Triple Choice Tuesday

Please forgive a little bit of self promotion, but should you like to know more about me and some of the books that I simply think people MUST read  you might like to pop over to Reading Matters where it’s my ‘Triple Choice Tuesday’. Though I should add that I cheated a little and made it a quadruple choice Tuesday but rules are made for breaking… aren’t they?

Now before you head that way I did wonder if you might be like to have a stab at guessing which book (or books in the last case) were…

a)      My favourite
b)      A book that changed my world
c)       Two books that deserved a wider audience

I might have a nice prize for anyone who guesses the closest!!! So have a go and then do pop and see if you were right, and no cheating! Ha!


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6 responses to “Triple Choice Tuesday

  1. Bummer. I already read that post this morning so cheating I would be to start talking about … well, you know. Don’t want to give it away. I would only have answered one of the three correctly anyway.

  2. Mystica

    Answer to b I think would be the Neel Mukherjee – A Life Apart. Now lets go and see whether I am anywhere close!
    still looking for this book both in Australia and Sri Lanka!!!

  3. I’ve read three of your four (not the modern one, sadly) and I love them all so I think we’re on the same wavelength! Good choices!

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