Simon’s Bookish Bits #25

I have killer hay fever so forgive me if my bookish bits are a little brisk today, I am having slight issues with my eyes hurting (a lot) and being unable to concentrate on anything other than not sneezing. But I am back with bookish bits such as a new Savidge Season to announce, a bookish den that I wanted to throw myself into for eternity, some winners and erm… there was something else. Oh yes a change in Bookish Bits proceedings for the future.

It’s ironic my hay fever has gone stratospheric in the week that I have been plotting away on a little Savidge something. I have decided that the week of the 3rd to the 11th of July will be ‘Savidge Summer Season’ and I am going to have a week that should leave you all with lots and lots of summer reading suggestions. And they might be reads that surprise you. I have some recommendations coming from other bloggers as well as the people behind the books both publishers and authors so that’s something to look forward to. As it’s only a week I am not going to have an official logo or anything but I do feel that a summery picture should be inserted now…

Before I go onto the den of bookish delight I should announce a winner for a copy of The Housekeeper and The Professor (which would make a superb summer read actually) shouldn’t I? Congrats to Teresa of Lovely Treez Reads, it looks like number one is your lucky number as that’s what was plucked at random. Congrats, email me and the book will be on its way.

So yesterday I was making a mammoth trip to the charity shop and post office to give/send some books away. I noticed a new charity shop had opened up the road and I had promised Granny Savidge Reads I would look for a copy of Margaret Atwood’s ‘Surfacing’ which we had been discussing on the phone that morning. My favourite haunt was fruitless, I am allowed to buy other people books this year by the way, I thought I would try this new one out and this is what greeted me…

Oh and then I turned a corner and was greeted by this…

All for 50p each! As much as I love my Gran I couldn’t face digging through them all. That is part of the problem with such a book lovers den, and sometimes when I am sorting out the TBR the spare bedroom doesn’t look far off this. I thought it might make you all salivate and also show just how strong willed I have become when it comes to book buying there were some gems in there, Muriel Spark in particular.

Now these bookish bits… well I have decided that from now on my bookish bits might not be every week or indeed on a Saturday in the future. This isn’t because I’ve stopped enjoying them. It’s more that something random will come up I want to gas on about. It’s also because the blogosphere seems to be getting quieter and so I have less to report on. There was only one big post I wanted to tell you all about but I am devoting a post to it next week instead hee, hee!

It has gone quieter though around the bookish blogs I don’t think I am imagining it, but then its those summer months, speaking of which am off into a darkened antihistamine filled room. Hope you all have lovely weekends planned? What books have you got on the go at the moment? Anything else bookish you’d like to share with us all?


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23 responses to “Simon’s Bookish Bits #25

  1. Congratulations Lovely Treez Reads, it seems you are really on a winning streak!

    I suffer from hay fever as well. I was fine until this week. It seems it is coming back with a vengeance. I hope it will improve for you soon (although I know that is a rather hopeless wish).

    I don’t think I would have taken the time to browse all those books and if I would have I probably would’ve bought 20.

    • This year I have never known hay fever like it, but enough of my moanings, I just dont understand why its so bad this year.

      I had to be very, very restrained in order not to break my book ban in there. It wasnt as hard as I thought it would be.

  2. So sorry about the hay fever! Miserable.

    Would have loved to have been with you to discover those Muriel Spark novels. Just read my first, Not To Disturb, and feeling driven to read more. And how nice of you to still buy books for others while abstaining yourself. You are a paradigm of bookish virtue!

    The blogosphere has been quiet and that amy be due to summer but it seems even quieter than usual for this time of year. I think I hear people re-evaluating. Good things are certainly to come.

    Just finished Moo Pak for our nonstructured reading group and LOVED it. Now taking up Beautiful Maria of My Soul and just hoping it lives up to its predecessor. You know how that goes!

    • Not to Disturb is one of the books that I havent heard of until I saw your review. She is wonderful so you have many many joys ahead. Leave The Drivers Seat till near last because its bloody marvellous.

      What do you mean re-evaulating thats mysterious lol.

  3. Oh my…I would have been in heaven digging through these piles.

  4. I can relate with you. I have allergies so bad I want to claw my face off. When does this season end???? I am currently listening to The Girl That Kicked the Hornet’s Next on audio (very exciting!) and The Hobbit on audio with the kids. Also reading The Monster of Florence in print. It’s all good!

