Reading Retreats…

Savidge Reads will be off on a little holiday by the time you read this. Fear not though I have some rather interactive posts coming up over the weekend, even if I don’t manage to respond until I get back… buts that the whole point of a holiday isn’t it? So where will I be, who with and what will I be reading? That is of course what today’s post is about.

Well I will be ‘glamping’ which is apparently a version of camping with a few mod cons. Oh and not in a tent, rather in a log cabin in the delightful setting of woodlands and ponds in Surrey, I did try and convince everyone I was going camping but nobody bought it, I can’t think why…

I won’t be with The Converted One, but I won’t be alone as the lovely Novel Insights is coming, along with our very wonderful and delightful friend Michelle. It’s going to be a bit of a break that gets us all back to nature, we are banning  most of the mod-cons the place offers (well apart from the comfortable beds, shower and maybe the hot tub ha, ha) for the break and having a sort of companionable reading retreat!  So what will I be reading? These books have made it into my luggage…

  • Peyton Place – Grace Metalious (I have almost finished this; we have all been reading it in advance and are discussing it over dinner and drinks on Saturday Night in a sort of rogue book group)
  • Stone in a Landslide – Maria Barbal (very excited about the new novella from Peirene Press after having loved their first release ‘Beside the Sea’)
  • The Passage – Justin Cronin (I will finish this, I will, I will!)
  • The Woodcutter – Reginald Hill (I have never read Reginald Hill but was sent this to read for a magazine and being in the woods seems to team with the theme)

So what are your plans this weekend? Read any of these or eager to? Have any of you given Reginald Hill a whirl, as I never have, and what did you think? Have any of you any reading retreats planned?


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22 responses to “Reading Retreats…

  1. Ooh, exciting! I don’t think you can describe staying in a log cabin as camping!!! Mind you, I don’t think I could cope with a tent. I really hope you get to Peyton Place – I thought it was such a fantastic read.

  2. Dot

    Oooh I like the sound of Glamping, I don’t do tents!! Have a lovely weekend! Looking forward to your review of The Passage as I can’t decide whether to read it or not.

  3. bookgazing

    Aww a companionable reading retreat sounds lovely! What a nice way of putting it. Camping is not as good for reading anyway (no electric light in tents). Have a wonderful time 🙂

  4. Deb

    Reginald Hill is one of the most prolific of the British mystery writers, but I’m not sure if THE WOODCUTTER is part of Hill’s on-going series that features policemen Andy Dalziel and Peter Pascoe and the various people who satelite around them. Hill’s books are literate and witty. Dalziel is a creation for the ages.

    • I didn’t get around to The Woodcutter I have to admit Deb so I can’t tell you. If it is then I won’t be able to read it as I would have to go all the way back to the beginning lol.

  5. Enjoy your retreat. It sounds wonderful!

  6. I was thinking of tackling The Passage this weekend as well, but I’m still not sure. It is MotherReader’s 48 hour reading challenge, so lots of reading time as I am planning on trying to participate!

  7. Glamping. I love it. Want to be doing it right now…

  8. My goodness. It looks brilliant. I’m going to pick your brains when you return, because I quite fancy a “glamping” holiday! You’re lucky the weather is going to be nice this weekend, as opposed to last weekend.

  9. Agh! I’m totally jealous (in a good sort of way:). There is nothing, and I mean nothing, I love more than a getaway which includes cabins and streams. My very most beloved place in the Northwoods of Wisconsin has been banned by my husband…so, please, enjoy this getaway for me. And, say hi to Novel Insights!

    • I passed on the hello, I think we will both be doing a few updates on our blogs over the next week so pop by and see the fun that was had.

      How come your favourite retreat has been banned?

  10. Kathleen

    I adore reading retreats. I’ll be going on one for 10 days. I”ll be camping more than glamping but enjoying every minute of my quiet reading time by the fire and in my tent! Hope you enjoy your holiday.

  11. My son and his partner are going glamping in Italy, near Venice. It all looks very nice from the website. Interesting post. I think going on a reading retreat for me would be pretty much a guarantee that I wouldn’t get much reading done!

    • Oooooh I bet it would be nice near Venice. Glamping is definitely a holiday style that I could get very used to, even if I didnt do as much reading as I would have liked to.

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