A Trip To Gran’s… Do Come Along

I know a lot of you like all things Granny Savidge Reads and so I thought I would do a little report back from the trip that myself and The Converted One went on two weekends ago back to my homeland of the Derbyshire Dales. I have already shared a trip we took to Scarthin Books which deserved its own post and so I thought I would share some more pictures of both the peaks, my past, more books (Persephone ones, really old ones and damaged ones – the latter caused me real horror) and lost of other bits and bobs – including a charity that I would love you all to have a look into.

So on the Saturday morning we left the grey skies of London for what I assumed would be the even greyer skies of ‘oop north’. However it would appear I was very wrong as the further north we got the sunnier it became.

First up was an early lunch both preceeded and followed by tea and coffee. This provided the perfect picture for any of you who love Persephone books as Gran had hers placed rather delightfully on a tray with some rather wonderful china.

It was soon off to Matlock Bath for a wander down the promenade and over the wonderful old Victorian Jubilee Bridge (you know how I love my Victoriana)

This takes you across the River Derwent to a land of rather marvellous grottos, fountains and fantastic views from which you can see my old house (where I lived with my grandparents for half of every year growing up) in the distance below The Heights of Abraham.


Here’s a close up of that very house, the one I have sworn I will buy back one day.

We were in Matlock Bath both for a bit of nostalgia and to go to an event organised to ‘Save the Pavilion’ (or the Pav as we call it) and celebrate its 100th Birthday it is a rather historical old building on the main promenade. It’s a place that means a lot to me personally as my Mum and Dad actually met at a school disco in the dome on the roof. They had allsorts going on including a Punch and Judy show which had The Converted One in awe and I let Gran explain.


It was actually a ‘typically British fate’ with both a wonderful band…

And a Women’s Institute charity book store of delightful old (and rather saucy if you look at the picture in detail) books, I had a rather longing look and had to move away swiftly.

Soon it was time to dash back for more tea and cake with my aunty and cousins back over the hills and in Gran’s rather wonderful garden before dinner, it was a real treat to sit, drink and natter outside over that view.

Later on we went through the family albums and I found this rather wonderful picture of my Gran as a little girl in her nursery which I just love, I am going to have to get it blown up and framed for one of my walls.

Next day after visiting my Dad’s parents who I hadn’t seen for five years and who hadn’t yet met The Converted One we headed to the grandeur of Chatsworth and its wonderful park land.

After a nice cream tea we toured the village of Edensor where the Dowager Duchess and last surviving Mitford sister Deborah lives where I found a house that I desperately wanted, I have a thing about turrets and could be ‘Debo’s’ neighbour.

Then it was all too soon time to go home which was rather a fraught journey as we almost had a fight with a man who was sat in our booked seats. Then, if that wasn’t stressful enough, a woman sat with this opposite me…

I could almost hear the book and its pain. However my distressed spirits at both that poor book and the fact I wanted to stay up north longer were somewhat eased when I found two gifts on the bed from that book stall I mentioned above I had no idea I had been bought! (Village Tales by Miss Mitford and The Lamplighter by Miss Cummins – anyone read either of these?)

So hopefully that hasn’t bored you all silly and you have enjoyed that little tour of a small part of Derbyshire. Do these break in bookish posts appeal to you all now and again? Should I be sharing little bits of my non bookish life with you now and again? Let me know as I don’t know if I share too much, not enough or just about right! Have you had any nice trips lately?

You can find out more about the great cause of ‘Save The Pavilion’ and watch a marvellous video about Matlock Bath and the Pav here. Do pop by!


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37 responses to “A Trip To Gran’s… Do Come Along

  1. Dot

    Wow, you have made me want to plan a little trip out, I love Matlock and Chatsworth!

  2. I know I’m repeating myself, but never mind: lovely, lovely!

  3. I *covet* Granny Savidge’s coffee pot! The whole set is beautiful but that coffee pot is exceptional.

    I like to think that the woman sitting across from you on the train saved that distressed and vandalised copy of Suite Francaise and was reading it in that state because she loved the book so much; it is heartbreaking to consider that she treats all her books a manner that makes them look like the one above.

    • It is a very stunning coffee pot actually, in fact I will ask her to put a sticker with my name on that set (she has started to sticker items for our inheritence… shes only 68!) and maybe the book too hahaha.

      I should look on the positive but she kept saying ‘oh I cant read things for more than 5 minutes and then dog-earing every other page.

  4. I, for one, loved this post…. and Granny Savidge’s gorgeous coffee pot. I already knew she had excellent taste in books 😉

  5. Merenia

    Thankyou, I loved the slice of life post, not at all boring, just the right length, scenery, ceramics, beautiful architecture, books, book loving and book present buying people; all lovely. What a gorgeous part of the world you grew up in. Want to rush over there (from Adelaide) right away…

  6. That’s a lovely picture of your Gran as a little girl, just my sort of photograph.

    Since you ask, I had an outing to a campsite in the Auvergne mountains last w/e, about 3 hours from where I live and work. We froze most of the time but it was such good fun. (I blogged about it).

    Yes, I think you have the balance of info just right

  7. I’m coveting about a dozen things in that post, including your childhood home and that one with the turrets. What a wonderful, wonderful post. These ones are my favorites.

  8. bookgazing

    Is one of your grandparents secretly 150th in line to the throne – that is a lovely, huge, old house. Bet there’s a room that would make a fantastic library in there too.

    I really like these posts because we can piece together so much. The idea that your mum and dad met in a school disco in a dome is so perfect.

    • Hahaha no, they just managed to get that back in the 60s when houses werent as ridiculously expensive. Though my granddad did once look at our family tree and it does go back to King Charles interestingly lol.

      I like the way they met, and the fact Mum had bright yellow wellies on which my Dad really remembers. Sadly they split up not long after I was born.

  9. Lovely post, Simon, and gorgeous photographs. I reckon your Gran and me would get along, don’t you?

    • I actually think you and my Gran would get along indeed. If you are ever in that part of the world let me know and I will send you over, she always as smashing fresh coffee and thorntons at the ready!

  10. Ti

    I can’t imagine growing up in a home like that. I see why you someday wish to buy it back. It’s just lovely.

  11. I want to definitely visit this beautiful place. Thank you for sharing. I love the small cottage house on the circle. Beautiful. Ok, I’ve said beautiful twice now. I’ll leave. 🙂

  12. Bet

    I love your personal posts, Simon! Reading doesn’t happen in a vacuum, but as part of a whole life well-lived. It’s interesting that those of us who share similar reading tastes also share other interests (such as beautiful views, cozy teas, and grand old houses).

  13. Thank you for sharing this wonderful adventure with us. The pictures are delightful!

  14. Lovely post Simon. And what a beautiful house that you got to spend part of your childhood in. I hope you get to buy it back too!

  15. Thanks for sharing. Loved the picture at the nursery (is it a school? Which grade)?

  16. Not boring at all! Thank you for the wonderful virtual tour 🙂

  17. Absolutely wonderful! How magnificent that you grew up in such a gorgeous part of the world – that house is divine!

    • It is indeed, though gives people the impression we are a bit posh and we honestly arent, whereas The Converted One is the complete opposite. I need to learn my Brazilian p’s and q’s soon!

  18. Both houses pictured are so lovely! The bridge is also rather fantastic, particularly the lamp on top of the arch. And is that a peacock I spy in the photo of the view from your Gran’s garden?

  19. I also plan on one day buying back my grandma’s house where I spent some happy childhood years. It’s a bit different from yours though as it’s right across the street from the ocean on the island of Oahu, Hawaii! If we are both successful, we should swap sometimes!

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