    • Clawing your face off sums it up nicely.

      I havent gotten into the Larsson books it has to be said. I just didnt warm to the first one and can’t seem to be bothered enough to try harder. Maybe one day.

  5. Uuuugh, hay fever is awful. When I used to cycle to work, there were two weeks every May when the pollen from the London plane trees used to make my eyes itch and my nose run. Horrible.

    That book shop looks like the perfect place to hang out for an ENTIRE DAY to see what treasures you might discover. It reminds me of Black Books — did you ever watch that show?

    I’m making reading plans for July – am doing a Northern Ireland Season, just to give myself a bit of a bookish project. I suspect I should be reading the next book group book, but I’m hoping to finish that copy of Dubliners you gave me. Just one more story to go!

    • This has been my worst year ever Kim, I have actually had to get my inhalers out as it kicks off my normally barely existant asthma. Hideous.

      You would be more than welcome to visit the shop and I could supply tea and coffe breaks in the morning and then we could pub it in the afternoon ha!

      I love the sound of the Northern Ireland Season, I have a few titles on your list that I fancy the look of. Hope you enjoyed Dubliners will await your thoughts.

  6. Simon, I hope you’re feeling better soon. Does it end with the onslaught of summer? I hope so. I agree the book blogging world is getting quiet, but I think the traffic is the same, it’s just that not everyone has the time anymore to comment, I guess.

    You are right though, I am salivating with those photos. Saw a few good titles in there too. I hope you find Granny a copy of Surfacing soon. Wish I were there so I could dig through those for you. I love doing that, could spend hours, no matter how messy the stacks!

    • Sadly yes the end of summer kills it off. Which makes summer absolutely no fun. I don’t know what will happen with Brazil actually… hmm thats something to think about.

      Hahaha you would be more than welcome to dig through them. I was tempted to offer the shop my sorting services.

  7. Ooh, I have been so lucky in my book wins this week, 5 this week including an ARC of The Red Queen, Three Men in a Boat and The House of Special Purpose. Sorry, I’m boasting now.. 😉 Thank you Simon. I have e mailed you with my contact details.

    I’ve yet to read Surfacing – my favourite Attwood is The Handmaid’s Tale.

    • Blimey you have been lucky Teresa, I got your email and will pop the book in the post later in the week. You have some lovely loot winging its way to you it would seem.

  8. Bet

    Do hope you are better soon, Simon! When it’s dry here I get awful hay fever in the early spring, knocking myself out with benadryl (in addition to my daily allergy med) every night.

    I am reading Nicola Beauman’s bio of The Other Elizabeth Taylor and enjoying it so much. And another book I couldn’t resist called In Pursuit of Silence: Listening for Meaning in a World of Noise by George Prochnik. I told one of my dd’s that I wanted her to take a picture of me with my nose in this book for my profile pic on facebook. 😉

  9. That’s the very week I’m off on summer holiday!

    Sorry you’re hay fevering… I hate summer, and I don’t get hay fever or sunburnt, so I should be more grateful. I just hate the heat.

    That shop looks exactly the sort of place I shouldn’t go under Project 24!

    • I am not the biggets fan of summer, I dont really do heat. Ironic as I am off to Brazil but they do air conditioning incredibly well which we are rubbish at in this country.

      Hahaha I could imagine you going crazy in that place.

  10. I recently went into a shop that had a similar look to it, and I’d been there before and knew it had some great books but to go through them all… A lot of books is exciting, but too many books is off-putting. Wow, I just said too many books…

    Hope you feel better soon, it’s horrible feeling stuffed up when it’s nice and sunny. It is quieter at the moment, I’ve added new blogs to my reader recently which seemed ok but thinking that may be a bad idea when the old list gets updated again.

    • I wondered how they were going to make it more appealing for people coming to browse as its a shop, be it a charity shop, and who is going to want to go in thereand spend hours rooting though? Even I, if I was buying books, would find that a stretch.

  11. Wow, that’s certainly a lot of books to root through!

  12. Hi Simon, late comment I know, hope the hayfever is all better now! Just wondering where that bookshop is, I would love to go have a dig through the piles… do you have an address for them? Cheers!

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