Simon’s Bookish Bits: A TBR Special

I thought I would do a Simon’s Bookish Bits Special this week with regard to my TBR. Its been a rather stressful week at Savidge Reads HQ as we weren’t sure if we still had the HQ and might indeed have to look for another one. Yes that horrible end of contract moment had sneaked up on us and the landlord out of nowhere. Worryingly the mention of ‘rent increase’ came up which with Brazil coming and the like was just a no go. I had had to start thinking about moving and possibly severely culling the TBR. However phew that’s all sorted though I am currently sulking as seeing some family oop north this weekend was one thing I was looking forward to after the stressing, but I have the contagious Norovirus from The Converted One so a weekend stuck in the confines of my room is ahead! The whole TBR thing did in part inspire this post though as I was thinking about my TBR and what dreadful things might have to happen to it (lugging of culling),  there were two other inspiring factors too.  

Another big part of writing this post was that I wanted to dispel something which has been concerning me for a while; that all the books I own are from publishers, as its simply not the case. In fact most are from hoard buying over the last two or three years as you will see. There was also a post Kim of Reading Matters wrote on hers, which asked if we would share ours with readers, would anyone dare? Well with a challenge like that how could I refuse? So I thought I would walk you through mine… you lucky things.

I like to have everything nicely organised and so I always give priorities to books that I have asked for (which aren’t actually that many out of this picture – which I took a few weeks ago and so a fair few of these have now been read), though I will admit these are also intermingled with some unsolicited copies of books that I have heard great things about or instantly take my fancy and these are organised into hardbacks and trade paperbacks on one shelf and paperbacks on the other. Which means that I can find things although I have an excel spreadsheet too but that’s not for now!

There is also all my Du Maurier books and Man Booker winners which I bought before I started the great Book Buying Ban of 2010. Speaking of which it is my previous buying habits having once been so crazy that takes up a large amount of my shelves. So I have had to create shelves such as the Big Books and Biographies/Autobiographies which you can see below. There are a couple of piles of short books on a self below which I didn’t manage to get in my shot below… sorry…

…And the books I bought before 2010 started do go on and on (as you will soon see) and I actually have four boxes that are separated, in an order only apparent to me, just for them. I hope this shot breaks any illusion that all the books I own are from publishers, not true at all. I have just this minute spotted that there are three unsolicited books in these boxes but that’s because I am running out of space…

So these unsolicited books that come in, and are gratefully received – just saying I don’t ask for them all (hammering a point home, ha), where do they go? Well some of them ended up in the only spare box that was available, which also happens to be in the spare bedroom. The bottom one below of the two is filled with my previous hoarding purchases the one of top is unsolicited copies for a rainy month. Books frieshly in become a literal Mount TBR which teeters on a set of drawers in my room awaiting being sorted, some stay, some are rehomed with friends and family…


So there that’s your lot, and it is rather a lot. Hopefully some Savidge myths are dispelled ha, ha. The idea of having no TBR fills me with dread though, I love the fact I have a delightful library hidden away in my flat. I know visitors here do too. Maybe a cull is required though as I haven’t had  a clear through for a while and my Mum is coming down next weekend so I am sure she and my sister wouldn’t mind some cast off’s? So what’s your TBR like? How do you arrange it? How many books have you on yours?

I will pop a new page with my list of TBR titles very soon and a number… I might just have that cull first though ha, ha, ha.


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31 responses to “Simon’s Bookish Bits: A TBR Special

  1. gaskella

    Your TBR shelves and boxes are organised beautifully Simon, and I see there is no double stacking on the shelves. I’m so glad your HQ is sorted out – moving your books could really upset your spreadsheet! 🙂

    As for my TBR, I stopped referring to shelves and piles ages ago, and tend to call it a mountain range. It’s totally disorganised, books are piled/stuffed wherever they will fit. I worked out that if I carry on reading at my current rate, I’ve got 20+ years of reading.

    At the moment, to make way for adding my Mum’s books, I am starting to do a cull – but it’s so difficult. I tend to pick up a book, read the blurb, flick through, and it all comes flooding back why I wanted it in the first place, so the number of books leaving Gaskell Towers is smaller than it ought to be really.

    • No double stacking at all mind you thta almost happens in the lounge where all of the books which I have read are and dont fit on the shelves. Have been working out how to make that look better while my mother is down.

      I am actually having a big cull at the moment with a massive spring clean. All because my mothers visiting though TCO has said he feels like the queen is coming to visit. Ha! I have been having to edit and update the spreadsheet rather a lot.

  2. I have about 150 unread books right now. I keep a small pile that I received from publishers in their own spot and it’s only got like 5 books in it right now because I took a break from accepting books. The rest are all purchases and gifts and they are in stacks near my nightstand. I look at them as I fall asleep and when I wake up and think about what I could possibly read next. Maybe I will take a picture soon. Luckily I don’t think there’s so many that I would have to cull any yet. 🙂

    • I am having a break from asking for books. Mind you if one comes up I am desperate to read its hard not to send an email especially as some of them are for work, my best intentions are there though. My TBR shelves are right next to my bed so I have the same pleasure as you in the morning, so many choices.

