Peak Times

When you read this I will have arrived back ‘oop home’ in the delightful Peak District with The Converted One where we are staying with Granny Savidge Reads for a long weekend. I will be out of contact for the next few days due to lack of signal and what looks like a rather gruelling schedule of… talking quite a bit about books, taking some nostalgic strolls, seeing my aunty, uncle and cousins who live on the opposite hill to Gran, having lots and tea and cakes with lots of Gran’s friends, visiting one of the best book shops in the world (and having more tea and cakes there), plus possibly seeing my other grandparents who I haven’t seen for five years and live down the road from Gran (very long complex story) and much, much, much more! Phew! I think I will be more tired when I return.

In what is becoming a little tradition on Savidge Reads (especially as I can’t show you which books I am taking), here is a lovely old picture of where I will be for a few hours today hopefully, my birth town of Matlock Bath… well I was born in Chesterfield but you know what I mean, we actually lived on the hill in the background.

What have you all got lined up this weekend?


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19 responses to “Peak Times

  1. Oh, that sounds lovely! Also, I didn’t realise you come from Matlock Bath (or thereabouts) – every time I’ve travelled through their on the train I just think it looks so beautiful. Even the train station is gorgeous!

    Unfortunately a lot of my weekend will be given over to studying for forthcoming accountancy exams. But I will be taking frequent reading breaks to finish off this month’s London Review of Books (there was a great review of Parrot and Olivier in America by Peter Carey!) and continuing to wade through my large, very dense, history book.

    Over 300 pages down! 200 to go! Probably will only take me another month…

    • I do come from Matlock Bath, its my hometown and I do get very nostalgic being back up.

      Accountancy revision… oh blimey. I hope it went well and good luck with the exams!

  2. It sounds hectic but nice! the photograph is so picturesque. Saturday is almost gone and I have done a trip out of Colombo to a property we own about a 120 kms away. Its a tea and cinnamon property and this evening is my brothers 40th birthday party which he is celebrating in a rather grand style!!! Sunday is devoted to delivering wedding invitations so its a hectic weekend.

  3. I love pictures of Granny’s house…please take some. I honestly want to just come over there and live. So quaint. I also miss being able to stroll. No strolling when it is close to a hundred degrees outside. This weekend I “get” to attend a birthday party with a bunch of 12 and 13 year olds, and I’m fixing to finish Middlesex on audio and Body Work in print. I get so excited when I start new reads.

    • I think she might object to squatters Sandy hahaha.Lots of strolling has been strolled I can tell you that much. Mainly down the old victorian paths through the grottos which is my fav part of the area. Hope the party was a hoot?

  4. Colin Greenland

    Is “one of the best book shops in the world” Scarthin? The tea and cakes are a clue.

    It is an amazing institution.

  5. Beautiful picture. I’m just chillin’ this weekend with a driving lesson and a big family lunch on Sunday. Have a nice time!

  6. Cutting back my garden, here in horridly hot and humid Chicago. In reading, working on a bio of Thomas De Quincey for review in Library Journal. So far find him a whiny twit!

    Also, as I read your blog but never comment I wanted to express how happy I am when your new posts pop into my inbox. Your posts are a highlight of my day!

  7. I am in awe of that picture. That is just breathtaking..

  8. teadevotee

    Simon, am heading up to Derbyshire for a week in September – any recommendations for good pubs? Cheers!

  9. Nicola Smith

    Matlock Bath is lovely – how nice it must be to have been born there. There does seem to be a seaside feel to it (lots of fish and chip shops and amusements!).

    PS I loved your current book (the Kate Atkinson) – funnily enough, I had just been to Fountains Abbey when I started reading it (Fountains is on the front cover).

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