The Last Not The TV Book Group?

Lots and lots and lots of you have been asking via email, in person or leaving comments here and there if this could really be the last NTTVBG (goodness saying it like that makes its sound rather grand – you know what I mean) I will answer that as best I can a little further on.

First of all though I will of course ask that you head with me over to Holland Park where Kim of Reading Matters, and I honestly don’t know how she does it, has managed to pretty much hire out the entire Japanese Garden in Holland Park to talk about ‘Fledgling’ by Octavia E. Butler. It’s a book that I probably would never have read if it hadn’t been for the NTTVBG. You can see all of my thoughts and everyone else’s where the discussion is right here.

(I will be coming live via Satellite for some of it as it is my wedding anniversary tomorrow and I have been spring with ‘a day of surprises’ ahead – thank goodness for Blackberries as I shall still be able to join in here and there all day!)

I am feeling a little saddened that this is the last NTTVBG. I have loved taking part in it and am very glad that from an email I sent, which seems only the other week, to Lynne at Dovegreyreader this was delightfully born. Its been a real joy to be made to read books that I probably wouldn’t have read (I will admit there has been moments where I may have cursed a little) and I have come away from it not only prepared to try more books I wouldn’t think to but with some new future favourite authors too. I could go on and on but I shan’t.

So is this the last one ever? Well to be 100% honest I haven’t a clue. I hope not, but it’s not just my project, not that anyone else has said ‘good God never again’ mind you. I have actually just sent my co-hosts an email about a little idea for summer but nothing too big or grand. I think it’s a case of letting us all have a month or so of whimsical reading and space from the delightful NTTVBG whirl and see where we go from there, time will tell. But now for your thoughts…

How has is been for all of you? Which ones have been your favourites to read? Have we helped you discover any new authors or works you have loved but would otherwise have possibly not tried? How could we have done it better? What’s been your favourite aspect? Do you want a second series of NTTVBG?


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12 responses to “The Last Not The TV Book Group?

  1. Well, I hope it’s not the last one. They’ve made for some very good reading.

  2. Well out of all the book the only one I really haven’t liked was the last one. There have been some controversial choices (Skin lane and the boys in the trees) and although those choices were not popular with alot of the other readers I really enjoyed these books. When choosing bookc club choices its easy to go for the popular crowd pleasing books but you all seem to have gone out of our way to avoid doing this and I think the choices have been better off because of that (I realise I could very well be in the minority when I say that)

    None of the choices were much more than 350 pages which is a nice length to fit in and I would suggest doing it every 3 weeks. Other than that its been exceptionaly well organised.

    • Glad you have, on the whole, liked the choices Jessica. I think if I was to do it again, well if we all were I would want more of a break between books, a fortnight feels like a long time but really it isnt.

      I think Skin Lane and The Illusionist have been my favourites of the whole reading experience.

  3. I haven’t really had a chance to read along; I’ve been all wrapped up in my own personal reading! But I’ve been following the discussions, and I was particularly intrigued by the discussion of Brodeck’s Report which I would now really like a copy of.

    Having said that, they were all fun, and perhaps it would be a fun project to have repeated every so often 🙂

    • Hahahaha there are bonuses to a challenge like this and being able to chat about each book but then I have missed being wrapped up in my own personal reading I have to say hahaha.

  4. As a huge vampire fan, I was also very disappointed with Fledgling. I totally agree with your assessment – the relationship between Shori and several of the human characters was icky (to say the least) and the prose was lacking.

    If you don’t mind some TV I do strongly recommend True Blood.

    • There was the ickiness and then there was just the lack of emotional ties to them, that narked me a bit. I gather it wasn’t the best Butler to start reading with but am in no hurry to go back to her either way.

      I have missed the whole True Blood thing. I do have some of the books though.

  5. I loved this book group and wish I could have read all of the books. Unfortunately, other commitments and the absence of some of the books in the US market kept me from some of them. However, I really enjoyed the exposure to books I hadn’t heard of before (all but one of them actually!) and wouldn’t normally pick up. I’m very glad to have read Brodeck’s Report and The Girl With Glass Feet, I wished I could have read A Short Gentleman and honestly, I wish I had finished Skin Lane.

    I hope to participate in whatever you are cooking up for the summer!

    • Glad that you enjoyed it Kristen. We didnt reeally think about all the other countries when we started which was because we didnt think we would get half the followers that we did hahaha. You can always finish Sklin Lane another time?

  6. Annabel (gaskella)

    Simon, it’s been a very worthwhile thing – thank you to you, Kirsty, Kim & Lynne. I’ve managed to read 4 of the books, and loved joining in the discussions. I would love it to run again. Even the books which were underwhelming (Fledgling) were worth reading when you can join in such great discussions.

    Skin Lane was the big find for me, that book was marvelous; of course I had already been wowed by the Girl with the glass feet. Brodeck’s report, and A short gentleman are on my TBR/wishlist.

    I look forward to whatever the NTTVBG does next …

    • Thanks Annabel, its been really lovely to have had the support from lovely readers be they bloggers or not who have kept interested and helped with the momentum of the project. I am pleased we got some people to find some books they really loved. Neil Bartlett was such a find for me I will be reading much more of his work.

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