  3. Loved the photos.; your booksssssssssssssssssssssssssssss look so very neat. I have (2) very tall bookcases and (2) shorter ones plus a walk-in closet with shelves full of books for easy access. At times I feel overwhelmed by my books, but most of the times they are a great source of comfort.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. What wonderful piles and piles and piles! I posted my tbr books recently too, I think it is fun to see what others have!

  5. gracenotes34

    I have so many TBR – the pile never seems to go down. One thing I have often wondered reading your posts – how many hours a week do you reckon you sit and read? I think I must be slacking somehow – however many I do it never seems enough?

    • Hmmm how many hours a week? Maybe between two and six hours a day, dont forget though thats because I also do it for work!! I wish I had more and read a little quicker.

  6. Deb

    Very neat and presentable–unlike my sprawling mountain range of tbr books which are currently stacked (spines out) in three large piles against the wall in my den. I am making an inroad, however, having pledged to buy no more books until I have reduced the tbr pile to something that can fit on a shelf.

    • There is some scrawling piles they are the read books in the lounge. Actually I tell a lie, I have had an influx of books in the last week or two so there are three sprawling mountains at the moment which are being sorted.

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  8. I’m starting to feel so much better about the epic size of my TBR pile(s)! Unfortunately, mine are spread not just through my London flat, but also quite a few back in my Mum’s house, which complicates things, but I do know that there are a lot. I kind of like it haphazard, though; I get that glorious feeling of being reminded of something that I really do want to read, and then I can dive right into it.

    Also, got to say that I love the really stylish boxes that you’re keeping your older TBR books in. If you’re going to have boxes of books – why not make them look awesome! I might have to do something with my boxes, inspired by you…

    Sorry to hear that you have the dreaded norovirus: hopefully you’re feeling well enough to make further dents into your book stacks, and I hope that you get better soon 🙂

    • Hahaha having two bases for books is just unfair, I dont think my Mum would let me have any of my books at hers, though she happily homes some of my cast offs haha.

      Thanks for the comments on the boxes, they were from ikea and I think all storage should look great, you can make more of a feature out of it. Or get away with having boxes everywhere around the house because they look so nice.

      I am better thank you for asking, I did manage to do some reading though not as much as I would have liked!

  9. I love my own mini-library/bookshop in my own house — without a TBR list, what to do?? I fear I would suffer the same dread…

  10. Wow! My to-read pile at home is under forty books. Of course, I’m not counting the books on my wishlist here, as I don’t think I can deal with acknowledging that number.

    Love the pics, love the boxes.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    • Thank you very much, am feeling almost back to my normal self now which is nice. I think if I had less than thirty books I would have a bit of a wobble and loose my balance and all sorts hahaha.

  11. JoV

    I have about 54 TBR, and I basically stack them up from the floor to the ceiling, without any shelf.

    Am I hallucinating or is it true that your book shelves (in the first pic) are curving under the weight of those books?

    • Hahahaahah you might be hallucinating, I think they are fine its just some of them at the top are nearer the edge as I cant reach them lol so its an optical illusion… will I hope it is! Might have to go and triple check!

  12. Thanks for the tour–I even clicked on the photos for a closer look! You are so neat–I wish my books were so nicely stacked with places to wait. Are these only unread books? Mine are in messy piles as I have no more shelf space for them. I have a small “book room”, though it also has cast off items–my niece’s toys and boots and such (I would complain, but as the room is mostly mine for all my books, that would look awfully greedy…). I think my stacks are too messy to share, but I do love seeing everyone else’s book piles.

  13. Mae

    Everything is so neat! I’d like to get a closer look at those titles but you have some great ones there. If you haven’t read The Eyre Affair, you should crack it open soon!

    • I have that in one of the many boxes in fact I have most of that series you are right Mae I should give them a read soon. I feel I need to read Jane Eyre first though.

  14. Okay, the only thing those pictures do for me? Is make me want to come over, cop a squat (sit down) and begin reading! It looks like you’re in the lap of luxury, my friend, and those piles just thrill me. (As opposed to all the author-in-alphabetial-order piles which make me wonder about my own organizational skills.)

    • My books in the lounge which I have been read are in alphabetical author order I have to say. Its the only way I can find those weirdly. I dont understand how with the TBR I can guess pretty much where everything is, though I do need my spreadsheet fairly often!

  15. You’ve just given me a fantastic idea. I will be moving soon and I was trying to figure out where I would put my stacks of books without having to buy new shelves. Those decorative boxes you’re using are really pretty and quite effective. I might have to make a trip to Ikea to see what they have that would fit in with my decor!

    Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  16. Like Bellezza, those books thrill me! I so love taking a peep into your shelves. I spy I Capture the Castle in one of the boxes.. what are you waiting for???

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