Can A Picture Say A Thousand Words?

I am always game for doing something a bit different on the blogosphere now and again and the lovely Simon T of Stuck-in-a-Book has set up a rather brilliant mix of meme and challenge (and not a reading challenge type of challenge). He has asked if some bloggers “can you post a picture which sums up your reading taste, or a section of it? I’m looking for a picture which doesn’t include a book in it, or a character from an adaptation, or anything like that. It can be a photograph you’ve taken, or a painting you’ve seen, or anything… have fun with it!”

Well I have done mine and I wonder if you think I have managed to sum up my reading tastes with this image?

You might think ‘oh that’s just a big manor’ and it is, and I love books with those in them but there are hints of a few more things I love. It is a Victorian manor and I do love everything Victoriana as you have probably learnt already.  It has an air of the mysterious, ominous, gothic and slightly spooky; I love all those things too. It also looks like it could be part of a murder mystery or even a fairytale and both those things tick my reading boxes too.

So who else is up for a go at this? If you are leave a link in my comments and I look forward to seeing your results over the forthcoming days and weeks. If you don’t have a blog and fancy having a go, send me a picture and explain why it sums up your reading and I will do a special post in the next few weeks of all your responses. I really like this challenge, don’t forget to see Simon T’s recent post for what other bloggers have come up with so far!


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13 responses to “Can A Picture Say A Thousand Words?

  1. I instantly thought “Manderley”! Your (and my) favourite book being, of course, reflective of your tastes, I’m not positive but I think that those red flowers are even blood-red rhododendrons… Perfect photo!

    • Yes this picture does indeed have a flavour of Manderley which of course is from my all time favourite read. I have noticed books with creepy old houses do well with me, it must be a theme.

      Good old Rhodedendrons are my fav flowers which helps with this pic though I have never read a book that mentions rhodedendrons that I can recall.

  2. Eva

    I think that’s perfect for you! 😀

  3. Fantastic pic. Not sure I could get a single picture to reflect my reading preferences because I read all kinds of stuff… but I’ll have a think!

  4. Sue

    Its Cragside isn’t it? Its a wonderful place.

  5. Beautiful photo and beautiful manor!


    I just posted mine today. It took some thought because I read such a wide variety of books. But I think my picture at least represents a high percentage of them!

    And part of me wishes your picture had a few more stormclouds. 😉

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