Ask Away, While Away

Only a short post today but one you can all help with. When you read this I will most probably be flying through the air at 90 miles an hour… Me and TCO are taking my little brother and sister (who is reading Pride & Prejudice age 12 putting me to shame) to a theme park and can’t tell who are more excited, them or us!

So anyway my mother and I will be sitting down for a special Savidge Reads Grills tomorrow morning, she’s another Savidge book obsessive, and I wondered if you had any questions about books and reading you might like to ask her!!!?!!?


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10 responses to “Ask Away, While Away

  1. I’d like congratulate her for having such a wonderfully bookish family, and to ask her how much credit she takes for it! How much did she encourage you and your younger siblings to read, and what books did she give you all to get you going?

    • She is actually an english teacher too Harriet and we were discussing how much responsibility she feels she has to make reading interesting for kids and how hard it can be for her to stay interested in the same books year after year. I don’t mean she doesnt love her job as she does.

  2. Are there any great book out there which are considered classics which she just didnt like or couldnt get into?

  3. Urbano

    I’d love to know which were your mother’s favourite childhood books.

  4. Does she read the same type of books you do Simon? Do you trade books back and forth, then discuss? I love hearing from your Granny, and I’m sure your mom is just as charming.

    • We couldnt answer the first one Sandy as we have soooo many books each but in some ways yes. We dont trade more I pass books on hahaha. Mum’s grilling is very interesting and surprised me along the way.

  5. novelinsights

    As I’ve been posting about this lately, I want to know who is her favourite bookish heroine?

    P.S. I’ve just spotted that you’ve reviewed The Help and really want to read what you thought but am going to write mine first for fear of saying the exact same things (which I may anyway!!) 🙂

    Hope you had a lovely time and no one threw up after the fairground rides.

    • Oooh I have just realised I havent responded to all the comments on The Help thank you for reminding me.

      I asked your question and it was one Mum was really stuck on. I said it was yours and she laughed and said ‘typical’ hahaha.

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