Giveaway… The Housekeeper & The Professor

Yes for those few of you, though I am sure there are more than I think, who have yet to read Yoko Ogawa’s wonderful book ‘The Housekeeper and The Professor’ I have a copy to give away internationally. All you have to do is answer one of two questions about numbers, either…

What is your favourite number and why?

What is your lucky number and why?

In case you were interested my favourite number is 12, I just like the way it looks and sounds – a rubbish reason but there you have it. Weirdly, well the professor wouldn’t think so, but my lucky number is its double… 24! I have won several games of bingo when the last number has been 24 (though never the lottery sadly) and also got married on the 24th when there was a cancellation! So over to you… you have until midnight Sunday GMT!


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26 responses to “Giveaway… The Housekeeper & The Professor

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  2. I’m sure I have some form of dyscalculia as I am hopeless at remembering numbers, dates (birthdays..), how much I’ve spent on a dress etc. However I do have a particular fondness for the number 8 mainly because I love its shape, how it’s the same both ways up, a sort of palindrome in the number world, it’s our house number and it reminds me of ice skating which I can’t do but love to watch.

  3. My favorite number is 22 – love the symmetry, that it’s palindrome, and that it’s my birth date!

  4. Since being introduced to endless childrens TV via my son I cannot think of a number without thinking of some stupid rhyme to go with it.

    So how about – my name is number 2, how do you do.

  5. I can’t tell what the difference between favourite and lucky numbers is… I have always loved the number 9 and I would have to say that my lucky number is either 3 or 9. Can’t explain why though.

  6. Darla LaRoche

    My favorite number is 6. I was born in an even year on an even day. (Dec. 6, 1960) Also, my address ends in a 6. For some reason I’ve always felt that even numbers are happy numbers. Good things have always happened to me on even numbered year. I got married in a year ending in 0 and two of my sons were born in even years. It’s hard to say the number 6 without your mouth forming a smile!

  7. Oh, I’ll play! I think my favorite number has always been 3. I have no idea why (maybe the old “schoolhouse rock” song about 3 being a magic number?). And, I’ve always considered my lucky number to be 7 – I was born 7/7 in a year that also ends in 7, and my ring finger is a size 7 (or was 20 years ago – I’ve had to size it up a little to compensate for my arthritis). People who are into Bible trivia would probably say that both of those numbers represent completion in some way, but I don’t think that has any bearing on my choices.
    Thanks for the book opportunity!

  8. I love odd numbers more than even. My favourite number is 3 just because I love writing it. It’s stylish and beautiful. Is that weird??

  9. Like you, I was kind of skittish reading this, because it was just all over the place. Now, thought, noooow:

    My favorite number is 4. Four. I really like the sound it makes, and how the letters look like. No special meaning, really, I just really think saying “four” really slowly is sexy, haha.

  10. Jen

    My favorite number is 6. It has always been my favorite and lucky number, ever since I was a kid. No idea why, but I usually win if I guess 6.

  11. My lucky and my favorite number are the same, probably because of the lucky thing 🙂 It´s 7. I´m not very good at maths but multiplying 7 has always been easy and then somehow whenever I moved my address seemd to have a seven in it. And you can use it as an L when you´re bored and trying to type words in your calculator 😀

  12. I’d never thought what my favorite number might be but 18 popped into my mind — I suppose because that’s the date of my birthday. Anyway 18 gives me a warm feeling.

  13. Mine is 9.

    My birthday is 27 — add them together and you get 9.

    There are two 9’s in my year of birth.

    Every house I have ever lived in has either had a 9 in the house number or the postcode.

    I work on the 9th floor. My room no has two 9’s in it.

    I could go on… (it was also John Lennon’s lucky number)

  14. Hmmm. . . Well, one of my favorite books is Roberto Bolaño’s 2666, so I guess that will be my favorite number. But since it has 666 in it, I’m not sure it’s lucky. However, in The Savage Detectives there is a reference made to 2600, so I’ll make that one my lucky number.

  15. Ti

    I don’t care for odd numbers but “5” happens to be my fave AND lucky at that. It’s the date of my birth and for some reason fits me well.

    It’s angular (structured) at the top and more reasonably rounded at the bottom. Not that my bottom is rounded but my personality can be very rigid at times, and at other times very flexible.

    That was a really long answer.

  16. my favorite number is 5. it always has been and that is the only reason i have for it…

    my lucky number seems to be 4, or at least my life seems to revolve around it. both my first and last name are 4 letters. my birthday is 8/16/80, all multiples of 4 (in case you weren’t quick to catch that), and everything significant in my life seems to happen every 4 years. i burned my hand when i was 4, started playing piano at 8… skip some stuff in the middle… moved to hawaii at 24, graduated from college at 28, and so on and so forth.

  17. Cindy S

    my fav and lucky number is 8. there are math reasons, but it also pops up a lot in numbers associated with me. it’s odd, but, anything other than a single digit number never comes to mind.

  18. I like numbers that go with all that bingo shenanigans, two fat ladies 88,
    legs 11, two in bed 22, moon on a stick 1066, think I may have made that last one up.

  19. Hmm. Like Teresa, my favorite number has always been 8 for its symmetry. I have absolutely no luck, though, so that’s totally out.

  20. My favourite number is 16 (husband’s birthdate)!!!

  21. I never thought I had a favourite number, but when I saw your question the number 9 came to mind instantly. I am not sure why. I like the look of it, and I like the idea that 3 times 3 makes 9 and 3 seems to be a special number (or holy number) to many.

  22. Bet

    My favorite number has always been 5. I don’t realy know why, except that Friday is the 5th and last day of the school/work week and is, therefore, my favorite day.

  23. My favorite number and my lucky number is the same – 2. All good things come in pairs, I think.

  24. Anna Maria

    I have few favorite numbers: 3,9 and 13. I think as well that they all lucky. I know that the best time to achive things for me is when my age is/was 11,22,33,44 etc. This are power numbers, they say, and it works for me.

  25. It’s 13 for me, because I don’t believe in all that “unlucky” superstition and like to defy the masses!

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