s nice for you!

  11. I’m trying to broaden my parents’ reading horizons…they are 79. I think somemtimes they get stuck in a rut…altho I was amazed they coped with ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’…a wee bit brutal, but the start of their Scandinavian book journey.
    I assume my Mum has read twice the number of books I have, what with being older…so our Mums’ opinions are bound to be informed. So wht does your Mum like best?

    • I imagine at 79 you may just know what you like maybe? I have to say having said that Granny Savidge Reads is 68 (my mother is 44) and reads a wonderful variety.

      By them more books they will feel obliged to read them, thats what I do hahaha.

  12. gaskella

    Well done on the Persephone biannually. I’m so glad you’re popping into the Bookbloggers meet, it’ll be so lovely to meet you finally!

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